[Admin] Nifty, server launcher for Mac & Linux

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by acolite246, Feb 19, 2011.

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    The bestest command-line CraftBukkit launcher. Period.

    download v 1.1

    mac | linux
    What is it?
    Nifty is the bestest command-line CraftBukkit launcher for n00bs and admins alike.​
    It is NOT to be confused with server front-ends like TimberJaw's amazing Crafty, which it uses by default.
    Instead, Nifty serves as a back-end for updating and saving your server.​

    two double clicks.

    Once you download Nifty all you have to do is open the zip and launch Nifty: everything else is done for you.

    awesome autosave.

    Nifty automatically backs up your world every time you start it. Experiment galore, you’re safe!

    latest and greatest.

    CraftBukkit is in beta– that means new builds often, sometimes weekly. Nifty’s got you covered. Built-in update. Just for you.

    so many choices.

    TimberJaw’s Crafty. CraftBukkit. Minecraft Server. However you like your sever, Nifty’s can do it.

    for the newbies.

    Where would we be without the basics? That’s why Nifty includes WorldEdit and Essentials by default– and updates them, too.

    advanced users, too

    No one is ‘too advanced’ to use Nifty. Not only is it completely open-source, Nifty also allows power users to add plugin sources manually. Swell!

    how to
    download. unzip. launch.

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    Updated to version 1.1!
    • Rewrite, easier to work with
    • Plugin support
    • Dedicated website
    • GitHub
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    This looks good I just cant figure out how to use it.Is there good plugin suport?
    will this make a 24/7 server or do I have to start it everytime?
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    Thanks! I was working on an easier-to-use rewrite, but then my hard drive failed. First of all, are you on a Mac? Linux?

    This program is intended for manual launch– it will not run a 24/7 server. If you'd prefer that, try http://bukget.org/baskit
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