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    Check this plugin instead:

    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.
    "It is pay day."
    -Dungeon Keeper 2

    Note: I'm going to rewrite/refactor my plugin once I get better (having a rather interesting fewer right now). This may take some time, but it will be worth it. Once this is done, the plugin will be released on bukkitdev.

    Note 2: I think that I will make a system that uses permission-nodes instead.

    Version: 0.2.10

    Jar (Github),
    Jar (Dropbox),
    Source (GitHub)

    old (iConomy 4): jar(Github)
    old (iConomy 4): jar(Dropbox)

    • Automated paydays!
    • Allows you to administrate your users' income. (allows negative income!)
    • Separate groups for players - easily imported from Permissions. Use worldconf to choose worldname.
    • Lots of, lots of aliases!
    Commands (all start with /pd for in-game help - say /pd):

    Remember: if a parameter contains spaces, surround it with quotes, that is: this chracter: "
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    • For non-admins: /pd shows the time to the next payday.
    • time - for admins: shows the time to the next payday.
    • checkerrors - checks for errors in the config-file
    • players [#] - shows number # page in the list of players
    • groups [#] - shows number # page in the list of groups
    • payday - pays everyone their money, won't run if checkerrors fails
    • payday [#] - same as above, but does it # times. (can be run for -1 times etc.)
    • set group name value - creates a group with earns value per payday
    • set player name groupname - assigns a player to a group
    • mv groupname1 groupname2 - moves all players from one group to another
    • delete player/group name - deletes a group/player
    • searchdelete player/group name - wildcard delete (may delete multiple entries, this is a powertool and should be treated as such)
    • sync [overwrite] - imports players and groups from iConomy and Permissions, if overwrite is given, players lose their current group and get a new group from Permissions. Group-names are also added with an income of 0 if not present.
    • recurring - see how to set up recurring payments
    • onlinemode [f/t] - only online players get paid.
    • lastperiodmode [f/t] - only players who have been online in the last period get paid, overrides onlinemode.
    • interest [value] - sets or displays interest (it is in percent, the amount paid will be (value/100)*money_in_account at each automated payday). Interest is paid out to ALL accounts, not only those registered in PayDay.
    • worldconf [worldname] - sets or displays what permissions-configuration is to be used in PayDay.
    • message [message] - sets or displays payday-message.
    • Aliases:
      • player = pl,
      • players = pl
      • groups = gr
      • group = gr
      • checkerrors = ce
      • payday = pd
      • set = s
      • delete = d
      • move = mv
      • sync = sy
      • overwrite = ow
      • sd = searchdelete
      • recurring = rec
      • onlinemode = om
      • time = t
      • lastperiodmode = lpm
      • interest = i
      • message = msg
      • worldconf = wc (oh wow! :p)
    Player names are CASE SENSITIVE, group names are CASE INSENSITIVE and for simplicity - I recommend using /pd sy or /pd sync

    How to set up recurring payments
    Show Spoiler

    Note: this is a bit untested but should work, please report any bugs ASAP
    The command is /pd rec mode arg
    There are 3 modes:

    Alias: d = deactivated

    Deactivates recurring payments
    usage: /pd rec d

    Alias: r = relative
    Sets recurring paydays relative to the current time. For instance: /pd rec r 10:1:3 will set paydays every 10 min, 1 hour and 3 days (or 263400 secs).
    /pd rec r 1 will set a payday every minute
    usage: /pd rec r minute:hours:days

    static, usage: /pd rec static (hour,day,week,month)
    aliases: h = hour, d = day, w = week, m = month, s = static
    Static will always happen on the first minute of the hour, month,
    day or week, depending on what you choose.
    Example: "/pd rec s d" sets the recurring payments to happen every day.

    Ohnoes, I've broken my settings without knowing it and then set up a recurring payday, what should I do?
    Don't worry: the system will tell the console and anyone who has the "payday.admin"-permission that something has gone wrong and prompt them to run /pd ce to fix things.

    • /pd s gr epicgroup 10000 = /pd set group epicgroup 10000
    • /pd s pl TZer0 epicgroup = /pd set player TZer0 epicgroup
    • /pd pd = /pd payday
    • /pd d gr epicgroup = /pd delete group epicgroup
    • v0.3.1
      • Bug fix related to changes in code due to adding Essentials-support.
    • v0.3
      • Added customizable messages.
      • Starting to add essentials-support (experimental version included, don't try this unless you're adventurous)
      • Fixed issues involving dots in names
    • v0.2.10
      • If an account holds negative amount of money after a PayDay, it is set to zero instead.
    Previous changes (open)

    • v0.2.9
      • Interest
      • Customizable world-name.
    • v0.2.8
      • Fixed upper and lower case-issues
      • Added handling of quotes
    • v0.2.7
      • Fixed /pd time for static modes.
    • v0.2.6
      • Let the admins know how long payday has been failing so that they can easily compensate the users' losses and how long ago the last successful payday was.
      • Payouts for people who have been online in the last period.
      • Commands which allow players and admins to see how long it is to the next payday (/pd for normal users, /pd t or /pd time for admins)
      • Undo and multi-payday
      • Removed player or group-payday.
    • v0.2.5
      • Removed a debug-message and a call to a deprecated function.
    • v0.2.4
      • Removed a debug-text.
    • v0.2.3
      • Onlinemode - enable to only pay people who are online.
    • v0.2.2
      • Re-enabled sync!
    • v0.2.1
      • iConomy 5, deactivated sync
    • v0.2
      • Recurring payments!
    • v0.1.6
      • Added negative payouts
    • v0.1.5
      • Fixed what v0.1.4 should've fixed.
    • v0.1.4
      • Fixed bug when running without Permissions.
    • v0.1.3
      • Foolishly discovered that I should've blacklisted "nation-" as well.
    • v0.1.2
      • Fixed /pd players 2+ giving an error, /pd ce now gives warnings when seeing accounts starting with "town-" (also blacklisted when importing), wildcard delete added.
    • v0.1.1
      • Fixed possible sync issue.
    • v0.1
      • Initial release.

    Show Spoiler

    Q: Do I get money while I'm offline?
    A: If online-mode is off (default), yes.

    Q: When is <feature> going to be implemented?
    A: I go for the "release it when it is done" way of doing things and I generally don't schedule things, if I say that I'll do it - it will be probably done within 24 hours, if I say it goes on the todo-list, expect some waiting-time. Currently, I'm rather busy so I only update the most important things or things which are really simple to add but add lots of value.

    • [medium] Player-owned companies where players pay other players for doing jobs etc. with easy administration + ranks.
    • [low/maybe] Might add BOSEconomy-support. BOSEconomy kind of has this including sync - but I might add this just for the sake of portability.
    • [low/maybe] Essentials Eco-support?
    Please leave feedback and any errors which should happen to pop up, but read Q&A before you ask a question.
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    You must trigger paydays manually at the moment.
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    Is there any way to make it automatic?
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    You can create an automatic payday...
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    Might have missed it, but can you 'pay' negative values - or basically take money?

    I have a physical vault system, and I'd like to be able to group everyone in their respective price categories and remove it from them every week without going one by one.
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    Sure, I could add this.
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    I'd use this if I could make it reoccuring. I don't want to have to trigger it myself..I'd like to be able to set the time in seconds/minutes between each payday. Also I'd like to customize the payday message to say "Time to pay your taxes!" Because I'd be using this as a tax plugin. I would love you if you could add this.
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    Taxing system + Income = A number which is positive or negative. The negative means substract from your account and positive to deposit it in your bank/cash.
    Make it compatible to BankAccount
    You can easily make/24h/1h/1h30mins system as nowadays most of the developers find this thing with ease.
    Yours sincerly, Horia.
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    +1 for Dungeon Keeper quote, You are awesome!

    If it can be made automatic, I would deficiently use this.
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    Someone noticed! ^^

    Automatic payday is at the moment set as priority number two for me.
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    Should be working (automated paydays)
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    its possible to make that the income come from an accound?
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    Not yet. That's on the todo-list.
  14. Needs some correction.
    Oh and
    Could be edited to something like, "Possibility to make Jobs / Companys, meaning you can hire / fire employees" and if possible, you could make certain ranks (even though there is easy work arounds, but still great to get it all assembled)
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    Ah, yes - indeed. Fixed (both).
  16. Thanks, hopefully you'll get it done soon, would be nice to have.
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    Well, got some exams and mandatory stuff coming up. I will try to dedicate time to my plugins, but some things are much more important.

    If I fail to make it now, I'll probably implement it along with some other stuff during the summer holidays :) (hopefully, my summer will be project-mania as I've got some insane ideas for plugins and other things :D)
  18. PM Me if / when your done.
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    This plugin is *almost* just what I was looking for. What I would like from it is the ability to pay the groups from a certain account. Also, being able to put negative values so that money is subtracted from their account and moved to another account for taxes and stuff.

    It would be nice if you provided a tutorial on this, because there are a lot of things I dont understand about it. I'll try it out and post here what I don't understand if you need more info. Will it pay people even if they are offline?
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    To clear things up:
    • You can pay people negative values (but currently not percentages, that will be added)
    • They will receive money if they're offline
    • Paying from a certain account: see todo-list ;)
    • I'll probably make some sort of video-guide at some point.
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    if you could make it so it didn't pay players who were not online, itd be even better.
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    I won't make it exclusively pay people who are online, but I may add a mode which does.
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    yeah, thatd be perfect. is there an estimated time of arrival for that feature?
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    Edit: oops-missquoted.
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    You're awesome. If you wanna come check it out on my server or something, the ip is Will be uploading in around 2-3 hours
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    cant find downoad for iConomy 5 version
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    can you add like a config so it give's money to everyone every 10 minute or something??
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    See "How to set up recurring payments".
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    is the config to everyone or are the "rec" the group?? to everyone??
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    Do you receive paydays when you are offline ? Answer please. Thanks.
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    If online-mode is off (default), yes.
    Added to Q&A.

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