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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Mdna, May 13, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,
    this is my first Tool for Minecraft that I release.

    Updatet to v 2.3!


    1. How does it work?

    In the .zip-file you got the server_edit.exe, the server.exe and the client.exe.

    server_edit.exe (open)
    With this tool you could configure your Server.ini - the file you need to run the Server.

    First of all a window would ask you for your language.
    For English type "English" (German is "Deutsch")

    In the first two Inputs you could insert the IP and Port of your Server.
    Press "Speichern" to save it.

    In the next Input you could insert the titel of your console window.
    Again with "Speichern" you could save your config.

    Where "Funktion" is standing you could insert some functions that user are abel to use.
    You don't need any parameters.
    And again press "Speichern" to save ;)

    The next line is currently empty.
    Later there would stand all user how want's to be added to the system for your server.
    You could add them with "Hinzufügen" or clear the list with "Alle löschen".

    Okay now we have configured our Server.

    In the next step we could start Server.exe it would show us a short message with the current IP and Port configuration.

    To close the Server use the icon in the taskbar - with right klick and exit you could close the server.

    Okay now let's connect to the Server.

    Client.exe (open)

    Start the Client.exe and a little configuration will open.

    Insert a name and a password and the IP and Port of your Server.

    Now press "Verbinden" and the Window will hide.

    To send a function to the server press the CTRL the ALT and ENTER together.
    A Window will appear witch is asking you for the function you want to send to the server.

    For Example if you wan't to kick someone you type: "kick Mdna".

    If you type it you would see it would not be written to the console.

    Start the server_edit.exe and take a look at the last line if you click on it you could see the list of users currently including your name used a step before.

    Took it and press "Hinzufügen".

    Now you can use the Remote Control.

    Update (open)

    All of the programs got their own update-system but if I only update 1 file i will put a complette .zip-file so that you have all programs at the newest version.

    Version hystory (open)

    v 2.3: 21.05.12
    added: client asks for it's language
    bugfix: icons for server status should now be right (green and red)

    v 2.2: 20.05.12
    added: updatet function
    added: client shows a red icon if the server is off or a green one if the server is on

    v 2.0: 15.05.12
    added language choose
    added english as language

    v 1.0: 13.05.12

    Sorry for bad english I only have english in school :S

    If you find any bugs or things please tell it me also you can tell me ideas and meanings :)

    Currently I'm working on a english version.

    Greets, Mdna

    Edit: I forgot to tell you that if you send BlockInput you could disable the Input for your console window. If you send UnblockInput you could enable your window again.

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    - on/ofline icon so that the clients can see that the server is on or off. done in 2.2
    - update notification so that you can see whenever theres a new version out. done in 2.2

    - group managment system so that you can say wich person can do whatever.
    - user_edit so that you can promote/demote or delete user.

    Known Bugs:

    - The client.exe don't load another language then english if you don't use the same config.ini as the server ones fixed in 2.3
    - The icons for server status are black fixed in 2.3

    Currently no more, if you found some leave a comment :)

    Greets, Mdna
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