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    Hey Guys!
    For my request, my friend is since today working on a plugin for iConomy, which is called iTax!
    Well, it was so, that on our server, we've run the iConomy Plugin + the Jobs Plugin for it.
    So, the most people had a lot of money...
    So, i asked him: Hey, could you make a plugin called iTax? You know, every XYZ-Seconds/Minutes/Hours is payday and the bank "State" becomes the money, which is took off from the players.
    And now he's working on it, i think he'll be finished in the next week. :)

    Here are the currently WIP-features:

    - Admin can configure how often and in which high the players have to give a tax
    - Admin can set the payday on/off
    - Broadcast to all players if payday is
    - Configured player collects the taxes
    - Admins only can configure/set taxes
    -Only player, which are online, are paying taxes
    -Taxes can be set for a group (Permissions!)

    Update 27/6/11: Today my friend and my are testing the plugin on my server, and the most is working great! :D
    The only thing which is stopping, is the feature of deleting the tax.
    But the features of the timeperiod, which abates the money from the player and give it to the bank "State" works good.

    We'll definitively can develope the plugin in the progress of this week.

    Here is the Alpha Version of the Plugin: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J6000A3D

    And here is a list of the currently commands:
    /itax create <Taxname> <Taxbeat in min> <Percentsentence without Percentsign > <Targetbank>
    -> creates new tax

    /itax list
    Lists all currently taxes

    DANGER -> Currently bugged!
    /itax delete <taxname>
    deletes a tax
    DANGER -> Currently bugged!

    Thank you!

    Idea: Tumanir
    Programming: theovention - Thank you for this! :)
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    Ok. So you're posting a development thread for your friend who is making a plugin for YOUR server, not actually to release it to the community. Then you are adding "DANGER -> Currently bugged!" When No1 even has this downloaded and is using it. the point? This really should not be posted here. Another thing, this is nothing like real taxes at all.
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    Uhm, they are releasing it. Read the thread.

    Also @Tumanir

    Check this for ideas: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/econ-btax-1-2-0-collect-taxes-on-your-server-818.17096/

    Especially my suggestion:

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    ??? You can even already download an Alpha version of the plugin. How in the world do you get the idea they wont release it?
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    Yeah i couldent see the link, due to some popup shit on my comp that im on.
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    Hey, thanks for the request! Didn't know, that a plugin called bTax already exists, googled and searched in the forum for tax plugin, but found nothing.
    Yes, we're trying to release it, and i think, i will read the bTax idea, and maybe we can assume something from it.
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    Good luck und viel Erfolg ;)

    bTax isnt updated anymore if I see correctly, so all eyes on you!
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    I'm glad someone's tryignt o build a tax plugin since bTax died.

    I have some requests:

    1) tax paid to player not 'state'

    2) tax by group - different taxes paid to different accounts by different groups

    3) support for essentials economy please?

    Cheers and good luck!

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    Is it still under development?
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    Is it ?
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