[ADMIN] StopWhiners v0.5 - Restore items lost upon death [1.1 R4]

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    Stop Whiners - Stop whiners' complains:

    Version: v0.5

    Players tend to complain to admins when they lose items because of death. Does 'But I didn't even see that lava!' or 'That chunk didn't even load!' sound familiar? Well, there's a solution.

    • Stores all items lost on death.
    • Only OPs can restore.
    • Use /giveback [playernames] to restore lost items.
    • Automatically return items with 'stopwhiners.auto'
    • Get back items for a price ('stopwhiners.cost')
    NOTE: This version will prevent items from being dropped on death, no matter what. A version that lets you configure when should items not be dropped is on my todo list.
    Source Code

    Version 0.5
    • Picked up source again
    • Ported to newer, 1.1 bukkit event framework
    • Added support for Register, allowing use of various economy plugin
    Version 0.4
    • Initial support for iConomy in a seperate branch, hardcoded amount and no .jar for now.
    Version 0.3
    • Added /getback - only restores items to you, useful for registered players and such
    • Added stopwhiners.getback permission node for /getback
    • Code tidy
    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions support (use stopwhiners.giveback to control)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
    I accept feature requests, but if you know how to code, just fork my repo and/or do pull requests.
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    Interesting, and this is probably the first plugin I've seen with this feature

    +1 for uniqueness!

    Good Work.
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    Whoa thanks!
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    Cosmic Break

    add permissions support so that players can use the command
    add iconomy support, so that players could pay iconomy money to get back thier stuff.
    items at a set amount, or have it so they have to pay a little more each time they use the command.
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    I've added permissions support to the main branch. You either have to be OP or have the stopwhiners.giveback Permissions node. Regarding iConomy, I'll look into it, and maybe branch it off, but it's unlikely that I'll ever add it to the main branch. I made this plugin for a friend and I'd like to keep it as lightweight as possible.
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    Please make the dropped items dissapear after the giveback command is used
    because players use that to double items
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    This is almost the plugin that my community wanted, but I'll try this anyway.

    We wanted a plugin where three random items are given back after death.
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    Read the changelog. It's there. There's already some BASIC economy support with Register (eg. you can use whichever economy plugin you want that is supported by Register). However, note that I haven't tested this version, as I don't use any economy plugins or such, and also, the items dropped by the player aren't yet deleted, so players can just kill themselves and dupe items. Anyway, here's a link to the new jar with register: https://github.com/andor44/Stop-Whiners/blob/iconomy_support/StopWhiners.jar
  10. Does this work if a server crashes and a player loses his inventory?
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    No, it's completely unrelated to that. It only stores your inventory on death.
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    Nice work, exactly what I was looking for.
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    Would be great if you could add mysql to store inventory's
    And that they get saved like every minute.
    And when someone lose them by any reason you can ./giveback <name> since 2m
    so you can like rollback the inventory's
    But that might require a total new plugin lol.
    But yeah it happens so many times that players lose there items by bugs like void etc.
    Anyway please think about it and maybe you can add this then i would defiantly use it and many others i think.
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    This is some what of what i'm looking for. I like that is saves on death, but if that you can give a certain permission node, so when you die, you don't have to use the command and you respawn with the item's already.

    Permissions Node name for example: stopwhiners.auto
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    Thought it was only R3.
    Nice plugin, good job.
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    The newest, non-recommended snapshot build is called/labeled as R4

    MySQL? Out of the question. Huge, unnecessary bloat. As for the rest, this plugin serves a somewhat different purpose, I might look into something like this one day though.

    I'll try to get that done soon-ish, hopefully tomorrow.

    Edit: here it is, if you need the one with economy support, go to the github page and select the according branch
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    I have a qustion

    Person A has /getback
    Person B does not

    Person A and person B go to PVP

    Person B kills person A
    he then takes his Diamonds

    Person A does /getback

    Does this take the stuff wrong person B and give it too person A?
    Or do they both get diamonds?

    If the both get diamonds, What if Person A and person B are friends,
    they kill each other and use /getback to dupe diamonds?
    Can this happen?

    Can you make this not work on PVP or something
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    Can you make it so you respawn with the item's already in your inventory and when you die. You don't drop the items?
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    Can you make it so you respawn with the item's already in your inventory and when you die. You don't drop the items?[/quote]

    This solves the Duping issue aswell
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    It's there in the OP post, but for the lazy ones, here. Do note though, that this will prevent items from being dropped, no matter what.
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    I love the concept of this plugin but i seem to be having this issue http://pastebin.com/57Q25xtt
    it ends up saying internall erroroccurred
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    Should be fixed, thanks for the heads-up.
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    Not working -_- using BUKKIT 1.1 R-3 and nothing is working, nor the auto, nor the /getback. I added the nodes but users say that it just writes Untauthorized. I did some experiments with some players and the result was that even when i write /giveback nick it still wont return the items (i have the version where users dont dropp their items) Pls reply as soon as possible. BTW rly nice plugin.
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    Nevermind, i see now that it is usable only by OP's but the problem presists
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    Oh, I noticed I used the wrong operands on the permissions check. The truth is, I wrote this for a friend's server and they don't use any permissions or such, so I had no chance to test it myself. I'll fix it this afternoon.
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    i have latest 1.1 R4, im op, when i die i do /giveback user and it says restoring to user, but i didnt get anything!
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    Is PvP togglable? Cause for my server, I want my players to get their stuff back for a price, unless they're killed from PvP.
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    I don't understand this. Anytime I try to type /getback it says unauthorized, even though I'm an op. And where do I put a the thing for auto? Is it supposed to be in the Vault? How would you put it there?
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    Sorry, but how do i just set it for Players to AUTOMATICALLY keep everything when they die? without commands, without OP babysitting.
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    Dont worry, he's working on it.​

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