Inactive [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.65 - Prevent types of block from being placed [1.1-R6]

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    Block Blocker - Prevent types of block from being placed

    Version: 0.65
    craftbukkit: 1.1-R6

    Block Blocker is a simple plugin which makes it possible for admins to disable any items or blocks from being placed.


    Latest version
    BlockBlocker.jar (Alt)

    1. Download
    2. put BlockBlocker.jar in plugin forlder
    How to use
    The plugin is very basic now and does not have any commands. Simply run the server with Block Blocker installed, it will create a folder inside of the plugins folder called 'BlockBlocker'. Inside this folder there will be two files; '-op.txt' and '-player.txt'. These files are for blocking block or item types. Use the '-op.txt' file to block items for Ops and use the '-player.txt' for all other players. It is also possible to create a file for an individual user like 'moon_werewolf.txt'. If a user file is found, the '-op.txt' and '-player.txt' files will be ignored for that player.

    Empty files will allow everything to be placed.
    Place the item ID in the txt file followed by a space (or a new line). Eg '7 46 95', those blocks will be blocked.
    In game (or console), type '/reload' and the plugin will take effect.

    Know bugs:
    • None
    Version 0.65
    • Updated to 1.1-R6
    Version 0.6
    • Fixed problem with upper and lower letters
    • Fixed with loading all ID in files
    Version 0.53
    • Updated for bukki build 1185
    Version 0.52
    • Updated for bukkit build 1060
    • Change Folder code
      • None windows user many need to change the folder name
    Version 0.51
    • Updated for bukkit build 1000
    Version 0.5
    • Added world support
    • Changed Root files to apply to every world
    Version 0.4
    • Added function to block right click items
    • Changed to prevent block placing code
    Show all patch notes (open)

    Version 0.36
    • updated for bukkit build 953
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed memory leak
    • Fixed Performance issues
    Version 0.2
    • First release
  2. I really hope someone can update this server mod. Wonderful and simple mod. This is pretty much the most basic version of permissions (item id permissions that is) you can find and I love it.
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    Please update for 1.2 ;)
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    Working on it now
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    Thanks a lot, It's greatly appreciated! Now I can stop those griefers again ;)
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    Now It works for 1.1-R6 :)
  7. Thanks soo much for the update. I wasn't expecting it today!
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    Are you expecting to update to 1.2.3 Beta Build or wait for 1.2.3 Recommended?
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    thx! :) Works Great
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    10/10.... 10000000/10000000...if it works.. haven't tested it yet
  11. Could you add a OP command for reloading the BlockBlocker folder? Would help speed things up.
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    Permissions bypass?
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    Does this plugin stop people from destroying the banned blocks?
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    No, It only prevent placement
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    Ok, is there going to be an update to stop block breaking?

    Nice work BTW
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    Great, now
    1. change command to "/blockblocker reload"
    2. use permissions plugin (can be optional)
    3. specify a block id such as "137:3" not to ban all the mod-blocks at once

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    Could you make this multiworld? so you can have blocks banned in 1 world but not in others.
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    How do i block items/blocks like 35:13 / 35:9, that have a damage value or a decimal value shown by the 35:0.
    Anyone know or have a way for it to work with tekkit items (not needed).
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    I only want to block blox in a sepcific world,how can i do that?
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    What about Wools ? That have 35 : 10 ?
    Should I type: 35:10 ?

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