[ADMIN] PvpProtect! Stop users from pvping in God or Fly Mode + PvP Tag [1.5.1 R0.1]

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    PvpProtect v 1.1 download (requires Essentials)


    What is it:
    PvpProtect is a simple plugin that allows you to disable users to PVP while in fly or god mode. This is great for preventing donors from fly pvping, or abusive mods from killing players while in god.

    How do I use it?
    Permissions. Enough said.

    pvpprotect.godpvp.player - Player can pvp while in god against players.
    pvpprotect.godpvp.mob - Player can pvp while in god against mobs.
    pvpprotect.flypvp.player - Player can pvp while in fly mode against players.
    pvpprotect.flypvp.mob - Player can pvp while in fly mode against mobs.

    v 1.1:
    - Added tagging, so players can't use it while in pvp.
    - Added antilog system, justcuz.
    v 1.0:

    That's it! Enjoy :).
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    I love the plugin but could you make it so when they get tagged in combat it disables it and they cant use /fly command untill they are out of combat? Please!

    If you could do this ill pay you 10$ for it.

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    Lol. A $10 for a plugin. Just make your own ==
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    No need to pay.

    New version prevents users from using /fly and /god while PVPing. It also adds an AntiLog tag, just for the lols :).
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    Yes i know but i want it so if they are in fly or godmode it disables it and they cant do /fly or /god untill they are out of combat. Thats why i said ill pay :)
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    Trust me, auto-disabling fly/god mode will be EASILY abused. The way it is now, they have to turn it off for PVP, and can't turn it on until they are done.
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    No, please do this i really need this i will pay i need it so if they get it disables and they get tagged in combat and they cant use untill they are out of combat for 30 seconds PLEASE DO THIS! :O I will pay, i have a way where they cant abuse it
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    PERFECT plugin for what i needed! Players were always complaining that donators were killing them while flying (which is against rules on my server). Thank sfor making this plugin!

    Im confused tho on this part:
    v 1.1:
    - Added tagging, so players can't use it while in pvp.

    Cant use what while in pvp, the /fly ? Cause its not working, they can still simply fly to the person, land, start fighting, and just double jump to fly back away if they are losing the fight. And /fly still works for them insantly after or IN the fight.(i tested with a player)
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    Basically you want certain commands disabled while they are tagged in PVP or for a certain amount of time, I think this is a simple IF ELSE job for the plugin dev.
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    UPdated to 1.5.1
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    Does this plugin still work? for 1.8 servers?
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    What 1.8 servers? 1.8 Bukkit does not exist. If you need a plugin for another core/type of server, please specify the core/type you asked about. Mojang core?
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    Cool plugin , i use them on my server

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