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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by xDjBomber, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Yep, fixed in 1.3.5 (tested)
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    HELP, please help me configure the promotions so that I can have it so that people can be able to rank up to three ranks!
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    Is there a set date as to when this will be released? I can't wait!
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    Can you make this work with World Guard Regions as to autopromote them on entering a specified region? It would be great for quests so players can move up a rank at the end of each quest. I could use it to put the specified region at the end of the quest so they "Level Up" so to speak.
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    Maybe today

    Maybe in a higher version, sorry
    Maybe in a higher version, sorry

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    Thank you for at least considering it. If you do add it at a later time, can you please Quote me? Thank you in advance.
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  7. I think this is the plugin im looking for, but could you give more detail on how to setup the config.yml

    Im trying to setup my game to have 10 ranks, lets just call them rank0 - rank10 (all setup in pex as rank0 - rank10)
    I would like rank1 to cost $1000, rank2 to cost $10000, rank3 to cost $100000, etc.
    How would I set this up using your config.yml

    I have iconomy6 and pex
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    LOL, That is not works, iConomy & Pex supports at the time only 1 rank lol
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    Hey i was wondering how do make it so if the group guests do /promote they get promoted to Default on essentials group manager?
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    Look at the config, essentials group is default "Builder" you must write "default"
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    did that and i couldnt get it to work....ill try again
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    i still dont know if i should use this, ill be starting up a small server that will always be open for anyone to join, so i think i want mods to promote
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    lol, use pex / groupmanager
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    thanks lilblue22 for testing. I was JUST about to test it but would take a while before I knew it worked. and I use groupmanager.

    I REALLY need to learn the other perms plugins. I get intimidated when the permissions look a little different between the 2.
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    Essentials is working (tested) lol
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    Is this compatible with essentials GroupManager? if not could you make it supportive

    ty :3

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    dj i was wondering if i can help you out with the plugin i will test and help you make it i want to put my java skills to the test and i will learn more in the process so i am willing to help you out with this plugin
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    Yeah, look for bugs, if u can. :p

    But i think Rank-Down should all ready worked, give the permissions to the Group "MEMBER" or Higher, and set Rank in Config to "guest" etc. - I think it will work so

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    Can anyone give me feedback for the latest version? i was a long time afk, i'm sorry, but know plugin should work (updatet)

    Latest infos in the forum of this plugin. Greetz
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    You can download now the latest version of the plugin (1.3.6)

    Having fun with this, hope you enjoy the newest version.
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    AutoPromotion is looking for a new developer.

    Maybe send me a PN, if you are intressed.
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    It's updated for Minecraft 1.6.2 (Developementbuild)!

    Have fun, some new features the next time. :p
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    Moved to plugin releases.
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    So, today or sunday will come a new version of this plugin with sign promote etc. i'm deleted the automessages and make more structures in the config, so i'm still working.

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