[ADMIN/SEC] StealthLogin v1.1.1 - Hide your joins and quits! [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CraftRepo, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Are you sure you updated the download link? Because when I download and open the .jar it says its still v1.0.0
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    Op compatible?
    I personally hate using permissions because of all the coding.
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    Thanks, I like it.
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    This doesnt work for me, I've set my users up like this:
            group: Admins
                - '-stealthlogin.join'
                - '-stealthlogin.quit'
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    loginshow and /logoutshow command seem not reconize by system
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    Steve Cole

    if your permissions is up to date you no longer need the quotes

    \/this should work it worked for me\/
            group: Admins
                - -stealthlogin.join
                - -stealthlogin.quit

    make sure you have version 1.1
    look for it here: http://jenkins.craftrepo.com/job/StealthLogin/
    build #15
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    Verify that your group or user have the stealthlogin.quit permission node. the commands depend on the nodes. and if you don't have that node, it will continue to show the logout. this has been verified working.
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    Simple yet brilliant plugin. Using it on 617. The logout message still shows, but that's not important anyway.

    I suggest that you allow a user to be specified with /loginshow and /logoutshow so you can fake other logins. For example, do "/loginshow noobman" and it will show "noobman joined the game."
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    Steve Cole

    i believe you can do this with the help of Command Helper. along with making players run other commands.
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    Thanks for the reply steve, still not working tho :/
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    yeah, no. not working. even after adding the 'stealthlogin.quit' node. although, i'm an Op so i shouldn't even have to do that. meh.
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    Steve Cole

    i don't know why it wouldn't work if you did what i said and everything is uptodate.
    do you have another plugin that uses or messes with the join message?
    (i don't think the quit message work yet for anyone.)
    and are you using permissions or group manager?
    im using permissions so i don't know how this works with other permissions plugins.
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    We're in the middle of migrating to new software. The plugin is still very much supported. :)
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    awesome :)
    btw are you guys ever going to make it so we are hid from the /online /list /who commands...?
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    it's in planning. not sure how we can do this yet...
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    woow i´ve just found out this plugin! sound realy nice!! i didnt get the instructions so good, but is there some node to allow someone to see hidden players joining?

    for example, i´m the Admin and i want to hide mods from appear in the login message to normal players but i still want to see them appear in my login to keep track of everyone.. is that possible?

    thanks, i will installed it anyways but just to check that option!
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    Can this be set to hide join/quit for things like Dynmap?

    Getting error for CraftBukkitUpToDate
    12:50:56 [INFO] Not able to update StealthLogin.jar check if URL http://jenkins.
    craftrepo.com/job/StealthLogin/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/StealthLogin.jar cor
    rect. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    503 Unavailable actually.. I'll try again later.
  22. Any chance to allow certain user groups to still see the correct login/logout messages? (for example, i want other admins and mods to know when i come online etc. but noone else)
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    if you're using dynmap add them to hidden users, they wont show up.
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    Current d/l says 1.1.0 in console. Craftbukkituptodate is still having problems d/l it also.
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    we don't build on jenkins.craftrepo.net anymore. we use bamboo.craftrepo.net. if you plan to use CraftBukkitUptoDate please use the stable builds and not our Devel Builds.
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    I thought I was, I will re-download.
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    Logging in is still stealth and works
    However logging out is no longer stealth even though the console puts out "Username logged out secretly!"
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    add it in JIRA and how to replicate it. Please include as much info as you can. Over informing us can't really be done.
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    Well what kind of info do you really want? Im not sure
    Stealth login [1.1.1] CB [720] No errors, ....
    worked in 1.4_01 perfectly now stopped....
    How to replicate...?
    720+1.1.1 ..... login, then logout (use another user account to be on server and see that it still shows you logout)
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    You do realise that this plugin ISN'T updated for 1.5, and was built against a 1.4 RB... There will likely be errors... Like the plugin not working right.

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