[ADMIN] MCSignOnDoor 1.9 - So Your Server Can Say "Gone Fishin' Back in Five!"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by tustin2121, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Hm... works for me... What happens?
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    It's working now. Probably DropBox was temporarily unavailable.
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    Just wanted to thank you for this great utility. It makes IP switches etc. SOOOOO much easier for our rather large server
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    LOVE THIS!!!
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    Cosmic Break

    This is the most useful too i have seen in a long time!
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    Wow. How many downloads? 1000000 +? :D
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    Unfortunately, I don't think dropbox tracks download count. So I have no clue. :/
    The only indication I have is of people leaving comments or liking the OP.:)

    I may have to start tracking via, like, goo.gl or something. I have replaced the main download link with a goo.gl short link, so I may see the download count. It still points to the same place. :)

    Edit: wow, I wrote that post fast; grammer.
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    It does not work for me.
    In the command prompt I get:

    And I was really looking forward to this. :(
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    Yes, I would imagine a java.eze wouldn't work. :) Did you install java correctly? Because you should be able to simply type "java -jar [...]" without the ".exe" at the end.
  10. Thats awesome :D My players were cussing me out for a change I made, so I shutdown the server for a "restart" and ran this with the message "The 'fag' will be back soon" :p That made them stop...
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    Excellent! I'll have to add "Trolling your ungrateful players" to the list of functions this program provides! XD
  12. :D
    No moar language disputes ftw!
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    Fucking helpful. Thank you!

    Would it be possible to integrate this as a "Remote Toolkit" Module? So, when you type .hold into the console, the server would shut down, then this tool comes active and prompts for a message. As long as you don't do anything then, it works as it does now, but when typing .unhold, mcsod would be killed and the server would stop. :)
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    So, interesting that you ask that. For a while, the source for McSod (on github) has had a fork called MCSignOnDoorRTK by someone called sharkiller, and I had no idea what it was. Now that you told me this, I understand what it is now.

    Here's the link to the github repository where his source code is located. You can download it and compile it if you wish. He hasn't updated it in a while, so I'm going to assume it works. I personally have never used RTK, so I wouldn't know. See if that helps you at all. If not, then I'll see if I can pull in his changes.

    EDIT: I have also found this forum post where he has a link to download the McSod RTK adaption. He seems to have incorporated it into his milkAdmin tool, doing exactly as you suggested (though, he doesn't credit me, but he doesn't flout it as a feature either, which makes me a little uneasy), so if you wanna try that out, go right ahead. :)
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    Would it be possible to make this so that it shows it as the MOTD in the new 1.8 server browser? That would be a cool feature.

    Otherwise I love this tool use it all the time.
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    The toolkit module works perfectly.
    Credit is given to you in the console whenever the module is enabled, but i'm sure sharkiller would be happy to credit you in the aforementioned milkAdmin post if you wanted.
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    Oh wait! I thought about a MilkAdmin integration as well, but didn't want to ask you so many things at once. Now, that's awesome. :D Thanks for the tip!

    Btw, he is actually giving you credit:

    It also works like a charm. :)
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    Thanks all. That credit is fine enough. I just get wary of stolen projects - I've seen it happen way too many times. Especially when it comes to minecraft stuff. :)

    Also, glad this works well for everyone! :D

    Consider that a feature request. I've been looking for an excuse to download and play with 1.8 now that it's out (been busy recently). Hopefully when I get a chance tonight, Bukkit will finally be done with it's conversion. :p
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    Oh yes, that would be nice. Also it should answer the client's "ping" so it doesn't look like the server is totally offline in the list.
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    I would love that as well. If a server is shown as offline, players probably won't even attempt to connect :p
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    See, though, McSod was designed to turn players away from the server while giving them a reason why. If it's possible, I'm going to attempt to find a way to tell client to mark the server as down. I have a feeling that it won't be possible, but I've been surprised by the login protocol before (and that surprise lead to the making of McSod :) ) I'm thinking that the same message used as the sign on the door will also be sent to clients at the custom text message in the server list.

    Of course, a) I'll make separate command line parameters so you guys can set the individual stuff separately and b) this is all speculation still because I haven't downloaded the thing yet!! :p
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    Yes, I'm also pretty sure it's not possible to display a text in the list while the "strength"- Symbol is showing that the server is offline, because when that's the case, the client simply writes "Can't reach server" where the custom text normally is. Let's see. Maybe you can manage to do it somehow. ;)

    Have fun with 1.8.
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    Update: So I did download 1.8 and played with it a little. I'm a little mad that notch has made it so that you can spawn on an island in the middle of the ocean with NO TREES on this HUGE ISLAND. You realize that it is impossible to continue without wood?

    Anyhow, the relevant bit: I played around with the login and ping stuff for a while. The login protocol is exactly the same, so McSod will continue to work for 1.8 clients. The new feature with the ping is very interesting. The client sends a short, 1 byte code to the server indicating that it wants info about the server. The server can send a string up to 64 characters long as your server's motd (ie. the second line in the server entry on the server list screen) and player ratio (ie. the numbers under the ping speed bar, ie. [number of player on server]/[max player slots]). So I can tell the client what to show in that little number spot.

    The problem is that spot will only accept numbers, and valid positive ratios. So while showing "N/A" in that spot would be cool, or perhaps even "0/0", Minecraft instead opts for "???" in both cases. However, you can have "525600/1" as a player ratio (by the time you reach this point, you should realize you're giving far too many players op permissions :p ). Minecraft does not like dividing by zero.

    Furthermore, Minecraft uses the same character usually used to denote color codes as the separator for the player ratio. This means no specially colored motd's.

    So, it turns out that the server list is even more feature-less than the nearly feature-less sign on door screen. :p Either way, I'm working on handling for the server list. In the next version, the default behavior will make the server's motd the same as the sign on door message (except truncated, likely with elipsis, to fit in that 64 character limit). McSod will also report an invalid player ratio (or perhaps no ratio) by default, making the client show the "???". There will be a command line switch that will make McSod ignore ping messages, essentially making McSod act just as it does now. And, of course, you'll be able to set the motd and player ratio it reports.

    ETA: Tomorrow (9/15) afternoon EST. (So that's like dinner time UTC :p )
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    Yeah, the world generation was nicer before... It also tends to generate huge "dark" and "grey" (dark grass) Taiga- Biomes around you. I made 10 SSP- Worlds and I always spawned in taiga, mountains or, as you said, on a little island on the ocean. But the lighting is awesome. :D
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    Very nice work :D love the enthusiasm!
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    Don Redhorse

    looking forward to that... would it be perhaps possible to have 2 different messages? one for the people login in and one for the browser?

    so you could have different long messages (if that makes sense)

    THanks btw!
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    Version 1.5:
    - Added support for Minecraft 1.8 Server List MOTD. By default, McSod will respond to server list pings with the same message used as the sign on the door (except truncated and with color codes stripped) and report the player ratio as an invalid number (minecraft will show "???"). Added command line switches for setting motd and player ratio, and for turning off server list support.
  28. Code:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
            at sun.launcher.LauncherHelper.getMainClassFromJar(LauncherHelper.java:399)
            at sun.launcher.LauncherHelper.checkAndLoadMain(LauncherHelper.java:463)
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    EDIT: Redownload, it should be fine now.

    I tried something different in packaging up the jar file this time than what I normally do. Obviously I paid the price for that. :oops:

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  30. Its worked perfectly fine up until now, so that must be it.

    We host two servers on the same machine, each with their own IP (both on port 25565).
    java -jar MCSignOnDoor.jar -ip IP.GOES.HERE -m "TEXT" -motd "YAYAYA"
    EDIT: It works now, thanks for the fix.
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