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    BanHammer is a plugin that allows adminstrators and other trusted users to ban and kick players. The basic idea is to have a lightweight banning solution that includes all the features you help manage your server. Additionally the plugin stores all bans using the Bukkit persistance system, using permissions for all commands and is simple to configure.

    • Simple and easy to configure.
    • Supports permenant as well as temporary bans.
    • Custom configurable limits to prevent moderators banning for too long.
    • Ban offline and online players.
    • Player name matching when kicking or banning players (no need to type every letter)
    • Can broadcast notifications to other players.
    • Review previous bans of a player, even after they have expired.
    • Review recent bans to see what has been happening while you have been away.
    • Banned names are cached for quick logins.
    • Reload the banned name cache on command (useful if you alter the database outside the plugin)
    • Uses Bukkit persistence for data storage; you choose what is best for you.
    • Supports built in Bukkit permissions, operators have all commands by default.
    • Command help system, simply type /bh.
    • Bukkit Persistence needs to be configured in bukkit.yml
    • If using MySQL for Persistence, you need a MySQL database

    Ensure you are using the latest recommended build.

    Before installing, you need to make sure you are running at least the latest recommended build for Bukkit. Support is only given for problems when using a recommended build. This does not mean that the plugin will not work on other versions of Bukkit, the likelihood is it will, but it is not supported.

    Getting BanHammer

    The best way to install BanHammer is to use the symbolic link to the latest version. This link always points to the latest version of BanHammer, so is safe to use in scripts or update plugins. Additionally you can to use the RSS feed provided by BukkitDev as this also includes a version changelog.

    Alternatively older versions are available as well, however they are not supported. If you are forced to use an older version for whatever reason, please let me know why by opening a issue on GitHub.

    1. Configure permissions if necessary.
    2. Optionally configure your ban limits (config.yml) and assign them to moderators.
    All documentation for BanHammer is available on the GitHub wiki, including example usage.

    Reporting issues

    If you encounter any problems using BanHammer, and you believe it is due to a bug in BanHammer, report the issue on the issue tracker. Please do not report issues in this thread as I will not see them as quickly as if you place them on the tracker.
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  2. Issue with this is the amount of text you can send to a player when they are banned. It is already possible to cause a issue if you type in a really long reason. When I resolve that problem I can look into it.

    They are already supported, just not displayed to players when they try to login. You can show them to players by using a web page for example.

    I can't really add any value to this over the normal minecraft ip ban system except add reasons so this is unlikely at the moment.
  3. Hmm this looks nice. Can you provide with a link or tutorial for making a page like the one you provided. It would make my job a lot easier.
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    Help When i try kick Someone Its Stand you dont have permission to do this but i have added Permissions
    Weight heave banhammer.weight.heavy
    Help it dont work!
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    This is a great plugin, but if only you could make it work properly with PEX... :(
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    If you added IP banning support, I'd definitely switch to this! I know I can do it separately, but it's nice to just ban a user and any IP he's ever connected from. Saves me time and that's always nice! Looks good, though.
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    Hey, Do you think you could add a sql and sqlLite to the plugin itself? because this is the only plugin I nee to connect to a online database and because it using the bukkit settings I can only use sqlLite or Sql for everything. But if its to big of a job I understand.
    If you can do this tho Massive Thanks :D

    Regards Hayden.
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    Is there a way to read all the usernames that have been banned using this? When MC updates come out I run my server without bukkit so Id like to import all the people Ive banned using this to the default MC ban list until I get back on bukkit. Thanks!
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    Is there a way to import the banned-players.txt? If so, I'll switch to it
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    Some players are not allowed to play on server with reason "The Ban Hammer has spoken!", these players are not banned
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    Pex+essentials=can't unban?
  12. Are you using /pardon ?
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    no /unban but i'l try
  14. Yeah, the command is /pardon.
  15. New version released. Includes Developer API and several bug fixes. Well worth updating.

    There is a way to do this by editing the bukkit.yml file, but I forget where I saw it. Try having a look on the Bukkit wiki.

    Not currently from the plugin no. I'll add it as a feature request for next version.

    Yes if you are willing to write a script to do it yourself. Otherwise I will add a way to do this when I add the export feature in the new version.
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    This look's like a great plugin. I'll be sure to try it out once you update too 1.0!
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  18. Hello! great plugin, however, I was wondering if you could make a feature where, for instance, if you got kicked 20 times you would be banned (this is just an example), and if you could be able to cange the amount of kicks it required to be banned.

    Also, It would be awesome if you could add a temporary ban like
    /tempban garrett2smart87 10m

    Thanks for your time,​
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    Somehow it doesn't work with me.. Using Permissions 3.1.6 (Yeti)...
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    Men, I edited 1.4.2 for making it so temporary bans have a maxium (I set that maxium on code ofc) and I needed to make a new node for making a difference of temporary bans and permanent bans, if you can please add it to your new version with the maxium time on the config file can you? Like I think much people will like to set some kind of "Supervisors" on their servers with a MAXIUM ban time not permanent only :/.

    Please if you can add this to the updated you will make for 1.0.0 (if you need to make an update for) this would help me a lot instead of changing it by myself each time you release new version with all bugs fixed :p

    Thanks bro and really thanks for this plugin, seems to be a very good plugin for banning people ^^
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    How would I write a script to do that? Would it be one that sends commands to the console, or edit the SQLite for for bukkit? I can do either, whichever you recommend.
  22. can you add a setting so after X number of kicks the player gets temp banned for X time and after X number of temp bans the player gets perm banned
  23. This has been implemented in version 1.6.0 although it has not yet been released due to a couple of outstanding issues. In the new version unless someone has the permission banhammer.ban.permenant they are restricted to the maximum ban time set in the config.yml.

    An export and import command has been added to version 1.6.0 as well and will be available later this week. It will let you export the banned names to and from the banned-players.txt in the minecraft server folder.
  24. This is not something I would add as it goes outside the scope of what I want to do. However you could create a plugin that uses the BanHammer API that keeps track of the number of kicks which bans them when they reach a certain limit.
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    Does anybody have a list of plugins that use BanHammer API?
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    Great, really thanks!
  27. If an admin set a wrong ban time, he has to unban the user and then reban him. A command to edit bans will be great.
    Also unban should not remove the ban from the database.
  28. BanHammer version 1.6.1 has now been released and can be downloaded in the usual place. See the documentation for details on the new features.

    This is not something I am keen to add. An edit command would be fiddly, might be easier to separate the pardon command into two, pardon and pardon.others to enable admins to fix their own mistakes without allowing them to undo other players bans.

    I do not know of any yet. Feel free to make one. The API is stable and I use the same handler to do the banning in my own plugin.
  29. Permissions API support has been removed in BanHammer version 1.5.0. If you want to continue using Permissions 3.1.6 with BanHammer use a version below 1.5.0.
  30. Separating the pardon cmd into 2 will work.
  31. Why did you take away the message when you ban someone it says for how long and the reason? Can you please put that back that feature was very helpful.

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