[ADMN/EDIT/FUN] Staff of Regrowth v0.2 - Turn dirt to grass [1000]

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    Staff of Regrowth - Turn dirt to grass.
    Version: 0.2


    I got this idea from Terraria, as anyone who plays Terraria would know, the Staff of Regrowth lets you grow grass on dirt blocks. I know there are other plugins that allow you to do this, but most of them have other features I don't need, this simply allows players with the correct permissions or if Permissions is not installed, Ops to turn dirt to grass by right clicking a dirt block with a stick (or any item you set in "Config.yml") in their hand.

    Basic Usage:

    Drop "StaffofRegrowth.jar" in the "plugins" directory and restart the server or reload the plugins.
    A folder appropriately named "StaffofRegrowth" will be created in the "plugins" directory along with a YML file named "Config.yml".
    You only have to edit this file if you don't want to use the stick as the default item, like if another plugin uses the stick to do something.
    If you do edit it, just type the item ID in the single quotes that are there. Eg, to use bones as the item:
    Custom item ID - Leave blank for stick: '352'
    All minecraft item ID's can be found here: Data Values

    Then all you have to do is, while ingame, equip the item you set, or the stick if you left it blank, and right click any dirt block to turn it to grass, assuming you have permission.


    Currently only officially supporting Permissions 2.x, will update when my server upgrades to 3.x, but it might still work, who knows...

    To use any of the commands or to turn dirt to grass, the player must have the correct permission nodes.

    If Permissions is not installed, the player must be an Op to use any commands or turn dirt to grass.

    • Turn dirt to grass - Allows turning dirt to grass with a stick.
      • 'sog.use'


    • /sog enable - Enables turning dirt to grass.
      • 'sog.enable'
    • /sog disable - Disables turning dirt to grass.
      • 'sog.disable'
    • /sog reload config - Reloads the item used to turn dirt to grass.
      • 'sog.reload'

    Note: Enabling and Disabling is not persistent, as in, it is enabled each time the plugin loads, either by restarting or reloading.

    • (0.1) Turn dirt to grass by right clicking with a stick.
    • (0.2) Turn dirt to grass by right clicking with any item you choose. :D


    StaffofRegrowth.jar - Hosted by Dropbox [diamond]

    Known Problems:
    • None, let me know if you find any.

    Possible Features:
    • Suggestions? But I would like to keep it lightweight.


    Version 0.1
    • Initial release. [diamond]
    Version 0.2
    • Added a Config file to set what item you use to turn dirt to grass.
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    Yes, I love this plugin! Though I had to disable MagicSpells to use it. I second the configurable item feature!
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    Yeah, I know a lot of other plugins use sticks to do stuff, I am looking into configurable items.
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    Thanks in advance. The plugin works wonderful!
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    Version 0.2 uploaded, instructions in OP. :)
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    Another amazing but simple plugin, Mr. badbh222. :)

    -Kohle ;)
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    @badbh222 can you add a option to turn grass into dirt and stay dirt without regrowing the grass?
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    I would maybe use this if I could increase the radius of effect and the distance of activation, so you can clean up areas near you quickly. I use another plugin to do that but it's more complex and the author is mean :p

    Just a suggestion. Good luck with it :D
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    is there a way to use this to replace sand and gravel with grass
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    Is there a way you can do a radius

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