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    xraydetection plugin - allows for simple detection of xrayers:
    Version: v0.6
    This plugin allows for admins to find some xrayers in the server. No, it wont find them all, nor is it perfect. It is up to you to teleport yourself to them, when it tells you it thinks they're cheating. (it will only kick in once they've mined more than 150 stone blocks).
    admins can use the following commands:
    • /legit [playername] to pardon a player from the xray detection
    • /ratio [playername] returns their ratio
    • checks if players are mining way too many diamonds than they should be.
    Download the plugin here

    The node to use, is "xraydetection.admin"

    Version 0.6
    • changed the plugin to 1240 bukkit. Attempted to fix the too many open files bug.
    Version 0.5
    • Apparently, there was a slight memory leak error, shouldn't happen anymore.
    Version 0.4
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin
    Version 0.2

    • changed it from /pardon to /legit [playername] for it was conflicting with the unban method
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    fixed :)
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    Was there any changes to the too many open files problem?

    I love this plugin, but it crashes my server in a day or 2 with too many open files..Like i said above, ever since i removed it, it doesnt happen
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    I, and the server that hosts this plugin for me, both do not have that issue.
    Some other posts in this thread have claimed to fix them. Have you tried their solutions?
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    I think this plugin might have gotten me banned without using xray. The moderator seemed extremely determined i was hacking.
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    Excellent! Much better, may I ask for support for SuperPerms (BukkitPermissions)? Our mods can't currently check the ratio of others
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    At the moment you'll have to use Permissions w/ Permissionsex
    It's the only permissions plugin I know how to use right now xP
    Moderators are supposed to teleport to the person they feel is cheating, so they can investigate. It's not 100 % accurate, but most people dont get 1 diamond for every 9 stone they dig P:
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    Everyone hosting Servers with 50+ players on it should not use this Tool. It will cause dramatic drops in TPS.

    @ orange451 - Sorry to say it like this but reading and writing a File on the HDD on every block break is the worst possible implementation of a block-ratio-logging tool i can imagine.
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    It works fine with 50+...
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    It does not. I just joined your server and it clearly lags (45ppl online) - the stars are moving back (<20 TPS). Please install LagMeter and verify your statements.

    Edit: To make it clear i did not say its XrayDetection what lowers the TPS on your server. I just said its not working fine. The lags triggered by XRD will only occur due to many people digging stones

    @orange451 should realy rewrite these codeparts. An easy approach is to use a HashMap with Key Playername and Value a Tuple of the stone and diamond values. Then you just add a Timer and mark the HashMap as serializable. The timer will write the file to HDD every X Minutes and ofc onDisable. Load would be done in onEnable.
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    odd I just "/debug clock" and got 18.5 TPS with 55 people 0nline.
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    I've had this plugin being run on a server with generally 70 people on it, since I created the plugin. It works fine, no issues with latency.
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    Yes. Thats not "working fine".
    /debug clock does not tell you anything. I mentioned LagMeter on purpos.

    Programming aspects: (the parts important for you you did not quote)
    You are delegating work to the OS in a way you never should.
    There is a reason why guys like Von Neumann even invented Level1-2-3 Caches, ALU aso.
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    Mod edit (Butkicker12): Removed offensive content

    If you don't like it there is no need to flame. Don't use it, or make one yourself. With all your "knowledge" you don't seem to have uploaded one plugin...

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    Flaming requires an insult. I did never insult anyone here.
    I am a programer and i try to help others if i am capable to do so.

    Not uploading a plugin does not make you more or less knowing
    The same applies to uploading a plugin

    Edit: As you do not seem to apreciate help and rather insult other people the conversation has its end here on my part.
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    Insulting someones work and telling them they used the worst possible methods is not "trying to help" Its being a self righteous pile of poo.
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    using .6, and latest RB of bukkit, it wont announce the cheater at all, and when i do /ratio <name> ingame, it resets their ratio back to 0.0

    no errors or anything
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    How does the ratio work?

    There's this guy with a ratio a little higher then 6. So does this mean that for every 6 stone he hits diamond? :eek: Nevermind, I have no idea. lol
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    Does this work with PermissionsBukkit? And if so, can you make a command like /xrayers, and it will display the list of xrayers on the server at that time, and include a permissions node with it, so anybody can view who is x-raying?
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    ok about what ratio is considered xray?
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    You could basically make it so when a player places a gold block there username and the block position are added to a hashmap, then you just check the hashmap when someone digs that block, if the digger's username doesn't equal the username that is set then increase the digger's mined block count. :)
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    Hundreds of players in a server, digging and placing gold, I can't imagine would be very efficient.
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    Its not like your going to save that information for later use, it would only be until restart, and i doubt everyone would be placing gold everywhere, i know i wouldn't be unless i randomly had the urge to build a house of golden ores, you could also add a timer that would clear the data every so many minutes?
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    Even then, people COULD do that, is what I'm saying.
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    Please for the love of god, add a config to DISABLE the alerter. I don't want to pardon somebody just to make the fucking plugin shutup. Add a command /ackowledged To disable the alerter, but keep tracking the player.

    I have some players that just cavehunt, so they get from pretty high ratios.
    But still, I only need to be alerted ONE TIME. not once every minute.

    Converting the decimal into a percentage would be nice.
    Support for
    Gold ore
    Iron ore
    Mossy cobble
    Would be nice aswell.
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    Yea but its unlikely they would, just trying to give ideas to improve your plugin. >:)
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    What is a good Ratio?
    Cansomeone post a picture maybe?
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    I always get 0.0
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    The threshold ratio is 9. Any greater and its obvious xray.

    Anyway, I have a suggestion for implementing a new command.
    Maybe add a command that returns a list of all players with ratios greater than 0, or 1, or something. Just thought that would be useful as a server admin.
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    works it detected already some one.
  31. A player has a ratio 16.666666 si he XRaying?

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