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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Fishfish0001, Jul 22, 2012.

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    This system is a WIP. It is not ment to work on the website yet. Please stop PM'ing me about it. Thanks! :)
    IRC Server: irc.esper.net Channel: #fishbans

    Ever sat at your desk and wondered how many mobs are killed each hour on your server? Ever wonder how many players are connecting every day? Ever just want an easy way to view statistics about your server?

    Fishstats hopes to quell those wonders. Fishstats ("FS") is a nifty little web application that integrates with your Bukkit server to provide you detailed statistics that you can you for an assortment of different things. We collect information in the background while your server runs. You can then login to the Fishstats website to view detailed graphs in an easy to use, sleek, and simple control panel.

    While you might be thinking that Fishstats is "just another stats program," you are wrong. Fishstats also provides a simple but extensive API that server owners can use to display their own data to server members. Ever wanted to track who the most active player on your server is? Want to know who sucks the most at living? Its all possible with Fishstat's API.

    Fishstats is also unique as we listen. Want to have something new logged? Let us know and we can get it set up. Fishstats will also integrate with Fishbans to bring additional security to your server. Not only this, but we will also be able to better track users with alternate accounts, and keep those logged for longer periods of time.

    Enough chatter. We want to know what you want to see in Fishstats. We want to know what works, what doesn't, what you like, what you hate. Fishbans and Fishstats want to make the Minecraft community better, but we can only do that if you tell us what you need, want, like, hate, etc. Connect to our IRC (irc.esper.net #fishbans) and chat with us!

    Anyways, here are some pictures:



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    Does this require the use of FishBans? Because I already use McBans :3
    Also what E-Mail client/service/whatever is that?
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    It doesn't require the use of Fishbans, and Fishbans isn't a global ban service, it just collects ban information :)

    I assume you are asking about the last picture? That email client is Sparrow.
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    Okay, I will totaly get this for my server then :D

    Oh hell, it's not for PC D:

    Another Edit:
    Is it suppose to prevent you from clicking the log in and register tabs?
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    Yes, the system isn't completely set up yet.
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    This looks awesome :) Great to see someone with great design sense. Also, Sparrow FTW!
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    misy Fishstats includes Fishbans
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    :3 Oy fishy. I be seeing how good this is. Hope better than others lol
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    A very clean yet functioning style for the statistics, great job.
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    Sorry to let you guys know, but this project has been placed on hold for a little bit longer. I am currently working on a different project un-related to Fishbans and it is taking some time to complete.

    However, once I finish up that project I will finish up Fishstats, so keep your eyes open!
  11. I love me some graphs. This looks great, I assume you'll support php/MySQL? Do you plan on hooking into other plugins like worldedit or coreprotect/logblock/hawkeye?
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    It will support whatever language you want it to support assuming said language can read and deal with JSON.

    It probably won't hook in with other plugins at this time.
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