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    Works with: [1.3.1-R2]

    With this Plugin you can change the Weather.
    You can change it to : Rain/snow, thundering or Sun!

    It's my first Plugin ;).

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Added plugin to! (Version: 1.0.0)

    Have fun ;)
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    1. Include version in ChangeLog.
    2. [ADMN] EasyWeather [1.3.2-R2.0](Space please).
    3. Why do I get the feeling you didn't make this plugin...
    4. Commands?
    5. The plugin in the download link is named "Weather", not EasyWeather... another clue you didn't make this.
    6. This is your only post... yet another clue.
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    Lol? Its my first plugin? I dont know all, what I have to do xD...
    My friend has help me lol...
    + The first time I used Java... (my friend can Java..,)
    Nice joke ^^

    Edit: And why I have to have posts, to make a plugin xD?
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    Make a bukkitDEV project so everyone knows the code is safe.
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    My apologies for sounding rude, or doubting you. It's just that most plugin submissions turn out to be frauds.

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