[ADMN] BadWords v1.1 - A configurable autocensor plugin

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    BadWords - A configurable autocensor plugin:

    BadWords is an auto censor plugin that enables you to stop worrying about players swearing on your server. The number of warnings can be specified, as can the action that is taken once the warnings are expired (kick or ban).

    ==> Now on BukkitDev <==
    Please use BukkitDev for any information about this plugin

    • Individual words or entire phrases supported
    • Regular expression support
    • Admin can define how many warnings players get
    • Admin definable punishment (kick or ban)
    • Case insensitive matching
    • Only whole words or phrases are matched (i.e. "the" would not match in "tether")
    • Admin can define who gets notified of profanities
    Download BadWords

    Example word definitions:
    • smell (simple match - will match smell either on it's own or in a sentence, not smelly)
    • bu+?m (will match bum or buuuuum or any number of "u"s in the word)
    • you are smelly (phrase match - will match you are smelly, not you or are or smelly on their own)
    • \w+?poop\w+? (substring match - will match poop or poophead or motherpooper)
    Default Configuration file details:
    default: 3 How many warnings should a player receive
    ban: true Should players be banned when warnings have expired (if false, they are kicked)
    player: true Should the player be notified of their remaining warnings when they swear
    others: true Should all other players be notified when a player swears (the swear is not displayed)
    BannedWords: List of bad words/phrases
    - bum
    - idiot
    - you are crap

    Version 1.1
    • Added case insensitive matching
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    • Commands for changing config from in the game
    • Permissions
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    Johnny Lunder

    Good plugin, no replacement of swearing word = no possibility for confusion and a little babelchat = no fun = no interest in plugin ;)

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