[ADMN/DEV] OpAll v0.1 - Op everyone who joins the server [1060]

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    OpAll - Op everyone who joins the server​
    Version: 0.1​


    While it is a very bad idea to have this on ordinary production servers, it's nice on dev/testing servers and whitelisted circle-of-friends servers. It'll do just what it says on the can - op everyone who joins the server.

    • Op everyone when they join
    • Deop them when they leave, to avoid the growth of ops.txt
    • If used in conjunction with CommandDisabler, OpAll is a viable way to let players get op access for plugins that one's Permissions plugin may not work with.
    Download OpAll
    Source Code

    • Blacklist people from getting ops
    • Version 0.1
      First release

      Date: June 4, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 860, 928, 935, 953, 1000, 1060
      Minecraft Versions: 1.6.6, 1.7.3
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    You might wanna resize the picture, and put it below the title of the plugin.
    Otherwise, all good.

    Chris :cool:
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    Using it on my serv ;)
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    Stupid Plug-In
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    Yes, be very careful that you only allow people you trust very well on your server with this plugin. They could /stop and do some nasty griefing.
  7. Nice Plugins for Private Server ;)

    You can say this only if you can make better
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    I don't really care what you think of it, it's just a useful plugin to have on my testing server so I decided to share. Thanks for the opinion, though, it's probably what most people think because most people probably don't have servers for testing things.
    See first sentence:
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    you now that if you type * in oplist all players become op.... so this plugin makes no use...
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    Doesn't work for me... are you sure?
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    The plugin is perfect for a bunch of friends just getting on a screwing around on MineCraft. What a brilliant yet simple idea.
    Well, you have just proved to everyone here that you are a total idiot. Gratz! Maybe you should read the plugin descripition before you embarrass yourself any more. Further more, what is a "plug-in"?
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    Was so before, try to remove OPlist and then type "op *" in console
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    Opall I get it... great plugin.
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    Hey um will it allow players to spawn stuff
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    Of course... it's the same as typing /op playername every time someone joins.
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    also um is there a way to let people open chests but not spawn stuff

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    Yea get a permissions plugin.
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    That was helpful, I especially enjoyed the caps lock.
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    Hi, this is great for my server! Many has requested TMI (too many items) that is based on the give commands you get by being op. Now that there are plugins that can block notch commands like /stop /ban etc, this is really useful since my guests will get TMI and I don't have to worry about them trolling. Thanks :)
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    An alternative (probably safer) way would be to get Permissions (I don't know which versions are supported) and a plugin like CommandBook, then giving everyone commandbook.give (and a few of the child nodes).
    Or you can do it this way :)
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    OMG thank you for making this plugin my stupid server kept on only leting ops break blocks but thanks to this plugin i have no more worries!!!!
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    Sounds like a Permissions problem, but I'm glad this fixed it :)
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    I do, but permissions doesn't reach over notch commands. I don't think CommandBook would work for TMI. Our server has all the commands it needs and more than that, I don't really like plugins with a lot of commands for different things. Thanks to plugins like that I have 3 setspawn commands cause the plugins I needed always included too many unnecessary commands. Anyways I am still tankful for this plugin :)
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    In that case, I'm glad it works :)
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    If used in conjunction with CommandDisabler, this is a viable way to let players get OP access for plugins that one's Permissions plugin may not work with. :3
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    Nice find! I'll add it to the OP.

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