Admins: How many regular players do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cjbh1996, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Yep, it's the legend of hobo server :)
    In case you never heard of it,check out the minecraftforums contest!
    /me is getting a scrolls beta key!
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    I have over 4K registered; I win.
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    Forum or server? My forum is about 1-2 months old now (switched from MyBB) :p
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    4K Reg on Forums, and most likely more in game.
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    Are you and Mr. Hester one and the same? If so you do great work.
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    That's what I like to hear.
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    5 that only connected prior to the 8th. :(
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    Just keep trying dude,it will work eventually!
    For example, make a youtube series,and spawm the minecraftforum main section(not the server one,that one's flooded) with cool pics from the server,and stuff!
    Seriously,just post your ip somewhere,and people will start joining...
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    Number registered means nothing. Of the players on my server, you could name about 150 of them and I'd recognize the name and be able to remember the skin.
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    Capped at 32/32 usually all day
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    average on my server 10-15
    only a 20 slot server tho =(
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    im having 45 slots.
    started 1th june now over 5600 unique players from wich about 1500 are active
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    Hm well we have around 1000 new players / week on our 3 classic servers (combined, actually staying would be around 100 each week that play regularly, per server), and our two beta servers have roughly 50-100 regular players each.

    And thanks to XenForo we now even have sexysmexy forums.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    ye me too :p
    But I can't even get that many since MySQL and stuff is blocking it. (RAM full and such)
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    well ive just found a company that do dediboxes for £35 a month, with 8GB RAM, i5 chip.
    im paying £40 a month with multiplay at the moment for a 2GB 20slot server, -,-
    so just trying to set up my dedibox, then it's my choice what player limit i set it too :D
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    I have 448 active members on mine.
    Average online at any given time, 20-50.
    120 unique players in a 24h period. Obviously dropped a little since we announced 1.8 but this will return to normal soon enough (once craftbukkit supports 1.8 *cough* )
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    between 10-25 online at any given time, numbers definitely dropped when 1.8 prerelease came out, and even before hand people would insist the map couldn't be carried over to 1.8 and some left.
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    ~300 ish, but probably more

    We have about 30000 unique people join ever 20 days or so :confused:
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    Peak: 10-14
    Off Peak: 0 - 5

    I run the server as a hobby so don't mind.
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    Peak 10-15, off peak 3-8. We lost a few on 1.8. I actually converted to the pre-release. Basically I made a story out of it to support the restart. We are an RPG server so it made it easier. Until Bukkit and Towny get updated we are white list only. Hopefully I can grow this as the stuff we do in game actually transfers out of game into live events (we are a LARP group).
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    We have an average of around 5-10 People the whole day. Even at midnight xD At some peak points we had 20, but it was lagging like hell, so we went down to 15 slots. We will upgrade soon, and everyone is free to join :)
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    10 is a good day for me :)
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    atm.... 1 with 3 admins >_>
    server is dying out :(
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    20 a hour at most on a weekend
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    During school holidays, I had 16-20 people on at any one time, since people have gone back, I now have about 8-10 (since 1.8 came out too). Want a tonne of people to hit your server? Use Post your server, make it look great, and it'll be on the front page of servers! Once it's moved down the list, just delete it and re-post. Can boost you 20 players in 10 minutes for me.
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    we recently broke 25k unique visitors, about 1800 registered on our forums, and we have 1100 have have made our veteran rank of playing more than 35 hours on the server
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    Matt Gill

    This is pretty much what my server looks like.

    Regular users.. I would say.. before 1.8 news 20. After we waited for 1.8 people got bored and left. So probably 15 regulars now. They aren't on all at once.

    Then I have the newbies. They sometimes stay sometimes go.
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