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  1. AutoPromotion v1.3.6c

    Version 1.3.6c out now!

    Auto-promotion is a plugin allows your users to promote themselves

    Required ("PermissionsEX / PEX")

    • The user will be promoted if he uses the command /Promote.
    • The user gets Starter-Kit & Armor
    • SuperPermissions supported!
    • The plugin sends a broadcast message when a player use /Promote
    • Signs for Promote use the signs like this: Line 1: [AutoPromotion] Line 2: Promote

    • Permission-node:
    • promotion.promote
    • only give it to user that in the group default
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    1. Config added
    2. Vault & Iconomy (Promote with money from iconomy is not longer supported)
    3. Broadcast messages added again (I hope you like!)
    4. Added items.yml for more structure - Need ideas for the plugins, PM me!
    5. Deleted some old functions and make the structure of the configs a lot easier

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    Look at Changelog, latest infos there.

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    Version 1.3.5 (Reloaded)
    The plugin isn't working with JRE6 - Use JRE7 if you are using this plugin, because of the class handlers.

    Video by Ubunchu:

    Forum (AutoPromotion)

    Download (Only DevBukkit)

    Download (Dropbox)
  2. Can someone give me feedback please.
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    Remove the craftbukkit from the title. Also r5 isnt out yet.
  4. I removed craftbukkit from the title and renamed R5 in R4, ok.
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    This looks promising, I will try it out and if I have any problems I will post :p
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  7. Thanks! :)

    Thank you very much, i will fix the bug, please say me, if you find bugs ! ;)

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    Typo? "The user is promoted when he the command "/Promote" used". Might wanna fix that :p
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    /manpromote (name) (group)
    with essentials --'
    but it may be useful for someone else !
  10. Thanks for feedback, i will make that tomorrow :)
    I will make it usefull for essentials.

    Fixed! Thanks ;)

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    wait... why would we want standard users to be able to promote themselves?
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    But what if its a she :/
  13. Sorry, i'm german, my english is not so good. :)

    Can someone test the Plugin with EssentialsGroupManager? i use PermissionsEx :). Thanks!

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    Could you make so players had to pay to get promoted?
    It would be awesome :D
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  15. Yes, that's a nice idea, i will add iConomy Support, today, thanks! :)
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  16. iConomy Support (Vault) added!
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    I love this so guy (and the plugin too) so much, that I want to collaborate somehow!
    What can I/we do?
  18. If you mean, you will with me work on it? you can test the newst versions, and give me feedback / bugs :)
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    Could you possibly add so that they rank up automatically based on time they are logged in? For example, a new player joins the server and he is "default", so maybe in like 2 hours (configurable time) he will be ranked up automatically. But only for Default -> Next Rank
  20. Yes, this is in planning :) i think this function comes with 1.4 :)
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    Hmmm.... I'm looking for something LIKE this, but a little different. I want players of certain groups to be able to promote those in groups lower than themselves, if that makes sense. So you must be a in a higher ranked group to promote 1-2 groups below your own. Then, players who aren't OP'd/admin would still be able to promote new trusted players & friends TO A CERTAIN GROUP (low than themselves).

    I do like the time logged in idea that the person 2 posts below me mentioned as well, but have been looking for something like my idea.

    Also, can you make it so Vault is optional (so that there is an "iConomy/buy" configuation of "on/off", where "on" would be requiring Valut)?

    Anyways, thanks for your contribution. Hope to receive some feedback so I can finally get what I've been looking for. Keep up the good work!
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    Alright thanks! Greatly appreciate it!
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  23. Set iConomy in the config to "0"
    Timed function will comes with 1.4
    Rank-Down function, will added with 1.4!
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    Awesome, thanks. I look forward to v1.4 then! :) Will be checking back occasionally.
  25. Yes 1.4 will go out in the next 2 Days :)
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    Looks like a very good plugin. I am installing it and will test it soon!
    Suggestion: More then 1 configurable rank to set.
    Promotion 1: Default -> HigherRank:500 Currency
    Promotion 2: HigherRank -> EvenHigherRank:1000 Currency, however they must be promoted to 1st rank before they can reach the second rank.
    On my server this would be very helpful as i have to attainable player ranks and it would be alot easier then having my admins change their rank in Pex.
    Thanks and goodluck with this great plugin! =)
    On a side note: The timed messages are nice, however, they easily spam the server chat. How do i/can i set it to display at, ex: 1 hr intervals? Is that possible or is that not part of configuration yet? Im getting these messages like every 5 minutes. Kind of Annoying
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    I can confirm this doesn't work for group manager it wont let you promote yourself if you have the same perms or higher..
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    A Config Info should be helpfull ...

    It would be nice if its possible to bought ranks ...
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    Just an idea, but have a password option that they have to get from website or in game tutorial. I have seen others like this but they are outdated 90% of the time.
  30. Yes, i will fix bugs and make an password function, with version 1.3.1

    Interval today not configurable, this is in planning with version 1.3.1 will come :)

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