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    tee jay

    SimpleModerator - Simple, powerful, easy-to-use Moderation plugin
    Version: v0.3.5
    Tested Builds: 1.0.0,1.0.1-R1

    SimpleModerator now on BukkitDev!

    SimpleModerator provides a very simple and powerful way of moderating a server with permissions support for any configuration you need. It provides all sorts of functionality you need to help you keep your server under control while remaining lightweight, and of course allows most things to be done in-game so you rarely ever have to touch a config file.

    NOTE: Requires a permission plugin integrated with Bukkit's permission APIs! Tested with PEX.
    • Simple moderation plugin with Permissions support
    • Allows moderation with ease
    • bans + temp bans
    • IP Bans
    • mutes + temp mutes
    • kicks
    • In-game unmute and unban
    • Many permissions nodes to give exactly who you want the power you want
    Download SimpleModerator:

    Newest: Latest
    Versions: v0.2.1, v3.5.0
    Commands Overview:
    Comma-separated values are aliases of same command
    • /simplemoderator, /simplemod, /sm, /sa | Displays SimpleMod help
    • /ban <name> <hours> | Bans player for given # of hours
    • /mute <name> | Mutes player with the given name
    • /mute <name> <hours> | Mutes player for given # of hours
    • /unmute, /umute <name> | Unmutes player with given name
    • /kick <name> | Kicks player with given name
    • /ban <name> | Bans player with the given name
    • /banip, /ipban, /iban <name> | Bans supplied player's IP address
    • /unban, /uban <name> | Unbans player with the given name if they are banned
    Config Overview:
    The config file for SimpleModerator is very simple and will be auto-generated on first run. The file should contain:
    mutes: '' bans: '' ipbans: '' persist-mutes: 'false'

    Most of this is handled by the plugin when you do things in-game, but the persist-mutes node is important. You must change this to 'true' if you wish it to save mutes through server restart. This is an option because many people don't need mutes to persist and it reduces IO.
    You can also manually add players to ipbans, bans, and mutes lists if you wish. Entries are comma-separated and in this format:

    Expiration time is system time in ms that the entry should expire or -1 for permanent, so I recommend only adding permanent entries manually, and letting the plugin handle temp bans through commands.
    Example line:
    bans: 'badplayer:-1,grieferlol123:-1,teehee:-1,'

    Permissions Overview:
    Permissions for SimpleModerator are available to let you put the power in exactly who you want power to be in.
    'simplemod' - Use /sm command to list usable commands 'simplemod.mute' - Temp and perm mute 'simplemod.mute.temp' - Temp mute 'simplemod.unmute' - Unmute 'simplemod.ban' - Temp and perm ban 'simplemod.ban.temp' - Temp ban 'simplemod.unban' - Unban 'simplemod.ipban' - IP ban 'simplemod.kick' - Kick

    Like SimpleModerator?

    Help me out!



    Version 0.3.5
    • Fixed commands from console
    • Added support for bukkit permission API
    • Added 'simplemod.*' permission
    • Bug fixes / potential bugs with banning averted
    Version 0.2.1
    • Added a ban check to on player login as well as onPlayerJoin so if they are banned, we can disallow the login whereas IP bans require joining then kicking because of problem described in v0.2 changelog
    Version 0.2
    • First "stable", usable release
    • Added persist-mutes option to config, allows disabling of persisting mutes through server restarts to save some IO
    • Fixed IP bans, moved ban checks to onPlayerJoin since we don't know IP at time of login
    • Fixed bans not kicking players
    • Fixed temporary mute/ban expiration checks
    Version 0.1

    • Initial build
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    :D thank you for the mod, really helpful on my server. Source code please?
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    tee jay


    As for the source code, I plan on releasing it eventually but there's a lot of clean up and organization that I want to take care of before I do so.
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    Looks good exactly what i need
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    Download SimpleReserve:
    needs to be changed. Any new on update/cleaning up of source code?
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    tee jay

    Woops...I should be more careful with my copy-pasta! Thanks.

    Also, there are some things I am planning to add very soon before I do but it shouldn't be long. I started working full-time so I have had little free time.
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    change hours to minutes
    hours seem excessive
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    tee jay

    Quite a few people want to be able to ban for days. Hours seems like a good middle ground. For example, why would you temp ban for 10 minutes? That would be pointless and have basically the same effect as kicking someone.
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    Can you add a way to set how long a temp ban can be? I would only like my mods to be able to ban people for up to 3 days, because I could take off the ban command, except they could just temp ban them and hold the 9 key.
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    tee jay

    That I can!
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    this plugin needs:

    /report - This allows players to report in illegal activity! /siren - This Allows Players to Call for Help! /Shelp - This Allows Players ingame to see the commands! /reply playername - This Allows mods to teleport to the accused! /jsiren playername time reason - This Jails Players!

    and why does it need permissions? :S
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    Great plugin :)
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    tee jay

    Because I haven't updated it for the new permissions system. I am back into Minecraft and will be updating this once again.
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    Can this work with PermissionsBukkit?
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    doesn't seem to work with PermissionsBukkit + SuperPermsBridge
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    This is an incredibly simple plugin that I'd love to use but it doesn't seem to work with bPermissions. Would it be possible to make it compatible? Thank you!
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    tee jay

    I haven't been keeping quite up to date with it but I'll look into what I need to change to make it work with bukkitperms. Expect an update soon!
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    Awesome plugin. But on 1240 I get the bukkit will cry tears error. Not sure if its a problem with the plugin or not.
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    might sound nooby, but,
    how do i make an player moderator?
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    tee jay

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    How to rank up a playe?
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    tee jay

    This relies on a permissions plugin to function, and does not rank people on its own.
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    Update for newest bukkit version please. Bukkit has no compatibility with out of date plugins right now.
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    tee jay

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    how make someone a moderator?
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    Compatible with essentials please?

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