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    Current Version: v1.5 (JAR/ZIP)
    if you have problem with warning before post try to download again XD
    Donate to support this plugin XD​


    other pictures (open)






    Alerter is a multi protection plugin ,that you can configure to give a warning into server console and ops, when anyone place and/or destroy a block or when anyone use a command in chat, you can protect areas, object and more other features!!

    • Give a warning in the console (you must edit the settings file) :
      • Place certain Blocks
      • Destroy certain Blocks
      • Any command a player types in chat ("/...")
    • Teleport to player
    • Protect Areas
    • Protect Chest, furnaces, doors (wood, iron, trapdoors, fence door), dispenser, lever
    • Block place of forbidden objects
    Download the lastest Plugin v1.40 (JAR/ZIP)

    Previous version v 1.32 (JAR/ZIP)

    Commands & features & Permissions & configure "Alerter.dat"
    see information here:

    Installation (open)

    Just copy the .JAR file into your plugins directory.
    At start the plugin create automatically "Alerter.dat" with default settings
    If you want to custumize the settings you most modify "Alerter.dat"

    see information here:

    Protect Object:
    Permissions node:
    settings Alerter.dat:
    Change language:
    plugin support:

    Contact me on forum or on skype (Patrick_pk91)

    WARNING: if you want to use protect lever open Alerter.dat and change Plessure_plate_for_areas_activate=true (set true)

    TO DO:
    Future version:
    For more info future version:
    • Spout support
    • Jail
    • inventory control
    • Rollback
    • user can decide to use sqlite (default) or mysql (optional)
    • alerting of when someone joins the server for the first time
    • Areas can set only by one person (super_Admin)
    • mob spawns separated from animal spawns
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.5
    Relased: 3 November 2011
    • Update bukkit 1.0.1-R1
    Version 1.41
    Relased: 3 November 2011
    • fix bug entity damage
    • Update bukkit #1337
    Version 1.40
    Relased: 26 October 2011
    • Area poligonal support
    • can change/set area height ("/al height (Area) (number)")
    • Open inventory of other players ("/al inv (Player)")
    • Trasform blocks into an area to air ("/al air (Area)")
    • fix bug notification
    • Add new language support (Portuguese, Spanish, Czech)
    Version 1.35
    Relased: 3 October 2011
    • fix bug char '
    • BOSEconomy version 7 , iConomy (version 4,5,6 ), Essential, MultiCurrency support
    • add economy features
    • Multilanguage support (English, Italian, French, German)
    Version 1.34

    Relased: 23 September 2011
    • Sub-Area support
    • Limit size of news areas
    • prevent entry of unauthorized players in a private area
    • permissions plugins support (permissions, permissionsEX, bpermission) and default permission (superperms)
    • Rename existing area
    • teleport to an area
    • set warp of an area
    • protect fence door
    • Bug Fix can not destroy block near unprotected sign
    • Bug Fix PVP
    • Update Recommended Build: 1185 (MC: 1.8.1)
    Version 1.33

    Relased: 16 September 2011
      • minecarft support 1.8.1
      • remove permissions 3.0 support (in next version i will support most recent permissions plugin)
    Version 1.32

    Relased: 07 September 2011
      • bug fix multiworld
      • Add new sign [OWNER] to add exception area
    Version 1.31

    Relased: 05 September 2011
    • bug fix "Alerter.dat"
    • add gruop permissions area/object
    • implement [AREA]
    • area multi-world support
    • auto update
    Version 1.3

    Relased: 03 September 2011
    • protect chest, door , furnace, lever, trapdoor with sign
    • get information of area from block selected
    • log alerter into a txt
    • Use the online "Alerter.dat creation" procedure:
    • health regen
    • block place protection
    • now yoo can automatically update Alerter plugin from chat command
    • bug fix lava-bucket and water-bucket
    • update SQLibrary Version 3.0.4 (alpha)
    • update Permissions Latest Stable (3.1.6)
    • update Bukkit Build: 1060 (MC: 1.7.3)
    Version 1.24

    Relased: 19 July 2011
    • Bug fix: missing entry "Search_upgrade=true" in file Alerter.dat
    Version 1.23

    Relased: 18 July 2011
    • Update Bukkit Build: 1000 (MC: 1.7.3)
    • Add search update
    Version 1.22

    Relased: 17 July 2011
    • Bug Fix:"permissions" (IT IS OPTIONAL NOW)
    Version 1.21

    Released: 16 July 2011
    • Add the possibility to change the selection tools (see Settings ''Alerter.dat'' file)
    Version 1.2

    Released: 15 July 2011
    • create and protect Areas like regios

    Bugs (open)

    ou find a bug or a problem?? post here :
    • Description of bug
    • Screen of bug (if possible)
    You can add me on skype: [email protected] or patrick_pk91

    Thanks XD

    STAFF (open)

    • Translate:
      • Ghost or Tron ® (french version)
      • Spyboot & xmxfabian (german version)
      • Patrick_pk91 (italian version)
      • Minotaurus (Dutch version)
      • ygorpatrickbr, alissoncraft (Portuguese version)
      • XMaster1 (Spanish version)
      • Phoenyx (Czech version)
    do you want create a new plugin with me?? contact me (skype: Patrick_pk91)

    For more info:

    do you want create a new plugin with me?? contact me (skype: Patrick_pk91)
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    This plugin is awesome. Just the thing I need.:)

    The only problems are the warnings. If a player uses a command it spams 4 messages with "[num.] Detected player on.". Another problem is that sometimes it doesn't show the log numbers on the beginning of the messages. (This probably only occurs on warnings about placed blocks).:( But I would like to fix the spamming first. I tried changing some settings but nothing didn't change.

    Everything else works fine.
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    fixed download again XD


    i have tested but i have not this problem, do have you skype?? (add me Patrick_pk91)

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    Nevermind. Guess I fixed it somehow. Just changed couple of settings. Thanks anyway.
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    haha.. I just laugh at this plugin.. And you know why?
    I have griefed several servers using this plugin very easily. Destroyed their spawns, shops, biggest buildings..
    Patrick and all others, find the "holes" in this plugin by yourself.
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    because you enter whit the area's owner name???
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    No... a more special way.
    HINT: This "hole" is in your plugin's commands.
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    I have a problem with areas. When i create a protected area, and add an exception which is other player, that player can't make any change there. It says to him : Yo do not have permission to build here.
    Please reply ASAP.
    Sorry for bad English ; )
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    check that there is a difference between upper-case character and lowercase character

    for example:
    patrick_pk91 and Patrick_pk91 are two different player
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    listen patrick .. lets say i have a town full of houses , mall etc now im lazy and dont wanna add a protection to each 1 so i protect the whole town lets say someone buys a house if i put his protection on his house only can he build ? or since i protected the whole town he cant .. please reply thanks patrick
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    just create sub areas (areas inside an area)
    i mean you create a big area for the town, than when a player want to build you create a sub-area inside the main area and add the player at the exceptions of the sub-area
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    Permmisions plugin is giving me a hard time with the nodes you have. Im trying to privatize objects more so that op players will not bypass them and none of the protection nodes are working. can you post a proper way to do this?
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    How To Add A Sub - Area ? I Just Add A Normal Area ? Thanks Bro

    And Btw Did You Update That Bug I Sent You ?
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    Thank you very much for help. But i have a new problem. When i have some protected areas and i restart my server, the areas disappear. Not enough that they disappear I can't create new protect area with same name, it says "There is already an are called: ***". Please help me.
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    I have a problem... when i create an area it does show me a welcome message, and i can do everything you say in the vid, but when i relaunch the server, like waiting a few houres and then relaunch, it doesn't show anything... but the areas are still in the list... how come??
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    yes just create a normal area inside an other area

    which bug??
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    I Sent You A Prt Screen Of When You Attack Eachother In A Protected Area Many Nulls Come In The Cmd And You Told Me I Will Release An Update Tonight
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    the players on my server are all ops and we all keep bypassing doors and chests and etc. is this plugin only ment for non op players? or is there nodes for that. we really need help with this. this plugin of yours is driving us nuts because we cant figure out how to privatize doors with op players. please respond!!!
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    TNT can destroy protected areas if placed near. Can you fix it so the protected area doesn't take any damage at all. The only way I can solve this is to forbid TNT or just expand the area.
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    ok in this week i will release an update with some fix (include this)

    i am working to set up the possibility to decide what op can do (this feature i will put in next version)

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    Deleted user

    Hey Patrick,
    I've noticed that you have cuboid-style protection in Alerter (since i've used it before XD). I'm making a plugin right now named "JailLikeHell" (You can find it here ). Can you help me implement the cuboid-style protection into JailLikeHell please? Here's a list of commands I would like to have implemented:

    /jlh info - Gives a list of all availible commands
    /jlh wand - Spawns a wooden axe to select area points with (2 points)
    /jlh area protect [area name]- Protects the area selected
    /jlh protect expand [area name]- Expands the area selected from the TOP to the BOTTOM of the map
    /jlh area name [area name] - Names an area
    /jlh area delete [area name] - Deletes an area
    /jlh protect exception [area name] [player name] - Lets a player bypass the protection (So the player can build, delete)

    Thanks for reading this! If you would like to help me with this, you can PM me, and i'll give you more details. I don't want to use skype because I find that it just doesn't work, so thanks.


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    Hey this looks pretty neat. I am currently running "Residence" and it has been great. However now the world save files are deleting themselves and removing all residences. I am not the only one having this issue but there seems to be no fix. This might be the plugin for me.

    However one thing I can't find is the ability to set restrictions for certain permissions groups.

    Member: 3 Residences at 35x35
    VIP: 5 Resdiences at 50 x 50
    VIP+: 7 Residneces ar 60 x 60.

    If I can't set those permissions then my donation rank system is almost worthless
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    Do you have skype?? add me Patrick_pk91

    I will add this feature in next version (Coming out this week)

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    Deleted user

    I don't really like skype :3. Do you have gmail or email? I don't like showing my face on the web.
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    add me [email protected]
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    Deleted user

    Thanks man! I'll add you ASAP!

    I just added you :D. Once again, THANKS!

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    I have found a very weird bug in area's, Chickens can't hatch from eggs 0.0 (when in an area, outside hatching works just fine)
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    Wouldn't it be nice if Alerter supported names longer then on the sign fits? Lockette can do this (but is out of date). It would also be nice if you could add more the 2 players to one chest or double door.
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    How to make that it won't show players commands to admins?

    EDIT: nvm, fix'd it
  30. Хороший плагин !!!!
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    write in english please!!!

    just change in alerter.dat Alerter_Command=true to Alerter_Command=false

    in version 1.42 (coming soon) the server auto-complete the names longer.
    for now you can put three names on the sign, in future version i will add the possibility to put more names

    i will test :)

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