Inactive [ADMN] Curse v1.3.3 - A new way of punishment on your server [1.1-R7 & 1.2.4-R0.1]

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    The Code Boat proudly presents:
    Curse - A new way of punishment on your server!
    Version: v1.3.3

    Are you fed up with regular ways of punishing users that broke the rules on your server? If yes, Curse is the plugin for YOU!

    What is Curse?
    Curse is a brand new User-Punishment method! Put a curse on any of your users and force them to behave!

    What does a curse do?
    When you put a curse on your user/s, they will slowly lose health by moving around until you release them from the curse.

    Awesome! How do I put a curse on my users?
    Just type: "/curse <username>" and watch them suffer a slow, painful death!
    Optional you can also type "/curse <username> <damage (1-99)>". For example:
    /curse mcwaffel 10
    (the lower the number is, the more damage the user gets while moving)

    Cool, but how do I release them from the curse?
    Easy! Just type: "/bless [player]" and your user will be released from the curse.

    But now I feel sorry for my users! What can I do?
    We have added a heal option just for you! This is how it works:
    /heal [player] [heal = 1-99 (optional)] [time need heal, default heal = 15 (optional)]

    Full list of commands:
    * /curse [player] [damage = 1-99 (optional)] [time need damage, default damage = 15 (optional)]
    * /heal [player] [heal = 1-99 (optional)] [time need heal, default heal = 15 (optional)]
    * /bless [player]

    * Put a curse on users
    * Make them lose health by moving
    * Release them from the curse
    * Choose how much health they lose over time
    * Set a timer for how long the curse shall last
    * Heal your players if you feel like it

    <font color="#ff0000">Downloads:</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Download Curse! (Direct-Download from our server)

    * Some sort of animation for the victim
    * Configurable damage over time <font color="#339966">done!</font>
    * Optional time limit <font color="#339966">done!</font>
    * Permission support

    Under consideration:
    * Mobs go after player


    Version 1.3.3 (Skipped 1.3.2 release)
    * New Event handling system

    Version 1.3.1
    * Only the admin who curses can bless now
    * Added error handling
    * Tested with newest build

    Version 1.3
    * Added heal function (see commands for help)
    * Added Multithreading (Mutliple players slow the plugin down fixed)
    * Several minor bugfixes

    Version 1.2
    * Added optional timer for length of curse
    * Recoded the whole plugin (cleaner code)
    * Bugfixes

    Version 1.1.1
    * Added #1185 compatibility
    * Small bug fixes

    Version 1.1
    * Added optional damage argument
    * Changed cmds from "/curseon" to "/curse" and "/curseoff" to "/bless"

    Version 1.0
    * Initial release
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    wow, cool, needs to be a tad bit more configurable, but otherwise cool, oh, and FIRST POST!
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    Any suggestions? :)
    Also, gratz on first post lol.
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    i was thinking about how much damage over time, and maybe if they did something only mildly bad, a time limit on the curse, making it so that they have to constantly eat food, but after a while it'll wear off, so if the admin that cursed them forgets, they'll be ok.
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    Added it to the todo list :)
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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    Cosmic Break

    why curse on

    wouldnt /curse
    and /curseoff

    or better yet /curse to turn it on
    and /bless to turn it off
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    Thanks for the feedback! We have now changed the commands to your suggestion :)

    Note: The update that includes everything from the todo-list will be applied once we are approved :)
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    you should also add different types of curses
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    v1.1 has been released!
    It's 1060 compatible and has these new features:
    • Added optional damage argument
    • Changed cmds from "/curseon" to "/curse" and "/curseoff" to "/bless"
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    Can you add permission support? I put a curse on users and they just bless themselves.
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    It is not possible that non-OP's can execute any commands of this plugin. You might have wrong settings in your permissions. We could not recreate this bug.
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    New version released! We did a little tweaking with the commands and added #1185 support.

    The optional timer is under progress but we have a little bug that we can't figure out at the moment. So the 1.2 release will take a little time. We are working on it.
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    This could work really well on a server with priests. Although I think you should add in permissions support with seperate nodes for cursing and blessing, so that servers can have almost like 2 sides - good and evil - one class who blesses and one who curses, and then neutra players. I look forward to seeing this plugin grow :)
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    Added "Permission support" to the todo list. Thanks for the great feedback! And don't forget to click the like button! It let's us know that you care.
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    Sure beats being in jail... nice work!
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    Please welcome v1.2!
    We worked hard on this update and are proud to present you the following new feature:

    - Optional timer for length of curse

    v1.3 is already being tested and will be released later this week.
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    This sounds great! I see your updating this soon is that why the download link is missing? Unless its me, I don't see a download link on the page.
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    Yea I don't see an download link either.
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    On the weekend comes 1.3 update. We are in the final stage of testing.
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    Version 1.3 is now released!
    Sorry for the confusion with the downloadlinks in v1.2.
    We are thrilled to present you multithreading in this update! Also we added a new function! These are the new changes:

    - Added heal function (see commands for help)
    - Added Multithreading (Mutliple players slow the plugin down fixed)
    - Several minor bugfixes

    Thanks for your support and please post suggestions and keep supporting us! Thanks :)
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    The newest version is here! Curse 1.3.1!
    The update includes:
    • Only the admin who curses can bless now
    • Added error handling
    • Tested with newest build
    Please keep posting feedback so we can improve this plugin for you! Thank you very much :)
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    Issue with /bless is that it is shared with a godmode plugin that uses /bless to max enchant things I think /curseon and /curseoff would be much better.
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    I was thinking maybe mobs would mostly go after that player?
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    Good idea this. Will be considered at our Development Meeting today! Thanks for the feedback :)
  26. You Should add specific curses like damage or making mobs go after you
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    Important Community Question!

    Would you like us to use an external permissions plugin or the Bukkit internal permissions API?

    Please respond asap so we can continue developing this amazing plugin! :)
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    use permissionsex please!
  29. one of my players cursed one of my players and the bless feature isn't working this is very annoying what should i do

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