[Admin] SimpleAdminInterface - an HTTPConsole 0.2.1 Addon

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by soulreafer, Apr 19, 2011.

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    [Admin] SimpleAdminInterface 0.0.1 - an HTTPConsole 0.2.1 Addon

    This is an Preview Version!!! Much Funktions aktually Disabled!
    If this tool becomes interessts from you i will finished the code.

    Hello Guys. Today i will show you my first tool i have written for minecraft.
    I found an plugin which let you controls your server over an internet explorer. nice idea but uncomfortable?! so i write an wrapper with an GUI which uses the funktionality of this plugin:

    • User Edits like ( Kick, Ban, Give, Slay, Kill )
    • Server Edits like ( Shows up free Memory, Stop Server, Save Map, Say )
    • Plugin Edits like ( Reload, Enable, Disable, ... )
    • Requires Essentials Plugin!!!
    • Add more Funktions
    • Clean up Code
    • Clean up GUI ( Better Design )
    • Please edit the host.ini ! It stores the Server Adress and HTTPConsole listener Port
    • You can edit the Items.txt as well. Each line must looks like this:
    • dirt:3
    • blackwool:35,15
    • ...
    Please write it down.

    Sorry for my bad englisch.
    i´m an german user but i have try to translate the tool best i can.


    Best Regards

    Currently Down
    If you liked this tool watch out this thread:

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    good Plugin :)
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    Some spelling stuff:
    Funktions should be Functions
    as same for funktionality

    Nice job
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    So this basically is a program that you can install on a computer where the server isn't running on?
    So for an example, I have my server running on my home pc. Could I install your addon on my laptop so I could control the server that is launched on my home pc from the laptop when I am at a friend's house?
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    First: No you dont need to install this tool. It is an simple .exe written in Visual Basic.
    Second: Yes you can control eny server you like. Your Server IP and the httpconsole port must be open from the web.

    The best way is to get an dynamic adress. for an example from dyndns.org so you dont need to change your ip in the host.ini every day AND you dont need Hamachi or somthing else to share your Server without a rootserver.

    Best Regards

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