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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Fishfish0001, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Thanks Deathmarine!

    Two things though, BcBans was removed from the service, and /force/ is no longer needed. :)
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    Sweet got a few things to fix with Fishchecker and the Library. Documentation on the library will be on github and is coming.
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    Surprise, surprise! Check out what is new and coming soon to a Fishbans near you!


    If you are interested in trying out the private beta of Fishstats please post a reply in here, and let me know your server name (including IP) so that I can get a good mix of stats for testing. It will still be a few more days until the basic site is up and running for you guys to test, but after that you will be able to try it out.

    I am also looking for a plugin dev to interface with the Fishstats API for the GeoIP system.
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    I don't have a server, but it's gorgeous. :)
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    Some updates occurred today:
    • Revamped server backend. Now features a front-facing server running Nginx to handle the large volume of requests, and a backend server running purely MySQL. This has improved load times quite a bit, especially with Fishstats and some of the heavy use Fishbans pages.
    • Revamped code throughout site to utilize new PHP database connection functions. This was done to make sure the scripting continues to work in later PHP versions, and to increase security of the site.
    • Revamped the API to hopefully handle requests a little faster, and to cut out a large amount of bloat code that was no longer needed. Removed the force option on the API, as it now defaults to that. Also removed any options for queueing up requests as those were beginning to bog down the system.
    • Fixed some typos around the site, and other minor improvements.
    I would also like to let everyone know that we do still have an IRC channel (irc.esper.net #fishbans) and would love to see you in it.
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    Added a new page: http://fishbans.com/top/

    Ever wanted to know who has the most bans? That page right there will tell you. lets just say that the infamous storm_surge is only #21.
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    Breaking News:

    Well, no, it isn't really breaking news, we all saw it coming. Due to the recent childish actions of McBans we will no longer be supplying our users with information from their service. Any data collected already from them will remain available for the public, but updated information is not available via our service, nor will it ever be available via our service, or any other service.

    Due to McBans' recent TOS changes, any system that uses their data in a manner which might in some tiny shape or form compete with them, is no longer allowed to use their system. I have talked with them numerous times in the past, and each time it seems to get worse and worse. I am done trying to get them to understand why it is so important for this data to be available to everyone, and how stupid their actions are.

    From this point forward, Fishbans will no longer be collecting information from McBans services, and will never be providing data from their services in the future. Any data previously collected will remain available for others to view and use as they wish. Fishbans will now only support MCBouncer, Minebans, and McBlockIt. We highly suggest that anyone using McBans switch over to one of these other services, as the data will remain regularly updated and available on our site.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    please contact me , id would like to talk about adding glizer data to fishbans.
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    Happy to announce that we will soon be implementing the collection of Glizer bans in Fishbans! Still working out the details with the Glizer team and working to get an API set up for that. Stay tuned!

    In other news, I have completely updated the Fishbans API and all subsequent pages. This site update improves reliability, reduces page load times, and fixes bugs present in the API that were causing problems with other services and becoming a general hassle to keep under control.

    I have also purged the entire user avatar cache, as it seems it got a little (100k images) out of control when a script broke...
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    Fishbans now operates with a GitHub repo! Updates to the site should roll out much more smoothly now, and will be easier to keep track of and fix.

    I am also looking for another dev who is interested in helping me maintain the site and build new features. nasonfish has kindly offered to help develop the Fishstats plugin. :)
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    We now collect data from Glizer! Please allow up to 24 hours for users to start showing data from there depending on when they were last updated in the database.

    Special thanks to unimatrix and wmchris for setting me with with the API to do this. Excited to be offering information from them now :)
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    From everything I've seen and experienced, they're ridiculously biased anyway, and will remove bans for no reason whatsoever even if it is justified. Besides that their website is the most confusing thing I've ever tried to navigate. I'm honestly GLAD you're not working with them any longer.
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    Thanks to the wonderful help from clone1018 Fishbans has been even more optimized! API results are now cached by the web-server for 15 minutes, making subsequent requests blazing fast. This should also help us reduce the load on our server during busy periods of time. We will be continually working with our cache in order to provide the quickest lookup times to you.

    Our image server has also had this enhancement added to it, with images being stored for 12 hours locally.
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    Fixed a pretty big bug today that was introduced with the new API rollout. The caching mechanism for retrieving local data when no other data could be accessed was being a little strange. After resolving the isue it appears to be working fine.

    Also fixed a bug coming from McBouncer that was causing invalid data.
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    Some changes for today:
    • Changed the image server to run from a new domain. You can generate player icons, skins, etc. by using i.fishbans.com, insted of the older pixel.fb-api.com domain. The arguments on the end are still the same. The main post has been updated to reflect these changes.
    • Added some links to content on the homepage of the site, little bit of sidebar reordering.
    • Fixed a bug in the API that was causing some issues if the data was not constant in our database.
    • Cleared out a large number of logged hits to the site from the database to improve performance. Cleared out two older tables that were no longer needed to save space and provide a faster MySQL service.
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    Apologies all if you experienced any issues with the plugins or website within the last 45 minutes. We needed to move our server to a new plan to fix some billing issues and move onto a SSD. Should all be fine now, but we did discover some nasty bugs with the plugins when the server goes down.
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    Fishbans now supports JSONP API requests!

    Simply append ?jsonp&callback=your_callback_name to the end of the API request URL to use it!

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    Added a Block Image service to Fishbans.


    Simply request the blocks in the following format. The blocks are 42px by 42px.
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    I am happy to say that Fishbans has been completely re-designed! I got tired of the current bland theme, and decided to modernize it a bit. The new theme is bootstrap based (I know, I know), but should be a little more pleasing to the eyes, and provide more room for site-wide improvements.

    I have also begun implementing some more advanced features into the ban lookup pages. As of right now, user pages will show any alternate accounts that we can find in our system, thanks to the servers running Fishstats. We are hoping to get some more servers on board with this which will allow us to provide even more detailed information. I am working on improving the heuristics engine to really make the alternate account thing find accounts that are almost certainly alternates, but there is still a lot of work to do.

    Here is the documentation for the skin service and block engine:

    Here are some pictures for you to feast your eyes upon.


    You can view the live site over at http://www.fishbans.com
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    I thought the old one was nicer, but it still looks alright.
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    Fishbans has implemented SSL Security on all of the main site pages.

    The domains covered by this SSL certificate are:

    All Fishbans and Fishstats pages are forced SSL.
  23. +1 this is awesome, thanks<333
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    Its been awhile since I've posted any updates, so here we go:
    • Reimplemented GitHub based automatic updates, allowing for on-the-fly bug fixes and changes.
    • Removed Fishstats. The service was becoming too much work to handle on my own, and I wasn't able to devote enough time to actually create the service correctly. Thank you to those who signed up and gave it a go, maybe down the line we will bring it back. At the end we had over 250 registered servers, about 130 were verified and active. We collected over 3 million logged deaths, and millions of block changes. Close to 1 million lines of chat were recorded.
    • Stopped collecting from McBlockIt until their site comes back up, if it ever does. :(
    • Removed some heuristics from Fishbans pages because of the removal of Fishstats.
    Once again, feel free to stop by in our IRC channel, #fishbans on irc.esper.net and say Hi, or give any suggestions you might have. Don't forget to download the plugin and use it on your server as well!
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    Servers were taken offline today for about 30 minutes to preform some much needed maintenance. They are back online now, and core software has been upgraded.

    We have also switched from MySQL to MariaDB to help improve performance and save resources.
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    Made some massive overhauls to the backend for Fishbans. Everything is now run through a Redis database instead of MariaDB (MySQL). We have noticed tremendous speed improvements all across the site, including the API. We have removed the nginx cache, so all data is real-time! No more getting outdated information for a few hours.

    The API was offline for ~1.5 hours last night, 23:30 GMT-5 until 1:00 GMT-5 for the updates. We noticed a bug on the main site and took it offline while leaving the API online. Today we have patched the bug in the API which was breaking the site. You may have noticed your projects or plugins not working correctly because of this. The issue has been solved, sorry about any issues encountered!

    Just added Multi_lookup to replace whitelist.mcf.li which is no longer avaliable.

    Navigate to http://fishbans.com/multi.php and enter the names. A link shows up that expires after 7 days.

    Here is an example search: http://fishbans.com/m/87f4c99985b3d07

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    The Fishbans Image API has been updated to support the new image formats for Minecraft. "Armor" is now displayed correctly for helmets and full player views.

    Skin files are now shown only at the default size, no sizing options are available for the skin file (Helmets, Players, Avatars, etc. can still be resized).

    If you want a helmet free view of the face use avatar. View the documentation here.
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    This service is great, I just found out about it, and it is very helpful if players seem suspicious, we can look them up. Thanks!
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