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    xUtilities 0.96 Fixed+1.5
    xUtilities will be a general Player-Admin-Tool for everything! (it is compatible with Essentials :) )
    It currently supports teleportation through an extended warp-point-system with categories and permissions - and a couple of other functions.

    I am using this plugin on our server to extend all possibilities and implement easier ways for Admins to configure the server aswell as maintain and provide a better informationsystem for players, thats why i am always trying to upgrade it with lots of features and debug them.


    This Plugin provides following features:
    • extended warp-point-system (xWarp)
    • fast view of all available colors
    • Admin-Chat (single & toggleable)
    • God-Mode
    • Customizable Messages (locate them for your server)
    • ...
    • (x) xWarp-Cooldown (depending on config-settings)
    • (x) Automessager (with various timers)
    • (x) Xtended Informationsystem
    • (x) Xtended Playerteleportation
    • (x) adding sign/redstone support for any commands (maybe in combination with commandblock)
    • (x) extend all teleportationtypes with a switchable history
    • ...
    (x) will come for sure
    (x) it's possible, but will take some time
    (x) not sure, it's just an idea

    Download & more information:



    This Plugin requires Vault to function properly

    Current / Dev builds:
    • current Version: v0.96fixed+1.5
    • currently no dev builds
    Known Bugs:
    • none until yet

    Any Ideas/Suggestions? - Create a Ticket / Write a Comment
    Any Problems/Bugs? - Create a Ticket / Write a Comment
    Feedbacks are much Appreciated! Thank you in Advance!
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    Update: More Updates will come soon
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    Don't forget to keep your title up to date.
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    Oh thx :D

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