[ADMIN/SEC] StealthLogin v1.1.1 - Hide your joins and quits! [1000]

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    StealthLogin - Hide your joins and quits! [1000]
    Version: v1.1.1

    StealthLogin is a plugin that allows Administrators of craftbukkit servers or anyone with the permissions node for that matter to login and be kicked without being seen.

    It has only one known conflict, MCMA. Just disable welcome messages in the MCMA configuration to resolve this issue.

    [diamond]You will need Permissions 2.7! Or something that fakes permissions...[diamond]
    Permissions Nodes (Click To View) (open)

    stealthlogin.join – Blocks login message. Users won't see you comming!
    stealthlogin.quit - Blocks quit message. Users didn't know you were on.
    stealthlogin.kick – Blocks kick message from being shown to users that are still connected.
    stealthlogin.check – To use the commands logincheck and kickcheck.

    • Block join messages for certain users. Great for mods/admins that are pestered on login by users.
    • Block kick messages for certain users. Great if you don't want noisy users asking why users were kicked!
    • Check commands. Good for making sure certain users have the functionality they need!

    • /logincheck - Returns a list of currently logged in users that will login without a message to users.
    • /kickcheck - Returns a list of currently logged in users that will not be shown being kicked.
    • /loginshow - Fakes a login message for you! Player Joined the game!
    • /logoutshow - Fakes a logout message for you! Player Left the game.

    Version 1.1.1 - Fixed a bug with logouts. Altered the way we hide logins so MCMA will track users.
    Changelog (Click To View) (open)

    Version 1.1.1
    • Version 1.1.1 - Fixed a bug with logouts. Altered the way we hide logins so MCMA will track users.
    • Version 1.1.0 - Added /loginshow and /logoutshow. Now hides logouts!
    • Version 1.0.0 - Initial release to the public

    PLEASE, only use this thread for support related questions. Or for thanks/etc. All feature requests and bug reports should be officially submitted through the bug tracker linked below.

    Main Download Link: http://bamboo.craftrepo.net/browse/STEALTHLOGIN-STABLE-3/artifact/JOB1/jar/StealthLogin.jar
    BACKUP DOWNLOAD ONLY: http://www.van-craft.com/plugins/craftrepo/StealthLogin.jar

    Bug Tracker:


    IRC Info:
    irc.rawrirc.net #craftrepo
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    Thats great i cant wait to try it on my server when 1.4 is all stable!
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    Does this remove the player name from /who ?
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    currently, no. it will do so in a future update.
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    Can you add this to this Page, because your DL Link is 503 Error Temporarily Unaviable

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    it's up again. jenkins decided to die for no real reason.
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    Thank you!
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    Is there a way to disable the message "[StealthLogin] You have been logged in secretly!"?

    I'd like to use this with LoginMessage. I configured LoginMessage to broadcast when a player joins the server (Player connected from <country>.) Therefore I don't need the login message from StealthLogin.. :)
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    I got this error when is started up the server.... no one joined or anything... Does that mean that there's something wrong with "Player"?

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    Revenge: Currently no. Perhaps in a future release. EDIT: I just integrated it in the devel branch. It was mostly for debugging anyway. ^.^
    Soryo: Make sure you have permissions 2.5.5 or something that fakes it.
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    Thanks =)
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    Minecraft beta 1.4, craftbukkit #618

    I've been wanting a plugin to do this for a long time, thanks for making it.

    But one problem on login it works but with log outs it still shows everybody that I logged out.
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    at least it doesn't say you logged in! :D
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    In the devel branch it does! And when the next RB comes out it will.
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    Ive been waiting for something like this as well for a long time.
    However would love to dissappear from /online and /list and /who and so on lists....

    Definetaly will be watching this thread for updates :D

    Well just tried it.
    CB [617] Permissions [2.5.5]

    Works perfect when i login. No one can see me (Although they can still check /online to see my status)
    HOWEVER when i logoff (Either by disconnect or by closing minecraft) users in the server can always see.
    No errors........?

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    exactly. the change in the quit method isn't in 617, so it wouldn't work.
  19. Ok, willing to wait for logout hide (especially as its not your fault)... but can you add this...
    When you log in it asks you if you want to remain broadcast your login... if you reply "/login show" (or something like that). It will then broadcast the login.

    Now I just need to ask commandBook to add a permissions node to hide online players.
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    Quite possible to do. As for commandBook, we might be able to hook into it and hide the player. I'm thinking the more logical solution however is hide the player in bukkit. This way every possible plugin will be filtered.

    EDIT: I've added both /loginshow and /logoutshow to the devel branch.
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    would kill for this if it hid me from the playerlist
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    For my admins, I have permissions set to everything. This means that when an admin logs in, any admin, they won't have the message displayed, even if I want it to be. Rather than having it detect if they have permission to use the plugin and silencing EVERYONE that has access, it should check to see if they have permission to add someone to the stealth login list.
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    Steve Cole

    i have my admins allowed for "*" but then i removed a few of their permissions. just add '-stealthlogin.join' to their permissions.
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    Could it be possible to add in a way to disable the login message of the person logging in discretely?It states "You have been logged in secretly!" but I would like to remove that message. It gets in the way of the other login stuff. Bad enough I have to put up with the mcbans welcome message.
    I'm using this plugin with rTriggers to stop the "Name" joined the game and use my own welcome message.
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    read up. post number 8 in the thread, here, i'll link you http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...-0-hide-your-joins-580-617.10906/#post-175031 someone already asked. my reply is post number 10 i'll link you again. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...-0-hide-your-joins-580-617.10906/#post-175829
    read the EDIT: part.
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    I noticed a new recommend build came out today, #670. Tested it and it still shows logouts.
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    did you compile it from source? otherwise the 617 build wouldn't show logouts. I'm about to build it against the new RB and release 1.1.0 which won't show logouts (with the correct permissions nodes)
    EDIT: I've merged the Devel branch into the main and released v1.1.0 which will hide logouts.
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    running latest CraftBukkit (as of right now) and ver.1.1.0 of StealthLogin.. but getting "Unknown console command" when using any of the commands listed. plugin loaded and enabled with no errors, as shown in my console:

    StealthLogin: version 1.1.0 Permissions detected...
    StealthLogin: version 1.1.0 enabled!
    did i really do something wrong?

    EDIT: got the commands working now.. but hidden logouts are still not working
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    Steve Cole

    i can't get the /logoutshow command to work on 1.1 with CB 670
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    Hi guys,

    Work for me but only for join, not for quit. :(

    No error in the console :O

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