Inactive [ADMIN/SEC/TP] GoinRound v1.1 - Do the rounds and scan players on your server [1.1-R7]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by md_5, Sep 19, 2011.

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    A simple plugin I created after reliasing how hard it is to keep track of suspicous players, especially those with usernames that look like they just punched the keyboard.

    This plugin will allow you to do the rounds by typing /gr <scan interval in seconds> you will then be teleported in succession to each player, wait for the time specified and then tp to the next player.
    If a player leaves mid scan you will still be teleported to their location, but you will be notified of their absence (maybe they caught wind of you)
    Full permissions support means you can give your trusted players and ops the goinground.ignore permission to exclude them from the scan and give your ops the goinground.scan permission to allow them to perform fully automated tp's. Both permissions deafult to all ops.
    I recommend use in conjunction with a vanish pluign, and once VanishNoPacket is updated auto vanish will be supported. If you find a griefer simply take their name down to ban them or use /gr stop to end the scan further monitor them.

    • Monitor your server for griefers by automatically tp'ing to them.
    • Full support for players that leave during a scan
    • PermissionsBukkit support means that you can ignore your trusted players
    • Scan at any interval you like
    • Uses a lightweight thread to control the teleportation routine
    Version 1.1
    • Fix all bugs and refactor tp
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    • Auto Vanish
    • Forward, backward and resume scan.
    • Spout gui (if asked for)
    Source Code
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    cool. hope to see it added =) ever since i started running a server its pretty much just been chatting and observing lol. this would be much more helpful.
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    Great plugin, maybe add /gr resume and /gr quit
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    Honestly this looks like a good plugin, I would use it if it was updated to latest version.
  5. md_5
    Update to the latest RB please :)
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    Please be ready to update for R5. :) thank you.
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    Tis already updated, on devbukkit.
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    it is?

    well R5 1.2.3 is not out

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    This looks awesome!. Cant wait for autovanish. nice simple plugin I wish I had all along. Thank you
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    IS this working with 1.2.3

    I thought we were on R 0.3 with the current bukkit beta build.

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    I'm going to talk to my other admins about this! This sounds awesome
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    Wait your that guy off YouTube! Ur MC name is mobilephone(numbers)!
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    Update please :c.
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    Well I am updating a lot of old stuff, so maybe, it still works though (the BukkiDev DL at least)
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    Is this working with the latest dev build still.

    (i would test it, but my server is empty right now)

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