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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Gabs, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Hello Bukkit Forums,
    The other day I was reading my logs and being that it was quite late, the plain text file was starting to confuse my eyes. So that Inspired me to build a Quick Converter Application that would simply color code, lines, tags and dates and output a more readable HTML File.

    Currently Only working with .txt log files formatted like so:
    >22:09:00 [INFO] WorldEdit: Gab (in "Gabcraft World 1"): undo
    >22:09:22 [INFO] WorldEdit: Gab (in "Gabcraft World 1"): undo
    >22:09:28 [INFO] WorldEdit: Gab (in "Gabcraft World 1"): undo
    I'm still working on adding support for Raw log files.

    Update: No more config files, Improved output aesthetics, fixed repeating time stamp, added non-tagline support.
    Problems I've found: Raw Log files not working, Not all Logins are color coded, Occasional line spacing issues/timestamp.


    Output HTML File:

    How to Use Gabcraft:
    1. Download .ZIP File
    2. Extract ZIP File to your desired location
    3. Run LogCrafter.exe
    4. Log type selection makes no difference in this version
    5. Click Browse, Find your desired log file
    6. Click open or double click log
    7. Program will tell you its "Done" with a popup
    8. In the same Directory as your log file you will find yourlogname.html
    Download Here
    Virus Scan Result: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/215dab0df159ab1dcf572f0f3e7df5eb124f8886

    LogCrafter 0.33b :
    Show Spoiler

    This is my first Application build in many years. I managed to (after lots of head scratching) put together a usable BETA version of my "LogCrafter".



    Known issues: The current release will leave out any line that doesn't have a tag (ex."[INFO]")
    this is because I'm still working on the string manipulation for that specific piece of code. Will be fixed later tonight.

    1. Download and Extract to a Folder of your choosing
    2. In that folder go into folder "sys"
    3. Sys Files Explained:
    -filelengthconfig - You MUST specify in this file the character length of your log files. For example all my logs are saved as "gabcraft-log001.txt". So In my filelengthconfig file I input the number 15. I am working on code to auto detect file length name, though Basic has string manipulation limits I'm working around.
    - outputfilepath - All HTML output files will be created in this directory (By Default it creates all HTML files in folder "FolderYouExtractedEverythingto/html-files"
    4. Open program Choose log file and when it says Done its completed the conversion.

    Download Here (Directly From GabGraft.net)

    I am going to add more detail to this post when I get home from work.
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    Looks like a awesome program but i get this error when i run it ?
    Error log timestamp Thursday 03/11/11 01:00:13 AM
    Runtime error: File C:\Users\Gabs\Desktop\GABCRAFT\GabCraft LogCrafter\img\logcraftertop1.bmp not found.
    Error(Exception)>>activateHandler: <anUndefinedObject>
    Error class(Exception class)>>signal: <'File C:\Users\Gabs\D...'>
    BasicRunProgram(Object)>>error: <'File C:\Users\Gabs\D...'>
    BasicRunProgram(BasicProgram)>>terminateRun: <anError>
    [] in BasicProgram>>errorHandlerBlock
    ExceptionHandler>>evaluateResponseBlock: <aBlockClosure> for: <anError>
    [] in ExceptionHandler>>handle:
    ProtectedFrameMarker(BlockClosure)>>setUnwind: <aBlockClosure>
    BlockClosure>>invisibleEnsure: <aBlockClosure>
    ExceptionHandler>>handle: <anError>
    ExceptionHandler>>findHandler: <anError>
    Error(Exception)>>activateHandler: <anExceptionHandler>
    Error class(Exception class)>>signal: <'File C:\Users\Gabs\D...'>
    BasicRunProgram(Object)>>error: <'File C:\Users\Gabs\D...'>
    BasicRunProgram(BasicProgram)>>runError: <'File C:\Users\Gabs\D...'>
    BasicRunProgram(BasicProgram)>>bmpFromFile: <'C:\Users\Gabs\Deskto...'>
    [] in LibDrawnButton class>>program:handle:itemHandle:contents:return:corner:xRef:yRef:
    [] in BasicRunProgram>>begin
    ExceptionHandler>>evaluateProtectedBlock: <aBlockClosure>
    [] in ExceptionHandler>>activateDuring:
    ProtectedFrameMarker(BlockClosure)>>setUnwind: <aBlockClosure>
    BlockClosure>>invisibleEnsure: <aBlockClosure>
    ExceptionHandler>>activateDuring: <aBlockClosure>
    ExceptionHandler class>>handle: <anError class> with: <aBlockClosure> during: <aBlockClosure>
    BlockClosure>>on: <anError class> do: <aBlockClosure>
    BasicOnDemandCompiler class>>readTknFile: <'C:\Users\Mike\Deskto...'> callingProgram: <anUndefinedObject> commandLine: <''>
    Basic class>>start
    Process>>safelyEvaluate: <aMessage>
    Process>>evaluate: <aMessage>
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Seems interesting.. Looks nice!
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    Please say you can fix this :( would be an amazing plugin
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    is this plugin dead ?
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    You have this looking for the directory set on your computer. You've not considered others will need the same path to run this. :)

    To get it working just create the path the error gives ya, worked for me. Great tool nonetheless. :)
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