[ADMN] AntiPass: Supplemental Anti-Cheating tools! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    AntiPass is a plugin that many have been waiting for; a supplement to NoCheat. AntiPass supplements NoCheat, in that it protects the server against many exploits that are currently being used to get around NoCheat checks! Instead of 'rubberbanding' the hacker's activities, though, it simply notifies all administrators and operators to the player's misdeeds, meaning it operates under the radar so the player won't get scared and stop hacking!

    • Many checks to stop hackers from utilizing NoCheat exploits to gain an advantage in-game
    • Stops players from using the Jesus exploit
    • Stops players from spoofing being in a web to take reduced fall damage
    • Stops players from disconnecting when falling from heights [Admittedly a little buggy at the moment]
    • Stops players from being allowed to drink potions/eat food and still run/sprint at normal speed
    • Stops players from bypassing NoCheat Fly checks by sending the leave bed packet
    • Has an option to automatically kick players when they attempt a bypass
    • Has a basic vanish command, in case the server does not have VanishNoPacket (although VNP is preffered)
    • Many more (like an aimbot fix) coming in future releases!
    • /checkjesus - Toggles the Jesus Checker
    • /quickconsume - Toggles the Eat exploit Checker
    • /checknofall - Toggles both Nofall checkers (Web method as well as disconnect)
    • /checkfly - Toggles fly bypass check
    • /autokick - Goggles AutoKicker
    • /apvanish - Vanishes the command sender
    • /aphelp - Displays all commands

    Version 0.0.3:
    • Fixed an event handler issue
    • Changed commands a bit; now they're all in lowercase
    • Added Flight check + command
    • Added AutoKicker option + command
    • Added vanish command
    • Added a help command; brings up command list and a brief description of each
    • Tweaked other checks

    Version 0.0.2:
    • Released to public
    • Changed Commands so that only ops could use them
    • Added disconnect Nofall check
    • Added QuickConsume check
    • Removed terrible aimbot method, will fix in next update
    Current Issues:
    • Vanish doesn't work sometimes; it is extremely basic. I recommend VanishNoPacket.
    • AutoKicker is kinda stubborn, which is why it is set to false and must be enabled.
    What I need:
    • I need help figuring out exploits and problems! If a server owner knows of a current exploit or has a problem with a certain kind of hack, message me! I'll try to quell the problems.
    Coming Soon:
    • Aimbot check
    • ToggleSprint check
    • Fixes to Vanish
    • Whatever people ask of me!
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