Inactive [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.65 - Prevent types of block from being placed [1.1-R6]

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    Block Blocker - Prevent types of block from being placed

    Version: 0.65
    craftbukkit: 1.1-R6

    Block Blocker is a simple plugin which makes it possible for admins to disable any items or blocks from being placed.


    Latest version
    BlockBlocker.jar (Alt)

    1. Download
    2. put BlockBlocker.jar in plugin forlder
    How to use
    The plugin is very basic now and does not have any commands. Simply run the server with Block Blocker installed, it will create a folder inside of the plugins folder called 'BlockBlocker'. Inside this folder there will be two files; '-op.txt' and '-player.txt'. These files are for blocking block or item types. Use the '-op.txt' file to block items for Ops and use the '-player.txt' for all other players. It is also possible to create a file for an individual user like 'moon_werewolf.txt'. If a user file is found, the '-op.txt' and '-player.txt' files will be ignored for that player.

    Empty files will allow everything to be placed.
    Place the item ID in the txt file followed by a space (or a new line). Eg '7 46 95', those blocks will be blocked.
    In game (or console), type '/reload' and the plugin will take effect.

    Know bugs:
    • None
    Version 0.65
    • Updated to 1.1-R6
    Version 0.6
    • Fixed problem with upper and lower letters
    • Fixed with loading all ID in files
    Version 0.53
    • Updated for bukki build 1185
    Version 0.52
    • Updated for bukkit build 1060
    • Change Folder code
      • None windows user many need to change the folder name
    Version 0.51
    • Updated for bukkit build 1000
    Version 0.5
    • Added world support
    • Changed Root files to apply to every world
    Version 0.4
    • Added function to block right click items
    • Changed to prevent block placing code
    Show all patch notes (open)

    Version 0.36
    • updated for bukkit build 953
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed memory leak
    • Fixed Performance issues
    Version 0.2
    • First release
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    The title should be:
    [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.3 - Block types block from being placed [860]
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    With all due respect, I didn't understand the title, I had to read the post. Perhaps:

    (minimal changes, maintaining 'block block' wordplay)
    [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.3 - Block types of block from being placed [928]
    [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.3 - Block block types from being placed [928]


    (more clear)
    [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.3 - Prevent types of block from being placed [928]
    [ADMN] Block Blocker v0.3 - Prevent block types from being placed [928]
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    thanks, I'm very bad at English grammar (I'm Swedish)
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    Liam Allan

    I don't mean to be rude, But you've compied my plugin . . . .
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    I have not compied anything, every bit of code is coded by me from the ground up with out any help or inspiration and my plugin can prevent any block from being placed and it can be configed for op, normal players and individual players

    also your topic says that you submitted it on 2011 Jun 30 while mine are from 2011 Jun 23 s0 mine is one week older
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    Liam Allan

    Ok, Sorry :p
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    Thanks Moon_werewolf, this plugin has helped all three Minecraft servers I run. I love the fact that you can configure it for not only any block, but for Ops, normal players and an individual user. The diversity of this plugin is great, and it's just so simple to use.

    Thanks so much :)
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    I'm just curious if this works with permissions, and if I can block fire, as well as lava created by other players.
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    This have no support for permissions and you can block use of flint and steel and laval buckets
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    Really great mod! Thanks!
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    COOL it worked thanks!!! items i did were
    46 :TNT
    10 :LAVA BLOCK
    51 :FIRE BLOCK
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    It would be swell if you would add multiworld support. Great plugin :)
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    Perfect plugin. There is a mob spawner bug where people would break a mob spawner and get 2 more. This fixed the problem by making them useless now if they break them :)
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    it has. if you make a folder with the worlds name and then put -op.txt and -player.txt there it will use them in that folder instead of the once in the root folder. but i think it is a bug right now that only allows small letters in the folder name
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    doesn't work with flint&steel and lava bucket. you can still set stuff on fire, and place lava. please fix.
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    can u make that blocks items too? [flintnsteel] <----
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    it should already work try to add 259 in the .txt files and then use /reload on the server

    it works for me. did you use /reload after adding the flint and steel id?
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    Just installed this, and I can only drop blocks as an OP. As a normal player, I can't drop anything, even though the .txt file is still empty.

    Disregard post above! It was not Block Blocker causing the problem.

    I deoped myself to test Block Blocker and couldn't drop anything. But I still couldn't drop anything once I uninstalled Block Blocker.

    Turns out another plugin I believed to be working was causing the conflict. I'll be testing out Block Blocker again once I get things straightened out, it will be a great feature to have.

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    Yup, I did, but I can still set stuff on fire with F&S, and place lava with the lava bucket. Please fix this!
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    odd. well i going to take a look at it
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    Okay, well let me know if anything happens, or if I can help in any way.
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    It would be perfect if it had permissions support.
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    First of all, great easy to use plugin, from an admin point of view, it is simple and nice for the players. The only thing that I could ask for on this one is to have a configurable inactivity timer to remove the protection from the chests and such if a player was gone for an amount of time.

    Thank you for reading my idea, and keep up the great work :)
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    srry i don't read the update :confused:
    now i use this puligin!:D
    my last tip is: "Make it multiworld abel"

    srry vore my bat english. i come form the netherlands;)
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    o yes i would love that too,
    the option to create blacklists for groups
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    i see what i can do :)
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    thx man!
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    Do you think you might add functionality to prevent users/ops/players from picking up or breaking certain types of blocks? For instance, I don't want anyone but me to be able to break bedrock...

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