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    Check this plugin instead:

    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.
    "It is pay day."
    -Dungeon Keeper 2

    Note: I'm going to rewrite/refactor my plugin once I get better (having a rather interesting fewer right now). This may take some time, but it will be worth it. Once this is done, the plugin will be released on bukkitdev.

    Note 2: I think that I will make a system that uses permission-nodes instead.

    Version: 0.2.10

    Jar (Github),
    Jar (Dropbox),
    Source (GitHub)

    old (iConomy 4): jar(Github)
    old (iConomy 4): jar(Dropbox)

    • Automated paydays!
    • Allows you to administrate your users' income. (allows negative income!)
    • Separate groups for players - easily imported from Permissions. Use worldconf to choose worldname.
    • Lots of, lots of aliases!
    Commands (all start with /pd for in-game help - say /pd):

    Remember: if a parameter contains spaces, surround it with quotes, that is: this chracter: "
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    • For non-admins: /pd shows the time to the next payday.
    • time - for admins: shows the time to the next payday.
    • checkerrors - checks for errors in the config-file
    • players [#] - shows number # page in the list of players
    • groups [#] - shows number # page in the list of groups
    • payday - pays everyone their money, won't run if checkerrors fails
    • payday [#] - same as above, but does it # times. (can be run for -1 times etc.)
    • set group name value - creates a group with earns value per payday
    • set player name groupname - assigns a player to a group
    • mv groupname1 groupname2 - moves all players from one group to another
    • delete player/group name - deletes a group/player
    • searchdelete player/group name - wildcard delete (may delete multiple entries, this is a powertool and should be treated as such)
    • sync [overwrite] - imports players and groups from iConomy and Permissions, if overwrite is given, players lose their current group and get a new group from Permissions. Group-names are also added with an income of 0 if not present.
    • recurring - see how to set up recurring payments
    • onlinemode [f/t] - only online players get paid.
    • lastperiodmode [f/t] - only players who have been online in the last period get paid, overrides onlinemode.
    • interest [value] - sets or displays interest (it is in percent, the amount paid will be (value/100)*money_in_account at each automated payday). Interest is paid out to ALL accounts, not only those registered in PayDay.
    • worldconf [worldname] - sets or displays what permissions-configuration is to be used in PayDay.
    • message [message] - sets or displays payday-message.
    • Aliases:
      • player = pl,
      • players = pl
      • groups = gr
      • group = gr
      • checkerrors = ce
      • payday = pd
      • set = s
      • delete = d
      • move = mv
      • sync = sy
      • overwrite = ow
      • sd = searchdelete
      • recurring = rec
      • onlinemode = om
      • time = t
      • lastperiodmode = lpm
      • interest = i
      • message = msg
      • worldconf = wc (oh wow! :p)
    Player names are CASE SENSITIVE, group names are CASE INSENSITIVE and for simplicity - I recommend using /pd sy or /pd sync

    How to set up recurring payments
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    Note: this is a bit untested but should work, please report any bugs ASAP
    The command is /pd rec mode arg
    There are 3 modes:

    Alias: d = deactivated

    Deactivates recurring payments
    usage: /pd rec d

    Alias: r = relative
    Sets recurring paydays relative to the current time. For instance: /pd rec r 10:1:3 will set paydays every 10 min, 1 hour and 3 days (or 263400 secs).
    /pd rec r 1 will set a payday every minute
    usage: /pd rec r minute:hours:days

    static, usage: /pd rec static (hour,day,week,month)
    aliases: h = hour, d = day, w = week, m = month, s = static
    Static will always happen on the first minute of the hour, month,
    day or week, depending on what you choose.
    Example: "/pd rec s d" sets the recurring payments to happen every day.

    Ohnoes, I've broken my settings without knowing it and then set up a recurring payday, what should I do?
    Don't worry: the system will tell the console and anyone who has the "payday.admin"-permission that something has gone wrong and prompt them to run /pd ce to fix things.

    • /pd s gr epicgroup 10000 = /pd set group epicgroup 10000
    • /pd s pl TZer0 epicgroup = /pd set player TZer0 epicgroup
    • /pd pd = /pd payday
    • /pd d gr epicgroup = /pd delete group epicgroup
    • v0.3.1
      • Bug fix related to changes in code due to adding Essentials-support.
    • v0.3
      • Added customizable messages.
      • Starting to add essentials-support (experimental version included, don't try this unless you're adventurous)
      • Fixed issues involving dots in names
    • v0.2.10
      • If an account holds negative amount of money after a PayDay, it is set to zero instead.
    Previous changes (open)

    • v0.2.9
      • Interest
      • Customizable world-name.
    • v0.2.8
      • Fixed upper and lower case-issues
      • Added handling of quotes
    • v0.2.7
      • Fixed /pd time for static modes.
    • v0.2.6
      • Let the admins know how long payday has been failing so that they can easily compensate the users' losses and how long ago the last successful payday was.
      • Payouts for people who have been online in the last period.
      • Commands which allow players and admins to see how long it is to the next payday (/pd for normal users, /pd t or /pd time for admins)
      • Undo and multi-payday
      • Removed player or group-payday.
    • v0.2.5
      • Removed a debug-message and a call to a deprecated function.
    • v0.2.4
      • Removed a debug-text.
    • v0.2.3
      • Onlinemode - enable to only pay people who are online.
    • v0.2.2
      • Re-enabled sync!
    • v0.2.1
      • iConomy 5, deactivated sync
    • v0.2
      • Recurring payments!
    • v0.1.6
      • Added negative payouts
    • v0.1.5
      • Fixed what v0.1.4 should've fixed.
    • v0.1.4
      • Fixed bug when running without Permissions.
    • v0.1.3
      • Foolishly discovered that I should've blacklisted "nation-" as well.
    • v0.1.2
      • Fixed /pd players 2+ giving an error, /pd ce now gives warnings when seeing accounts starting with "town-" (also blacklisted when importing), wildcard delete added.
    • v0.1.1
      • Fixed possible sync issue.
    • v0.1
      • Initial release.

    Show Spoiler

    Q: Do I get money while I'm offline?
    A: If online-mode is off (default), yes.

    Q: When is <feature> going to be implemented?
    A: I go for the "release it when it is done" way of doing things and I generally don't schedule things, if I say that I'll do it - it will be probably done within 24 hours, if I say it goes on the todo-list, expect some waiting-time. Currently, I'm rather busy so I only update the most important things or things which are really simple to add but add lots of value.

    • [medium] Player-owned companies where players pay other players for doing jobs etc. with easy administration + ranks.
    • [low/maybe] Might add BOSEconomy-support. BOSEconomy kind of has this including sync - but I might add this just for the sake of portability.
    • [low/maybe] Essentials Eco-support?
    Please leave feedback and any errors which should happen to pop up, but read Q&A before you ask a question.
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    Thanks for answering, I will desactivate it so.
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    If you haven't turned it on, it isn't on.
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    Quick quesiton, is there any way to make a recurring "unique" payment?

    What i am trying to do is very interesting and dont know if its possible.. but i hope!

    I am trying to set it up such that it pays out X money every hour, but only to those who are online, and once per X duration( Day).

    As in, a once a day bonus for just logging on my server :)

    If i set the recurring payment to one time, such as 8 PM, with a 24h interval those who are not on miss out so its unfair, and if i set it to hourly / 24 its a bonus for hours played, not being on once per day.

    Point being is its a pseudo daily bonus system that encourages people to log on.. and im trying to get it working, any help, zer0? Thanks aton for this plugin btw, its great regardless

    (Info: Basically im trying to make an hourly periodic payment only pay to each online person once per 24 hours)
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    Sure, I can add that.

    For now, just enable online-mode and set up an hourly payout.
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    Why does the command '/pd rec s h return' "correct mode" every 10 seconds? I love this plugin but I want it to reoccur every hour!
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    Terribly sorry about that! I forgot to remove a debug-statement - the fact that it printed "Correct mode!" did not have anything to do with payouts, so no money was ever sent.

    Update to v0.2.4 and this should be gone.
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    Do the percentages are possible with the latest version?
    I would charge players 1% of their balance each week (real time).

    Thank you.
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    No, but I think I'll add this in the next version.
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    Nice :)
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    Awesome, works great!
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    i installed Payday and i tryed it first with only me
    after my friend entered i tried it again but only i get money we are in the same group but Just I get Money not he
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    Did you sync?
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    im not realy the best computer expert how do i do that ^^
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    Nice one :)
    [high] Interest! (With Taxes aswell, depending on usergroup)
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    Love this plugin, but you need to update it to the latest version of Permissions. It isn't syncing with Permissions 3.0x. :(
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    Oh, I'll check that out.
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    Permissions 3.0x support would be awesome :)
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    Hey, pls say me how i can use autoamted sync.
    I wish that when someone comes, he automatically earns 10 coins per 30 minutes.
    Otherwise this plugin is awesome.

    Excuse my bad English.
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    When using negative value to use it as a tax plugin, it doesn't check if the player have enought money, so player's account can end up with negative value.

    Is that an iconomy or payday issue?
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    can you add the function for permissions 2.7? when i use it with the new one it gives an error when i do the /pd sync command.
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    Forgive me for being a noob, but I'm not a programmer, and simply trying to set up this plugin, because it is perfect for what I need. What is the command I type to set up a group, and set up a salary rate and a frequency? The instructions above seem vague to me, but then again I'm not an expert. Thanks for the great plugin.
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    hi can ervyone help pls?

    i will all 7 days 250 $

    who is the commad?
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    Is there some way to have players automatically added to a certain pay group? I've read over the documentation and tried it out; payments are showing up at regular intervals but only to players I've added to a group. Is it currently not possible or am I just overlooking something?

    Worth noting, I've tried running /pd sy but it doesn't seem to change anything (I just get a 'Done!' message, no errors). My config.yml shows no change.
  25. i have sam prob
    Worth noting, I've tried running /pd sync but it doesn't seem to change anything (I just get a 'Done!' message, no errors). My config.yml shows no change.
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    Can you guys PM me your server-IPs? I'll gladly take a look.
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    I posted that a few days ago, I've since figured things out on my own :) I was using Global Groups and it wasn't working well this those. I've since moved to the world based ones and things are working perfectly. Many thanks for this plugin!
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    Oooooh. That's a good point, I'll make a fix for that - I'll include a world-config selector in the next version! :)
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    We actually do both! :p There is a payday command that forces the payday to occur.
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    When I do /pd sync, I get a error : An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command. Any ideas why its doing this :(? I'm running latest permissions and bukkit, also latest payday.
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    Stack trace please.

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