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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by nickrak, Jun 16, 2011.

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    WorldTrim - Removes excess chunks from your world
    Version: 1.2

    This plugin removes excess chunks from the world in a square or circle around a given point. This plugin only works on the new beta region format for single player and multi-player server worlds. It will not move your regions to recycle bin, it will delete them permanently. Please have a backup handy as this is by no means a perfect tool. Don't be stupid and run this without reading all the prompts and fully understanding the consequences. If you believe you may have entered something wrong, please use Ctrl+C to kill the program.

    1. Launch the jar from command line or terminal using the following command.
      java -jar WorldTrim.jar
    2. The program will ask tell you need to make a backup, please listen to it if you haven't already made one. I don't want to hear about anyone loosing their map because they didn't follow directions.
    3. The program will ask for a path to the region folder of the world you would like converted. In windows use \ as the path separator. In nix, use a / as the path separator. Make sure you use the region folder, not the world folder. If you want to trim the a vanilla server / single player nether, select the DIM-1 folder in the world folder.
    4. The program will ask for a center point of the world, in most cases this is 0,0,0. If you moved your spawn or would otherwise like to trim with a different center, you should provide that point now, the y-component is ignored, but required to prevent accidental wrong input by the user.
    5. The program will ask what shape the trim should be, proper input will be either round or square. If you select round, regions will be trimmed based on their distance from the center point. If you select square they will be trimmed if either x-component or z-component is outside.
    6. The program will ask how much land you want to keep in the previously defined shape. Please note that some chunks outside the area may be kept, but any region that does not overlap the shape will be removed. The units used in this field is blocks.
    7. The program will provide you with a summary of the inputs you have provided for you to double check, if anything is out of place, use Ctrl+C to kill the program and start over again. If everything is in order, type 'DELETE' in all caps, exactly as it is presented (without the quotes of course).
    8. The program will delete using your parameters and exit.
    Download the Jar
    WARNING: This tool runs on the MCRegion AND/OR Anvil format. This is NOT A PLUGIN, do not place in your plugins folder.
    Please read the directions.

    Change Log
    Version 1.2
    • Anvil support.
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed square trimming
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    • Supports round and square trimming
    • Variable distance trimming
    • Warnings everywhere
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    You're a scholar and a gentleman and you have my thanks.
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    You're awesome!

    Thanks a lot for making it! Let's trim the size of our world =D
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    Great tool, but I think square triming is not working properly.
    I have map like this and i want to trim things outside red square (Borderguard square, 3500 blocks from center on each side).


    Unfortunetly trimming 3500 blocks did almost no changes so I tried to trim 1500 block and this is result:

    Looks like you have some miscalculating error in triming process and it trims kinda only diagonally.
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    I've posted a beta copy that I think fixes the square trimming problem.
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    Great looking idea will be testing within the hour and post an update

    After an hour I have had no luck getting it to trim will keep testing, could their be problems with windows 7 64 bit?
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    Shouldn't be any problems with 7 x64, that's what I develop on.
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    Thanks, got it working late last night. It was my error not yours program works great really like what I see, will you be developing a GUI?
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    I can throw a GUI together for it this weekend for any folks that run a non-headless server.
  10. Any news on the GUI / square trimming fix?
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    this worked awesome, my world file was 130mb+ and after trimming a radius of 1,500 my file size is down to 83mb. Thanks! :D

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  12. Is square trimming going to be fixed? I have 3 worlds, 2 of which are over 200mb now, backups are a real pain.
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    There is a beta copy there that should work for square. Backup and give it a try, if it doesn't work, then report it as a bug.
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    I get a loop. Never lets me define the region folder. Path is correct, entered it 10 different ways and it just keeps asking for it again.
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    Any chance you'll be updating this amazing tool to work with the new Anvil map format?
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    Would like an update for this, anyone prepared to do it? :)
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    Update is in the works, please be patient.

    Now supports Anvil map format. Link updated.

    WARNING: It still works with the old MCRegion format. If you still have MCRegion data in your world folder, BOTH MCRegion AND Anvil worlds will be trimmed. Back up your data!

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    Thanks a lot.

    There is a similar tool to yours with some slightly different features, where would you suggest I go to request an update for it? ;)

    It is this tool:

    Thanks ;)
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    If you can get in contact with the original developer, he'd be the best one to update it.
    I noticed people in that thread commenting on how he hasn't been online in over a month. He's much more active on GitHub, I'll contact him there and see if I can get him back in contact with you. If all else fails, and you can't contact him soon (let's say the end of this month, March), I'll look into doing the update or possibly merging some of the functionality into this tool.
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    Thanks ;)

    Essentially the main reason that the other tool will be more useful than yours for a couple of my worlds is because I like the idea of only deleting chunks which haven't got certain blocks in, so that chunks with player houses on don't get deleted. I still use your tool for my other worlds ;)
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    That was in on of my old plugins, but I dropped it cause it caused way too much damage when ChunkGenerators change, which is almost every update nowadays.
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    It is a pretty handy feature, because in many cases if you wipe out the outside of the map then a lot of peoples' work will be lost. If you can just remove chunks that haven't been built on, then it is much handier for building worlds. Wiping out the outside of a map is still handy for almost every other map, with the exception of building maps =D
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    Does this support an inverse delete? I've got multiple continents on my world and I'd like to delete some big areas that are uninhabited.

    It doesn't look like it supports area deletes. How difficult would it be to add them? For example I'd like to be able to delete from x:-5000, z:-5000 to x:5000 to z:5000. I also think it would be nice to let this accept parameters from the command line. The question by question format isn't very intuitive for the command line. For example:

    java -jar WorldTrim.jar -w /home/minecraft/world/ -s 0,0 -r 5000 -a -5000,-5000,5000,5000

    Notice I excluded the required y coordinate because it is not necessary.

    I'd love to see this updated because in my search for a program that cuts down the size of a world directory, this is the only one that really works well.

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    Seems inactive as well. WhiffleX, please stop necrobumping old tools.
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    Marked Inactive. If the dev comes back and updates this plugin we can unlock and clear the inactive prefix.
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