[ADMN/CHAT/INFO] ChatLogging v1.2- Log chat and Commands in simple txt files [1240]

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    Now Moved to HERE (On bukkit dev)

    Chat Logging will record all chat messages (even private chat from things like mcmmo)
    It will also record commands typed and stamp this all with Time, Date, and the user who did it


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    Really nice bro, thanks. :D
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    Very nice, does this conflict with bigbrother?
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    Im not too sure, give it a go and if it does i will try and sort it out, though it shouldn't conflict at all
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    Where it saves log?
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    Go in to the Chatlogger folder in your plugins, and then click the date your looking for. They are formatted MM_DD_YYYY
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    update to 1337 please?

    also the download is set to private?dropbox please

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