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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by HudsonJD, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Administrative Tools

    Minecraft version: Latest Version (Currently 1.12.2) Would prefer support for 1.12.1 as 1.12.2 is so new that most people won't use it until plugins get updated

    Suggested name: AdminMode

    What I want: Basically a mod that uses pex, it could simple run e.g.
    /pex user crimsonhazetv group set overlord
    When /adminoff is triggered, and /adminon runs
    /pex user CrimsonHazeTV group set owner
    It would have to incorporate essentials kit as players could denote themselves get the overlord kit, promote themselves and get the overlord kit again, essentially bypassing the cooldown I would also like all admin ranks to be put into overlord rank automatically when joining the server, until they run /adminon This way my admins can play the server and then when they need to administrate, they run the command. I want auto demote on join as an admin may join to play, and forget that they are admin.
    I want a chat message that will be shown to the player running the command and anyone with a higher rank than their admin/mod rank it could say
    "You just enabled/disabled AdminMode" For the player and
    "TestAccount just enabled/disabled AdmingMode" For higher ranks
    It also needs to work for multiple ranks, I have 3 ranks with admin status, Owner, Admin and Moderator.
    Nahkd123 had a good idea to save inventory, so when they turn admin mode on, their inventory is saved and given a clean inventory, when it is disabled they get their old inventory back and lose whatever they spawned in with admin

    Why? I want my admins to play, and they want to, but if a player joins and they see an admin building a base, or raiding, they may presume that admins are abusing. This plugin will keep my players happy, and it also allows higher ranks to ensure that mods are not spawning in items, or abusing in any way

    Ideas for commands: /adminon promotes back to previous rank
    /adminoff demotes player to Overlord

    Ideas for permissions: adminmode.on and/or adminmode.*

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, as much as I would love it right this second, it isn't a plugin that makes a server unbearable without it
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    I'd be willing to take up this plugin, but would you mind running this through, please? It's a little hard to understand...
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    Funny enough I have Grammarly installed, and it didn't bring anything up, where are you having troubles?
    I don't have the paid version so maybe some grammar is wrong, It is 3 am here so I am tired and my brain isn't working to its full potential.
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    So it will save admin only items to config file and load overload's items (when admin mode is off), and if admin mode is on then put player to admin mode then load admin's items and save overload's items?

    Also, do you want plugin save location of admin and overload?
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    I never thought of that, however now thinking about it, when they run /adminon if it had a separate inventory, that way they don't accidentally lose items when turning it back off, so yes I think separate inventory on command run is a good idea for the plugin.
    For the last bit, you said about save location, I don't understand, sorry.

    I just edited the original post to incorporate your idea, and also made it a bit easier to understand
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    Any progress?
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    Well, no because I just learned how to save a GUI into a config, so maybe when I get home I'll have some of it done.
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    Thanks, I was just subtly asking if you were still going to do this :) lol
    But what I said stands, no rush
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