Inactive [ADMN] AutoKick v1.7.2 - Need some downtime? Clear out your server. [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    Version: 1.7.2

    What is AutoKick?
    AutoKick is a plugin that allows you to effectively shut down your server to all users except OPs and those with "autokick.nokick" permission. If you have to bring your server down for any reason (e.g. editing the map or testing plugins), you can enable AutoKick and it will kick ALL players except OPs and those with "autokick.nokick". It also blocks the kicked users from logging back into the server but allows everyone else to join and leave freely

    How to use
    1. Type /autokick list [page] - to see all messages with ID's
    2. Type /autokick enable <ID> - <ID> is the message id seen on the autokick list.
    3. If timer is greater than 0 AutoKick will run after that time
    4. All users will be notified.
    5. Only OP's and those with 'autokick.nokick' will be allowed to log into the server.
    6. To disable, type /autokick disable
    7. To change the current message type /autokick change <ID>
    AutoKick is persistent across reloads, meaning that if AutoKick is enabled before a reload it will be enabled after the reload

    • bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit Support (Others may work but have not been tested)
    • Kicks players whilst server is running. No need for restart for it to take effect (like whitelists)
    • Customisable kick messages
    • Timer
    • In game and server commands
    • Persistent across reloads
    • /ak enable <Message ID> - Enable AutoKick
    • /ak disable - Disable AutoKick
    • /ak time <seconds> - change Countdown Timer
    • /ak force - Force close the server during countdown
    • /ak add <New Message> - Add a new message
    • /ak remove <Message ID> - Remove a message
    • /ak status - Show status of AutoKick
    You can change this but the plugin uses this for persistence
    Message in use when the plugin/server was last reloaded
    timer=30 - Timer is in seconds
    - Server undergoing maintenance
    - Map cleanup in progress
    branding: true
    You can have as many messages as you like.
    autokick.nokick - // Gives player immunity from AutoKick
    autokick.list - // Allows user to view available AutoKick Messages
    autokick.enable - // Allows user to enable AutoKick
    autokick.disable - // Allows user to disable AutoKick
    autokick.change - // Allows user to change the current AutoKick message
    autokick.status - // Displays the current status of AutoKick
    autokick.set.add - // Add a message
    autokick.set.remove - // Remove a message
    autokick.time - // Change countdown timer
    autokick.force - // Force close a server during countdown
    autokick.* - // Gives player access to all of the above

    • Add messages by using /ak add (message)
    • delete messages using /ak delete msgid
    • change countdown timer with /ak time [seconds]
    • force close a server during the countdown by using /ak force
    • Cleanup of response messages
    • Permissions fixes
    • AutoKick.status open to all users
    • Status shows how many seconds until the plugin enables
    • Added config value to remove branding
    • Added support for CB 1.4.5-R0.2
    • Permissions cleanup
    • MOTD fixed
    • Stats have been added to see how many people are kicked in a session
    • 1.6 - Added AutoKick Alias /ak
    • 1.5 - Added autokick.status
    • 1.4 - Completely rewritten and compatible with latest versions of CraftBukkit
    • 1.3 - Fixed error when using /autokick list
    • 1.2 - Added Timer, Fixed GroupManager and Permissions issues. Added Server commands
    • 1.1 - Cleaned up various bits of code
    • 1.0 - Added Permissions. Persistence Across Restarts. No Longer Shows "User Joined/User Quit" when they are AutoKick'd
    • 0.4 - Multiple messages can be entered on AutoKick.txt. Each is given an ID and can be chosen from within the game.
    • 0.3 - Crafbukkit 798. Minor fix so it shows the default message when the AutoKick.txt is first created.
    • 0.2 - Added in game enable/disable commands
    • 0.1 - Initial Release
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    Oh this is for dedicated servers or people to who host 2 or more.
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    condemned? and you should really have the header first, then the image
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    I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve that can make this plugin unique :)

    Update coming soon.

    v0.2: Download

    You now DON'T have to run this on a separate server. If you wish to close your server without kicking yourself you can type /autokick enable. This will kick all NON-OPs with your custom message.

    From there on in only OPs will be able to log into the server.

    To disable the plugin type /autokick disable

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    Thank you for creating this :)
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    ummm this is nice i do use sign-on-door to redirect players to the new ip i have.
    this will be good for the new server ip thro
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    Great plugin
    If your looking for any good ways to expand it i would suggest having multiple messages in the text file and when you do /enable you could choose which message goes on
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    Ask and you shall receive.

    Version 0.4 uploaded. You can type multiple AutoKick messages into AutoKick.txt. MAXIMUM 10 at the moment. In game type /autokick list to see all the messages with ID's. Then type /autokick enable <ID> to choose a message and enable autokick.

    Thank you for the idea :)
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    Your actually a legend :)
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    I don't want to make people OP to keep them online for maintenance, can you add permissions support so we could just allow mods instead of making everyone OP we want online?
    Other than that, simple and effective. :)
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    I will add permissions support in the next update. Just trying to sort my server out and I'll get back to updating this plugin.
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    Brilliant plugin!

    Could you stop the 'X has logged in''X has logged out' message by the server as a result of AutoKick? I have quite afew people checking the server to see if its back up and I get aton of these server messages :(

    EDIT: Could you also add the commands to console? And/or a way to automatically start the plugin with autokick enabled? If I am doing server restarts to deal with various issues I don't want to repeat /autokick enabled x if im doing everything from console :D
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    Added in version 1.0

    Added in version 1.0. Will add server commands in the next update (very soon)

    AutoKick version 1.0:

    • Added persistence across reloads/restarts
    • Removed player Join/Leave messages
    • Added Permissions (Optional): 'autokick.nokick'
    Download: Jar / Zip
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    Sweet thanks! Testing this now! ;)
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    Doesn't kick aymore.
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    Try deleting your config files and reloading AutoKick to generate them again.
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    Still doesn;t kick them, we have to kick all manually
    But it still prevents regular players from joining so its still a great plugin.
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    Hey, great plugin but can you add a countdown so players are notified before getting kicked. Thanks :D
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    A good add-on would be to allow you to change what ranks/groups get autokicked and what don't (sorry if this is already true)
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    I am not sure if it conflict with xAuth.
    When i enable autokick mode and some players attept to join the server (and be kicked), they will lose all their inventory item when they come back.
    using #860
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    Tried everything, but it just doesn't kick players!
    I'm using GroupManager, so that may be it?

    EDIT: For the record, it tells all of my players that they are exempt (thus not being kicked)
    There is only one OP (me)
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    Adding optional countdown in the next update.

    As long as you have Permissions you can do that. See the OP.

    I shall investigate this.

    Have you set the default group to have autokick.nokick? If so this would mean that nobody gets kicked. If this is not the case please post your groups.yml file (please remember to wrap in CODE tags)
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    Ok so i switched to permissions now to test, still doesnt kick anyone.

    the permission node isn't visable anywhere.
    this is my groups.yml file:

            default: true
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: false
                - ''
            default: false
                prefix: '&3'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - advancedwarnings.check
                - chaircraft.sit
                - citizens.trader.stock
                - citizens.use.blacksmith
                - citizens.use.trader
                - essentials.afk
                - essentials.mail
                - essentials.mail.send
                - essentials.msg
                - essentials.sell
                - essentials.signs.disposal.use
                - essentials.signs.mail.use
                - essentials.signs.warp.use
                - iConomy.access
                - iConomy.payment
                - iWarning.mywarnings
                - jobs.join.*
                - lwc.protect
                - scrollingmenusign.execute
                - scrollingmenusign.scroll
            default: false
                prefix: '&5'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - ''
                - advancedwarnings.check
                - advancedwarnings.warn
                - chaircraft.sit
                - essentials.back
                - essentials.ban
                - essentials.banip
                - essentials.broadcast
                - essentials.delwarp
                - essentials.depth
                - essentials.ext
                - essentials.getpos
                - essentials.heal
                - essentials.item
                - essentials.jump
                - essentials.kick
                - essentials.kill
                - essentials.setwarp
                - essentials.time
                - essentials.togglejail
                - essentials.tphere
                - essentials.tpo
                - essentials.tpohere
                - essentials.tppos
                - essentials.tptoggle
                - essentials.unban
                - essentials.unbanip
                - essentials.whois
                - triggercmds
                - essentials.warp
            default: false
                prefix: '&4'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - '*'
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    When you use GroupManager do you have the GroupManagerBridge installed?
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    Yes, both.
    And the yml file i showed above was using permissions (not GroupManager) But as i said neither work :S
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    Is this still being updated??? Because I want this for my server!!!
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    Sorry guys. I've been really busy. The latest version has been tested and I'll post it very soon.
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