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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: ControlBans

    What I want:
    Main concept I am looking for is something my moderators can use to temporary ban someone on my server but I want to be able to limit the length of the temp ban. As far as I am aware, I cannot set a limit on the temp ban for essentials thus allowing players to be temp banned for up to like 10 years which is pretty much a permanent ban as far as I am concerned and I just do not want any of the mods getting carried away.

    What I had in mind was something such as a simple command like the one listed below and maybe a config file that you could limit the maximum temp ban length such as like
    'Max ban-length: 30' that meaning 30 minutes is currently the longest temp ban assignable and if they try like "/tban bob 99999 spamming" it still only bans for 30 minutes.

    That is the main idea but feel free to propose any ideas. I don't really want to get too fancy just to keep it simple for any interested creator but I also don't want to regret not adding some feature later

    Ideas for commands:
    /Tban <player> <time> <reason> ----- Tempbans a player for a specific time and reason
    (Oh also if possible I would like the reason to be required, cannot be banned without reason lol)

    /Tban reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    controlbans.ban Players can tempban others

    When I'd like it by: Just whenever really, a few players that have been playing awhile wanted a tempban and I thought it would be a pretty good idea. I just need some way of limiting it.

    I believe that about sums it all up and as always thanks for reading,

    Can someone at least let me know if this if feasible? lol

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    If you're using Essentials:

    # Set the maximum time /tempban can be used for in seconds.
    # Set to -1 to disable, and essentials.tempban.unlimited can be used to override.
    max-tempban-time: -1
    Make sure you have the latest config:
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    as cory said, max tempban time is already possible with essentials.
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    :[] I am using essentials :D TY
    Just didnt have the latest config. Im assuming I just delete my current config to generate another and then reconfigure?

    Essentials 2.10.1
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    Alright thanks both of you guys lol this basically solves the problem I did exactly what you recommended now just to try it. :p (Im sure it will work, essentials seems like a very reliable plugin so far lol) -- Thanks again

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