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    CCLogger logs commands, chat, and logins/logouts to a very easy-to-read log file.

    • Logs commands and chat in individual player logs.
    • Logs global commands in a commands log.
    • Logs global chat in a chat log.
    • Ability to choose what is logged.
    • Ability to choose not to log certain commands.
    • Full customization of how the log file is formatted.
    • Count how many times a certain word has been said by everyone or an individual player.
    • More to come...

    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Put jar in plugins folder.
    3. Start server.
    4. Edit config to your liking.
    5. Restart server.

    • cclogger.notify - Players with this permission get notified when a player says anything on the chat or command notify list.
    • cclogger.exempt - Players with this permission are exempt from being logged by CCLogger.
    • cclogger.reload - /ccreload permission node.
    • cclogger.statistics - /ccl permission node.

    • /ccl count [word] - tells you how many times that word has been said.
    • /ccl count [word] [player] - tells you how many times that words has been said by that player.
    • /ccreload - reloads the config.yml.
    • /ccl clear - archives and deletes all current log files.
    What it does

    • Logs chat globally into chat.log in the CCLogger folder.
    • Logs commands globally into commands.log in the CCLogger folder.
    • Logs player-individual chat and commands in CCLogger/players/*playername*.log
    • Logs specific words and commands to separate file for easy access!
    To do

    • MySQL support.
      (3.3.1 Release)
    • Add in-game command to archive and create new log files.
      (3.3.1 Release)
    • Add option for command-based messages to be added to general chat log.
    • Add death logging.

    • SQLibrary to PatPeter
    • Utils4J to fuin.com
    • MetricsLite to Hidendra
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    Updated version number to BukkitDev.

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