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  1. After the plugin detect a new build, it download to bukkit_update in the main-Folder. After that you must stop your server and copy the craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar from bukkit_update to your main-Folder.​
    After Version 1.4 I support plugins if a new version found it download to build_update/plugins. After that stop your server and copy/move the new files to your plugin-Folder

    This is no autoupdater, it only download the new Version do the update-Folder, the user have to copy the files. On this way, he know which plugins he update and can check if he like to update.

    I recommend to save your old craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar/plugin before update. Not all builds from CraftBukkit work correctly.

    For more infos and download:

    • Download the newest build to build_update
    • Config-File in plugins/CraftBukkitUpToDate/
      • to enable/disable automatic download
      • choose between stable or recommended Builds
      • set craftBukkitName (Default: craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar)
      • deactivate pluginLog
      • deactivate craftBukkitUpdateCheck
      • blacklist to add Plugins, you don't want to update (blacklist=test1.jar;test2.jar)
      • deactivate automatic pluginUpdateCheck
      • deactivate serverLog if new Version available (broadcastOnlyToOps=true)
    • Check for update in a configurable period
      Configurable in in milliseconds lowest value is 300000 (5 min), standard is 1800000 (30 min)
    • Broadcast if new update available (To all Ops, or via Permissions).
      Configurable in default value is true
    • Command to download every build you like. Example: If you like to download build 400 you type /craftbukkituptodate download 400 or /uptodate download 400
    • Command to show changelog for BukkitBuild. Example: If you like to show changelog for Build 431 type /craftbukkituptodate changelog 431 or /uptodate changelog 431
    • Command to start plugin-Check, to start type /uptodate plugin
    • Command to start the update-Check, to start type /uptodate update
    • All commands work also at Server-Console type only craftbukkituptodate or uptodate without /
    • Automaticly download new updates for Plugins
      • Download new updates in build_update/plugins
      • with links to the plugins, this one download automaticly if a new one at my server
    • Permissions:
      Permissions/GroupManager is optional else only ops can use the commands.
      Available permission nodes are (case sensitive):
      • craftbukkituptodate.broadcast - these users get a message if a new build available
      • - these users can use download-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.changelog - these users can use changelog-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.plugin - these users can use plugin-Command
      • craftbukkituptodate.update - these users can use the update-Command
      • Pail Gui-Support check Thread for more infos
    For Linux-User, if you like to move your new plugins automaticly, try the script from Myx0x3:
    or for more features use the one from Tealk:

    Planned Features:
    • Nothing
    Known Issue:

    • Nothing
    Changelog (All times UTC+1):
    Check for the newest file-Changelog
    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.6.6 (31.08.2011 19:00)
    Version 2.6.5 (30.08.2011 18:30)
    Version 2.6.4 (29.08.2011 20:20)

    • Changed the log-Messages, so that the user understand that the author have to add his plugin to
    Version 2.6.3 (29.08.2011 00:20)

    • Bug: zip-Files updated every time
    • Bug: Fix for new pail-Version
    Version 2.6.2 (28.08.2011 20:30)

    • Update for
    • Plugin-Manager for pail
    Version 2.6.1 (10.08.2011 18:10)

    • Fixed Nullpointer, sry for this issue.
    Version 2.6.0 (09.08.2011 23:15)

    • Added Pail Gui-Support
    • CraftBukkit-Update-Check now threaded, because with 7 MB it can take a little bit to update
    Version 2.5.9 (27.07.2011 21:50)

    • Fix: Delete the Quotes in the Essentials-Filenames
    Version 2.5.8 (21.07.2011 22:15)

    • Fix: Can't connect to
    Version 2.5.7 (13.07.2011 22:15)

    • Fix: If broadCastPeriod not parsable set it to default value. Thanks to Torner92 for the bug-Report.
    Version 2.5.6 (16.06.2011 23:15)

    • Implement If-Modified-Since, thanks to Captain Chaos for the tip. This should remove the bandwith-Problem of some Plugin-Authors, let me know if it doesn't work.
    Version 2.5.5 (27.05.2011 23:15)

    • Little Bugfix for robin0van0der0v new xml.
    Version 2.5.4 (26.05.2011 22:15)

    • Little Bugfix
    • Some changes for robin0van0der0v new xml. @robin0van0der0v: Thanks for your work
    Version 2.5.3 (06.05.2011 20:15)

    • Fixed a little bug, with the new XML/RSS-Update-Check
    Version 2.5.2 (02.05.2011 21:55)

    • Add Version to XML-Update-Check
    • Add Description to RSS-Update-Check
    Version 2.5.1 (20.04.2011 20:45)

    • Automatic Plugin-Update at startup only every 6 hours
    • Manual Plugin-Update only every 60 minutes
    Version 2.5.0 (18.04.2011 22:25)

    • Logger changed
    Version 2.4.9 (10.04.2011 10:15)

    • Plugin-Update only every 60 minutes, also after a restart.
    • Some little Bugfixes
    Version 2.4.8 (09.04.2011 22:50)

    • Add new /uptodate update - Command to start update-Process manual
    • Add new option useUserPluginPropertiesFirst to set another priority for the
    Version 2.4.7 (07.04.2011 19:00)

    • Bugfix if filename not in the URL and not a jar
    • Changed the Bukkit-Build-URL to
    Version 2.4.6 (06.04.2011 18:30)

    • Better Exception-Handling if the rss-Feed, xml, txt-File or the properties-File is wrong
    Version 2.4.5 (05.04.2011 20:15)

    • Bugfixes if redirect and the new URL contains a space
    • Changed the UserAgent to CraftBukkitUpToDate
    Version 2.4.4 (03.04.2011 17:10)

    • Little Bugfix if createCheckFiles=true
    Version 2.4.3 (30.03.2011 21:55)

    • New option usePermissions to deactivate permissions-Support
    Version 2.4.2 (30.03.2011 21:02)

    • A little change for better Permissions-Setup
    Version 2.4.1 (30.03.2011 19:06)

    • Changes for the newest recommended Build
    Version 2.4.0 (29.03.2011 22:30)

    • Added txt, xml and properties-Support
    Version 2.3.0 (28.03.2011 22:30)

    • php-Fix
    Version 2.2.3 (28.03.2011 20:30)

    • Little Bugfix
    • Update-Check only every hour
    Version 2.2.2 (28.03.2011 18:15)

    • Killed the Version-Number in the jar-File-Name
    Version 2.2.1 (25.03.2011 22:45)

    • Some Bugfixes
    • New option to disable serverLog if new Update available
    • New option to disable automatic plugin-Update
    Version 2.2.0 (25.03.2011 22:00)

    • Parallel update-Checks (80% faster now)
    • Some other changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    • New alias cbutd
    Version 2.1.6 (25.03.2011 20:40)

    • Some other changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    • Changed the Permissions-Setup
    Version 2.1.5 (23.03.2011 23:00)

    • Some changes to support the update-Script from Tealk
    Version 2.1.4 (23.03.2011 19:00)

    • Fixed that zip and tar.gz-Files updated every time
    Version 2.1.3 (21.03.2011 21:30)

    • RSS-Feed now supported check Or use RSS-Part to check how to implement it.
    Version 2.1.2 (16.03.2011 23:10)

    • Changed the updateLogic for CraftBukkit so I don't need longer the check-Files you can delete it if you like. Thanks to Pluckerpluck for the tip.
    Version 2.1.1 (13.03.2011 23:35)

    • A little bugfix for the new
    Version 2.1 (12.03.2011 23:00)

    • for the users to add their own plugins.
    Version 2.0.5 (11.03.2011 20:30)

    • Wish you something Update 3 alias Maddin-Update;): Changed new pluginLog.
    Version 2.0.4 (09.03.2011 22:45)

    • github-Fix, next step is the fix for the php-problem
    • blacklist, to add plugins you don't want update.
    Version 2.0.3 (07.03.2011 18:15)

    • Added a new Option to deactivate craftBukkitUpdateCheck
    Version 2.0.2 (05.03.2011 10:40)

    • Little Bugfix, if pluginLog = false
    Version 2.0.1 (04.03.2011 19:50)

    • Download new Version only ones, if you didn't like to update
    • Smarter Log if down
    Version 2.0 (02.03.2011 21:40)

    • Method to differentiate between Plugins with the same name
    Version 1.9.3 (02.03.2011 18:25)

    • Wish you something Update 2;): Changed new pluginLog.
    • Update for other sources (zip), if Server doesn't send modificationTimestamp
    Version 1.9.2 (01.03.2011 21:40)

    • Wish you something Update;): Added a new Option to change pluginLog.
    Version 1.9.1 (01.03.2011 19:10)

    • Little Bugfix
    • New Update-Message
    Version 1.9 (28.02.2011 22:10)

    • Removed one typos
    • New Command to start Plugin-Update
    • Removed stableBuild-Config, nobody need this
    • Add CraftBukkitName-Config
    Version 1.8 (26.02.2011 22:10)

    • Permissions-Support
    • Smaller messages
    Version 1.7 (26.02.2011 17:11)

    • Some little Bugfixes for the new Plugin-Links
    • Performance-Tuning
    Version 1.6 (24.02.2011 20:43)

    • Better Update-Check
    • Plugin-Update-Check starts after 10 Seconds
    • Configurable Download-Folder (Example: If you like to Download to plugin-Dir write: plugins/CraftBukkitUpToDate/downloads/)
    Version 1.5 (23.02.2011 21:55)

    • Plugin-Update-Check now threaded, so the Server start without waiting for it.
    Version 1.4 (23.02.2011 21:15)

    • Plugin-Support
    Version 1.3 (23.02.2011 19:53)

    • Config if you like to download only RecommendBuild (Default: false)
    • Config if you like to download latestStableBuild (Default: true), no Idea if i need this or remove it in a future release
    • Command to download every Build, for Howto look at Features
    • Command to look at changelog
    • Removed stupid constructor
    Version 1.2 (20.02.2011 23:07)

    Version 1.1 (20.02.2011 19:26)

    • Check for update in a configurable period
    • Send message to all online ops (configurable)
    Version 1.0 (20.02.2011 10:55)

    • Release-Version
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    If you're having issues with your plugin loading before Permissions, you should start listening for PLUGIN_ENABLE events then bind to Permissions when you see its event. Also you may wish to put a null check for the Permissions plugin binding at CBUTD load. :)

    If you have any questions on this, I'd be more than happy to help out. :)
    (Or you could look at my Wormhole X-Treme code here, here and here for doing both of these types of events. )


    I think I misread the post above. My bad. :|
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  4. Thanks for the tip. I will check this at this evening.
    I added this yesterday, i check every day for new plugins and if I can add it. So if you have a permanent link at your new plugin you not have to tell me because normally I will add it automaticly.
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    To Everyone with this error:

    2011-03-23 17:35:05 [SEVERE] BLOCK_PLACED loading CraftBukkitUpToDate v2.1.3 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: BLOCK_PLACED
    This has nothing to do with The Plugins.
    CraftBukkit did a change to the eventtype from "Block_Placed" to "Block_Place" with on of the last updates. (Don't ask me why they changed the eventname...)

    Just rollback CraftBukkit to Build 556.

    You have to wait until the plugins are updated, or Bukkit changes its behavior again!
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    well the link on the threads i post go to a download page on my website... but from there you can get the permanent link. I got about 3 more plugins coming out soon so ill post them here if i dont see them added to the list
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    very good Plugin but don't support WorldEdit und WorldGuard... :(
    go more plugins and get better support für craftbukkit.jar..

    if they you do...this plugin is the greatest plugin for craftbukkit :D ....

    Thanks for this plugin ..... this plugin is awesome
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    If you use this method of loading Permissions (along with the new tense changes from Enabled to Enable etc...), bukkit will stop blaming your plugin for Permissions breaking.
  10. Thanks for the tip, alron has said the same, tonight i will not be able to test the changes I will implement this tommorow.
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    You know i like everything short, so it would be nice if you could also add a /cbutd command :D ^^
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    Could you add 2 properties please?
    First one is: Don't print "new version available to console" but still print to admins on the server
    Second one: Don't check plugins on server start. It's usefull for me because whenever before updating server, i update plugins first, so it's useless for me.
  13. Added.
    I will add this in the next Version.

    By the way, Version 2.2.0 released. 80% faster plugin-Update-Check :D

    Set automaticUpdatePlugins=false
    and broadcastOnlyToOps=true

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    That was fast, thanks much!
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    What's going on with the Persistence plugin updating? It keeps downloading this check file and no actual plugin update. Is something wrong with the permanent link or something?
  16. Changed. Thanks for the tip.
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    All of them require direct link. No archives, no versioning in them. Please check main post before posting links
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    yea only .jar because its terrible if you have a .rar in your plugins folder
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    On this note I've also noticed that the plugin doesn't seem to be downloading the .check files for when it downloads new craftbukkit builds either. Every time I start up the server it tells me theres a new version of craftbukkit even though it downloaded that version, or at least it told me it did, when i started up. I don't even know for sure if it's actually downloading the new versions.

    EDIT: The console is also telling me the link for the NetherGate plugin is incorrect, as well as persistance. But I'm guessing these will be fixed like you said in the next release.
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    Dear, there is no need to hammer my site every 60 seconds looking for an update. Stop it.

    @NoFear13 Please hard code a minimum interval of at least an hour for dumb people who think they get some sort of benefit from filling up my access logs. There's no good reason to be checking any more often than that, and there are extremely few good reasons to check even that often.
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    they are the creators update each link I would have told you this 2 weeks ago but i researchewd on the correct links.
  23. I looked at my log from yesterday, he's only checked 16 times from 21:00 UTC+1 until 23:00 UTC+1, not every 60 seconds. But I will implement a minimum interval for the plugin-Command.
    But there's a second check at Server-Startup and I think nobody whould start his server every x Seconds.
    As always, I will implement a minimum Interval and let you know when it's finished. After that let me know if you have still problems.
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    Have a question/rant.

    I have started using this and I have noticed a few things:
    - Some plugin links are not .jar's, but are .zip and the nasty .rar and other such annoyances
    - When you install the .jar, they do not always contain all their own dependencies (I am not talking about plugins requiring things like iConomy, I mean things like using sqlite or mysql or whatever-the-heck-else), so you have to install further crap to the base directory or to a lib folder under the base directory
    - Not all .jar's generate their own configuration files, which at worst I have experienced the plugin puking Exceptions all over the console, and at worst just using default (which it should still write out so they can be edited)
    - And worst of all, not all auto-updating .jar's work with the latest recommended craftbukkit, quite frankly that should be a requirement, because I keep getting this occasional ones that have not worked with the recommended for *weeks* and some others that only work on the newer ones (then why are they putting that one on the auto-update link!?!), so I get nice random plugin failures at times due to these decisions of the plugin authors.

    Would there be any chance of altering and changing this auto-update-downloader plugin to handle these more poorly designed plugins without causing the servers to die because of them?

    A few ideas:
    - Make it a hard requirement to work with the latest recommended craftbukkit, if one is discovered that does not then it should be removed from the list, preferably complaining very loudly.
    - Make a kind of apt or port-like system to handle dependencies and such, as such would auto-uninstall jar's if they are incompatible with the current running version, this however would require a little more meta-data on the part of the plugin authors so instead of just giving a .jar they could, at worst, give a link that is specialized based on the recommended craftbukkit version (something like$s/myplugin.jar where $s would be replaced with the recommended craftbukkit version, at the moment 556), or at best, a meta-file that they should supply a link to instead of the .jar, that file should contain a listing of lines of something like "512-556: http://<etc...>" to signify which to download for which version, each link should be the latest version of the plugin that works with the defined versions or so, and this is just a quick thought, perhaps better ways as well.

    What brought this wall-of-text post up are the fact I have things like MineCartMania breaking because it updated to a version that only works past the current recommended version of craftbukkit, and I have been making an updater of my own. Specifically I am running on linux, I have been using and growing a management script, which originally I started to let me run the server as a headless daemon on server startup, but it grew into a full remote management script and been adding more and more over time. Specifically I can drop this script into a directory, type "./ start" and it will download the latest recommended craftbukkit version, set up basic plugins (which involves just this plugin right now because I eat things out of it, described later). I can then do things like "./ stop" to stop the daemon, then do something like "./ plugin-install Essentials", it then looks up the line that starts with "Essentials.jar" in ./plugins/CraftBukkitUpToDate/ (I love the fact that this plugin creates all its own necessary files), downloads it and installs it to the plugins folder if it is a jar, if it is a zip (or .rar or .7z or .tar.gz or anything that is not a .jar) it saves it to a temporary directory tries to extract out the "Essentials.jar" out of it and drops it in the plugins folder, if it cannot it just mentions that it cannot and tells the user to do it themselves while passing back the location of where it stored the zip. What really sucks is when the plugins update and are broken with the latest recommended (which my script also keeps it updated to upon request, not automatically, bad experiences with near every plugin breaking when I do that).
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    From a plugin developer's perspective, the advantage to CButD is that people will update their plugins quickly when we release a new version.

    The disadvantage is that people will be updating CraftBukkit just as rapidly, which doesn't give us a lot of time to respond when an API we rely on is removed (or renamed).

    Really, it's just life on the bleeding-edge though. I'd never update my server without first making a backup, and I'd certainly never set my server to auto-update itself.
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    My script makes complete backups on every startup and shutdown (and during if I tell it), so that is not an issue.
    I just do not understand why at the very least the plugin authors make a version that only works with what is newer then the recommended build and have it be put in the update link instead of waiting and using a separate link for the newer-then-recommended.
  30. Added. Thanks.
    I have added this a few weeks ago. Didn't work?
    Changed. Thanks.

    Minimum interval implemented, let me know if you have again problems.

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