[ADMIN/SEC] StealthLogin v1.1.1 - Hide your joins and quits! [1000]

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    Is there any way you can add something to the config file that will disable your logOUT messages?
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    Logouts are disabled if you give the permissions node. It works on CraftHub and they use the latest build.
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    Is there a way to stop you from showing up in Dynmap as well?
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    You would need to ask the devs to hook into our plugin.
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    Found it.. it's /dynmap hide from that plugin. ;)
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    [740] confirming working on both login and logout :)
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    stealthlogin.join works fine with permissions plugin, but stealthlogin.quit doesn't work, others still see, when I quit, everything else works, but the stealthlogin.join. CB714
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    download link is broken, nginx bad gateway
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    Will I be able to block the notice for anyone joining the server? And leaving.
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    sure just give the default group stealthlogin.*
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    Use [740]
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    Already updated to 740, works fine now :)
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    Tim Yong

    Greetings. With StealthLogin running on my CraftBukkit #740 server, every player appears to log on silently. Only players who join for the first time are shown to log-on. The latest version of Permissions is being used and none of the players have the nodes necessary for them to log on silently.

    The Permissions file isn't broken and all of the other plugins are using it without any issues. Would Spyer or LoginMessage cause a conflict?

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    Sounds like you have given the default group stealthlogin.* or * which would cause this behaviour.
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    [760] + 1.1.1
    confirming still great everything working.
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    Very useful plugin! What would be really cool though is a permission node that allows you to see all "secret" logins.
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    Would like this to also hide users from Essentials /list command, but otherwise fantastic. :)
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    it's in planning and in Devel. Feature isn't complete though. We are replacing the /list /who etc commands.
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    with WhoAreYou the loginmessage is still there
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    David T.

    Um... This might sound stupid, but what's jenkins anyway?
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    We can't alter the behaviour of other plugins in this manor and we can't help if other plugins show users logging in. We modify the stock login message. If a plugin uses it's own login message we can't hide it, it would make the plugin to complex for a simple task.

    Jenkins is CI (Continuous Integration) software that makes group developing and testing easier. We no longer use Jenkins and have now switched to Bamboo because it works with the rest of our software better than Jenkins did..
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    Thanks for your reply craft. ^^
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    i really want to have my friend get this mod...and could you make somwething sometime that makes it so that whe you log urself out useing the mod that it makes you invisible to everyone...that would b nice
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    Off Topic: turtledude01 might be drunk.

    On Topic:
    With the replacement of the players list command, will it remain /list or change to something similar? If it remains /list, how would it react to another plugin that picks up on the /list command? For example, I am using the default permissions plugin to give my regular players certain default commands that I think they should have. Among these commands is the /list command.
    Just wondering, as I don't want this plugin to update one day and another plugin forms a problem.
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    Posting in my plugin threads with a 1.6.6 Minecraft RB CB Build #818 report.
    Stealthlogin 1.1.1 working perfectly fine with this build. Thank you for the continued support of this plugin!
    All features including /logoutshow, /loginshow, and stealth logins working perfect.
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    So do you show up when users type /who?
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    That isn't in the released version... So yes, you do.
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    Is the download link down? it just keeps loading
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    Excellent! :D
    Definitely looking forward to that update, though no rush of course, take all the time you need. This plugin has made it much easier for admins on our server to log in without in instant deluge of complaining from players. Once the /list feature is implemented, it will be just icing on the cake!

    Thanks for this plugin!
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