Inactive [ADMN] BanHammer v2.0.2 Bans, kicks and records [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    BanHammer is a plugin that allows adminstrators and other trusted users to ban and kick players. The basic idea is to have a lightweight banning solution that includes all the features you help manage your server. Additionally the plugin stores all bans using the Bukkit persistance system, using permissions for all commands and is simple to configure.

    • Simple and easy to configure.
    • Supports permenant as well as temporary bans.
    • Custom configurable limits to prevent moderators banning for too long.
    • Ban offline and online players.
    • Player name matching when kicking or banning players (no need to type every letter)
    • Can broadcast notifications to other players.
    • Review previous bans of a player, even after they have expired.
    • Review recent bans to see what has been happening while you have been away.
    • Banned names are cached for quick logins.
    • Reload the banned name cache on command (useful if you alter the database outside the plugin)
    • Uses Bukkit persistence for data storage; you choose what is best for you.
    • Supports built in Bukkit permissions, operators have all commands by default.
    • Command help system, simply type /bh.
    • Bukkit Persistence needs to be configured in bukkit.yml
    • If using MySQL for Persistence, you need a MySQL database

    Ensure you are using the latest recommended build.

    Before installing, you need to make sure you are running at least the latest recommended build for Bukkit. Support is only given for problems when using a recommended build. This does not mean that the plugin will not work on other versions of Bukkit, the likelihood is it will, but it is not supported.

    Getting BanHammer

    The best way to install BanHammer is to use the symbolic link to the latest version. This link always points to the latest version of BanHammer, so is safe to use in scripts or update plugins. Additionally you can to use the RSS feed provided by BukkitDev as this also includes a version changelog.

    Alternatively older versions are available as well, however they are not supported. If you are forced to use an older version for whatever reason, please let me know why by opening a issue on GitHub.

    1. Configure permissions if necessary.
    2. Optionally configure your ban limits (config.yml) and assign them to moderators.
    All documentation for BanHammer is available on the GitHub wiki, including example usage.

    Reporting issues

    If you encounter any problems using BanHammer, and you believe it is due to a bug in BanHammer, report the issue on the issue tracker. Please do not report issues in this thread as I will not see them as quickly as if you place them on the tracker.
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    How i can change this messange "The Ban Hammer has spoken!" ??
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    can you add like this:
    /kick Tester TEST and then it says: Disconnected by server: TEST? :p
    Nice plugin btw
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    Check the main BanHammer class to remove the KickCommand. You will need to build your own version though.
    Not my plugin that. It is the other one with the same name.

    Already does that.
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    Oh...thanks then :p
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    I have no limits and im OP + The * Permission node.
    But when i temp ban someone longer than 2 weeks its say you need banhammer.ban permission node i also put it in my permissions still the same problem.
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    Download my other plugin Alias to do this. It connects with BanHammer and keeps track of the addresses players use.

    Give yourself both the banhammer.ban and banhammer.ban.* permission nodes and try again.

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    Is it possible to see who banned what player without having to look through the server.log? Maybe an addition to the check command to display who banned. Would be good for server admins to see this
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    /bh recent
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    is this supports op permissions? like the plugin :D
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    temporally bans isn't working for me. I need to config something?

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