Inactive [ADMN/DEV] SetRankPB v1.3.2 - Change ranks in-game [PermissionsBukkit] [SuperPerms] [1.1-R6]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baummann, Aug 31, 2011.

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    SetRankPB - Change ranks in-game​
    Version: 1.3.3 CB 1.3.1-R2​
    This page is no longer being updated! Check the BukkitDev page.​
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    Baummann is it possible to turn of iConomy support? I mean when you don't use it and you set it to false, make the plugin NOT check if any economy plugins are installed? Cause right now if you disable it and you have anything else but IC6 installed, it will scream a error stacktrace at you during startup, which makes the plugin not work anymore.
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    what is the command for the whatami permission?
    can't find it
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    SuperPermsBridge doesn't exist....
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    ehm, i found a mayor bug.
    if you have permissionsbukkit, setrank and another plugin that uses a part of permissionsbukkit(like simpleprefix), you get an error with something string line 51 or 52 and 17 more...
    if i use some other prefixplugin instead of simpleprefix, you have the same problem.
    and i am using the lastest versions from this plugins
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    like above what are the ranks and can u switch the name exp. admin=>baws
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    where's superperms plugin ( send me link please )?
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    and essentialseco
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    where can i download the permission?
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    couldn't you just mke it so you don't need download these stupid premission
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    Where do i download PermissonsBukkit and SuperpermsBridge?
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    Pex is a good superperms bridge :>

    Ok started with vanilla mc and added back 1 plugin at a time. THEY ALL WORKED FINE! so i was like yay then restarted a few times then it happened again and kept happening. nothing in the log no config changes. just restarts and it started happening again. Should i try i with all of them and take 1 at a time out?

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    i asked where do i download -_- not if its good or not
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    hey if anyone is reading this message can you please put a link to permissions i cant find the right one
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    where do you get super perms?
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    hi. is this compatible with groupmanager? like can i give players permission to change their gamemode if they donate? ​

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