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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by WaterNode, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, I am here to present you Toucan Permissions Setup (TPS).

    Current Information:
    • Alpha 2.0 = Current Build
    • Made in Python 3x
    • Command Line Based
    • Let me know if you want to help program this (Python) or want to help with art.
    Current Features:
    • Groups
    • Able To Set Default Group
    • Add Permissions To Groups
    • Creates a permissions.yml file for you to put straight into your server!
    • Supports PermissionsEx
    • Color Prefixes - You need to have essentials chat! (Colors codes @bottom of thread)

    To Do:
    • Add Prefixes and Suffixes *** High Priority ***
    • GUI *** High Priority ***
    • User specific permissions *** High Priority ***
    • Make it easier to read/Better Formatted
    • Add support for other permissions plugins, such as GroupManager or BukkitPermissions.
    1. Get Python 3.3.0
    2. Start Program (By Double Clicking)
    3. Make your permissions file
    4. Permissions file will be created in the same folder as the program.
    Change Log:
    Alpha 1.0:
    • Tool Launch
    Alpha 2.0
    • Easier to read/Better Formatted
    • Prefixes
    Color Codes:
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    Photos would be useful.
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    Will test.
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    yea but i still need to know a bit more
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