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    Votebans - Simple votebanning
    Version: 1.26.
    Sometimes admin bans are not very useful. So I created this plugin which allows another users to vote against hacker or grifier. After 5 (you can change count in config file) votes, that player will be banned for half an hour (it's changable too).
    Use /voteban <username> to vote against <username>.
    Now you can kick too. /votekick <username>.

    • Voteban and votekick against anyone.
    • Easy install.
    • Supports configuration. Updated.
    • Percents can be used instead of count values.
    • Permissions supported, but doesn't require it. Updated. Updated again. :)
    v1.26 (last release) for Bukkit 928
    Permissions nodes
    • votebans.canBan - for users who are able to ban.
    • votebans.canKick - for users who are able to kick. Warning: users can kick if they have votebans.canBan permission node, even if votebans.canKick is disabled! So you shouldn't add both of them.
    • votebans.canNotBeBanned - users in this category can't be banned by other users.

    25.06.2011 - v1.26
    • New permission node - votebans.canKick. Thanks to Craftiii4.
    13.05.2011 - v1.25
    • votebans.canBeBanned changed to votebans.canNotBeBanned. Thanks to Slugslug.
    • If "noBanWhenTwo" if chosen to "true", players can't ban each other when there aren't more people. It is recommended option and it is "true" by default.
    • Delete old config or just add "noBanWhenTwo", my plugin doesn't do it itself. Thanks.
    07.05.2011 - v1.22
    • Terrible percent-mode bug fixed (formula changed).
    06.05.2011 - v1.20
    • Percents can be used now instead of count values.
    • Scary "fu" message on startup when no config is created deleted.
    • Ban messages order is changed now.
    06.05.2011 - v1.15
    • /votekick functionality added.
    06.05.2011 - v1.10
    • Hooked into Permissions plugin!
    Very old (open)

    05.05.2011 - v1.01
    • Now you can't vote against op.
    05.05.2011 - v1.00
    • Initial release of Votebans.
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    sounds great! can you add permissions support so people cant ban my mods and admins? :)
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    Okey, it supports Permissions now!
    It can be buggy but I hope it will work. :)
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    changelog has to be at the end
    you should include a "Version: vX.X" in the header of the post
    and to make it readable I suggest making Donaload, Features, etc headers bold
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    Thanks, done!
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    Would love a votekick too! I know MCBans has one, but I dont want everything else it has. It just causes too much lag for me.

    Sorry, another request. I see you have a flat number of votes needed to ban someone, is it possible to be % based? My server at prime time has 20 people on, but on its low time we have 3-4 people on. Setting it to a flat number makes it more easy for abuse.

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    Oh... I'm so fast!
    1.20 with percents instead of count values was released a few minutes ago!

    New config tags:
    • usePercents - if true, uses neededPercent and kickNeededPercent, not neededCount and kickNeededCount.
    • neededPercent.
    • kickNeededPercent.
    Incorrect: neededPercent: 50%
    Correct: neededPercent: 50
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    Thank you, will likely use soon :D
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    I'd use this if the voteban lasted for an hour or so. Enough to get the person off for a while but not perm ban them.
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    You can set values in configuration file.
    banTime: 1800
    1800 is time in milliseconds of ban. Change go 3600 and ban time will be 1 hour.

    Epic bug fixed.
    Please reload if you use (or want to use) percents.

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    I've not installed this yet - but your permissions seem wrong as I would want
    defaults~ votebans.canBeBanned

    and mods inheret defaults in permissions file..

    maybe best having a votebans.canNotBeBanned
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    Updated! :)
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    Download link isn't working :O Could you put it up again?
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    It works correctly for me.
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    Updated to 803.
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    Will you make it for 818? :D
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    hi, is 818 compatible ?
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    818 compatible since today!
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    EXACTLY what I was looking for! [diamond] to you sir, and +1 internets!
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    Ok I hope it will work. :D
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    Hey, is there a chance you could add logging? Maybe just the vote time, who voted, and who was kicked/banned in a flat file? It would be great, just to make sure people aren't using the system to grief others.
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    Would you be able to add diffrent permissions for vote kick? So people can start vote kicks, but not bans?
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    Um... ok, I will add it soon.
    So there will be in new version:
    • logging
    • different permissions
    • some bugfixes
    I haven't started to work yet because I was too busy but I will start soon (maybe next week).
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    Logging isn't added yet, but it will be added in next update.
    New permission node added. You shouldn't add it if you wand to make people able to kick (and not to ban only) - it is done automatically, so users with votebans.canBan node can kick too.
    Also compatible with #928 now.
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    my server shut down! connection reset!
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    Oh I need to update it. :)
  27. Any news on update?
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    I am working on another project (not Bukkit), so I haven't much free time. I think I will update it to RB and add some features this week 100%.
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    Pretty good plugin is only able to be assigned permissions to a group and work only a certain group voteban
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    The worst thing is that this plugin is inactive now.
    And no one knows will it be active.

    I support over9000homes only now...

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