[ADMIN] MCSignOnDoor 1.9 - So Your Server Can Say "Gone Fishin' Back in Five!"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by tustin2121, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Its unlikely that I'll find the time or motivation to do an update, sorry. Apparently I promised something above about 2.0, but that work is possibly lost but certainly forgotten. If there are any forks of this project, I wish them the best. The program, I think, needs a rewrite to work with the latest login code. And I just don't have the time anymore, nor have I touched Minecraft in probably a year or two. Sorry. :/
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    That's fine. I was just wondering.

    Well, thanks for working on MCSoD in the first place!
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    Hi I have some questions about this mod.

    First, when i run it, the message doesn't show up when i click it, it shows up as the message of the day (which i do not mind, i actually prefer it this way).

    But the problem I'm having is, it's only visible to me and not other computers. on other computers it will just say "pinging" forever.
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