[ADMIN] Votebans v1.26 - Simple votebanning + Permissions [928]

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    Votebans - Simple votebanning
    Version: 1.26.
    Sometimes admin bans are not very useful. So I created this plugin which allows another users to vote against hacker or grifier. After 5 (you can change count in config file) votes, that player will be banned for half an hour (it's changable too).
    Use /voteban <username> to vote against <username>.
    Now you can kick too. /votekick <username>.

    • Voteban and votekick against anyone.
    • Easy install.
    • Supports configuration. Updated.
    • Percents can be used instead of count values.
    • Permissions supported, but doesn't require it. Updated. Updated again. :)
    v1.26 (last release) for Bukkit 928
    Permissions nodes
    • votebans.canBan - for users who are able to ban.
    • votebans.canKick - for users who are able to kick. Warning: users can kick if they have votebans.canBan permission node, even if votebans.canKick is disabled! So you shouldn't add both of them.
    • votebans.canNotBeBanned - users in this category can't be banned by other users.

    25.06.2011 - v1.26
    • New permission node - votebans.canKick. Thanks to Craftiii4.
    13.05.2011 - v1.25
    • votebans.canBeBanned changed to votebans.canNotBeBanned. Thanks to Slugslug.
    • If "noBanWhenTwo" if chosen to "true", players can't ban each other when there aren't more people. It is recommended option and it is "true" by default.
    • Delete old config or just add "noBanWhenTwo", my plugin doesn't do it itself. Thanks.
    07.05.2011 - v1.22
    • Terrible percent-mode bug fixed (formula changed).
    06.05.2011 - v1.20
    • Percents can be used now instead of count values.
    • Scary "fu" message on startup when no config is created deleted.
    • Ban messages order is changed now.
    06.05.2011 - v1.15
    • /votekick functionality added.
    06.05.2011 - v1.10
    • Hooked into Permissions plugin!
    Very old (open)

    05.05.2011 - v1.01
    • Now you can't vote against op.
    05.05.2011 - v1.00
    • Initial release of Votebans.
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    I was going to have to code it myself...

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