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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Netto Hikari, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Netto Hikari


    Even though there are tons of scripts and programs which back up your worlds periodically, I decided to make my own one.

    This one goes to all administrators who run their minecraft server on a Windows machine (unlike me, I run Linux, but I still wanted to make this, because I missed my .NET languages ;D)...


    [cake] Features:
    • Periodically zip and back up world folders
    • Enable / disable automation
    • Perform manual backups
    [diamond] Planned:
    • Use mcbackup as some kind of wrapper to be able to perform save-all before backup (easy)
    • Remote features (using TCP sockets)
    • Client to access mcbackup when running it as a server
    • Ingame backup restore (requires server restart)
    [redflower] Screenshot:

    [creeper] Requirements:
    • .NET Framework 3.5 (most likely already present on Windows Vista / 7)
    • IQ of at least 60
    • At least 3 internetz :3
    [tnt] Downloads:
    Version 1.0.1: Download (recommended)
    Version 1.0: Download

    [zombie] Changelog:
    - 1.0.1​
    [FIX] Backups are not being automatically saved to the folder in which mcbackup.exe is any more.​
    [MISC] Using a smaller version of the DotNetZip library now, functionality stays the same.​
    - 1.0​
    Inital release.​

    One more thing... Please do not use a ridicolously low value as backup interval or maximum ammount of backups.
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    Works great love it
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    Netto Hikari

    Thank you very much. As I said, I will expand it's functionality soon.
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    Linux port would be great. :)
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    Netto Hikari

    You could run it with mono. I know, not the best way... But I might just port it to Java... Right now, I have had enough of Java, that's why I decided to write something in .NET (C#, VB, whatever).
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    Just to be clear, please respond to the following statements as true or false.

    I have to have the program running as long as I want it to backup automatically.
    When its backing up, it is backing up the most current world for the server.
    This plugin is one of the best plugins evar.
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    Netto Hikari

    cheepz, it is backing up the world(s) of the server, yes. But it doesn't do a save-all before the backup starts, so it's not the most current version.

    Just wait for version 1.1 (which will probably be out today). It will do a save-all before the backup. It will also have the possibility to save all worlds in one zip file instead of each world in it's own file.

    Well, thanks for your positive feedback. :)
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    Thats perfectly fine, I can't tell you how useful this is. Thanks alot :)
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    Just set this up, and I just had to post to say THANK YOU! I've been manually zipping since 1.3 came out every night on 3 worlds and it was getting to be hectic... should have looked here sooner. Anyhow, works great, keep it up! :)
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    Netto Hikari

    Hey, hey. :) I'm happy you like my software. Sadly, I currently don't have much time to update it (as I promised I would do). These things happening in Japan (where part of my family lives) and some other things keep me away from developing.
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    Hey, real life always comes first. Backups working great for now, so I'm a happy camper =P
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    Thanks, this works great for me :)
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    hrmm... i cant get it to output to my HDD, (i run the server on RAMdisk)

    any thoughts?
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    Netto Hikari

    Try to type in the full destination path, eventually?
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    thats whay i have, no matter what i set the destination to, it always saves to my bukkit folder :(

    sry if that was confusing, im a bit tired :p
    Anyways, i have the full destination path ie: c:\blabla\blabla
    I have tried saving it to a folder on my HDD as well as a seperate folder on my RAMdisk drive.
    no matter what i do it saves it to my root bukkit folder (where i have craftbukkit.jar)
    Hope thats a little clearer
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    Netto Hikari

    Now that's strange. I just tested it and it worked fine. I told it to back up 2 worlds and save the archives to C:\backups and that's what it did. Can you please post your config.ini?

    EDIT: I was finally able to reproduce your problem. It's a small bug. I'm gonna fix this in a few.
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    I'm not sure what you mean in your info about there being many back up utilities. This is the only one I find and it works very smooth.

    Any chance someone can give me the syntax to make this start every time i start my server?
    There is code to put in my bat file right?
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    Sorry to be impatient, but have you got the fixed version uploaded yet?
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    Netto Hikari

    Ah! I'm sorry. >.< I'm kinda stupid sometimes. I will kick out a fix tomorrow.

    Try to put mcbackup.exe in the same folder as where your world folders are. Don't type in the complete path for the world folders but type in the complete path for the backup destination.

    Are your RAM disk(s) handled as drives in Windows? If this is the case, you NEED a fix. ^^
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    ya, to my knowledge windows considers the RAMdisk its own drive
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    Netto Hikari

    Please download version 1.0.1 (see main post) and tell me if it works for you.
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    works like a charm with backup-now command, will let u know if it has any issues with autobackup

    -also is there any way i can... uh... i guess modify my start.bat to run this and turn autobackup on as well as start my craftbukkit server?
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    Netto Hikari

    Can you post your start.bat file here, please? =)
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    java -Xincgc -Xmx12288M -jar craftbukkit.jar

    short and sweet :D if something in their looks wrong or off in any way, lemme know as i'm not very good with coding, syntax, etc.
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    Netto Hikari

    Ah, k. I thought you made something complex. ^^

    mcbackup.exe && java -Xincgc -Xmx12288M -jar craftbukkit.jar
    That should do the job, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Cool beans thanks for the help and I'll give it a shot ASAP, also i would like to state that i now have my Worldedit snapshots/restore function set to read from my MCbackup directory and it is working flawlessly :D

    EDIT: I tried the command line (i had to alter it to E:\mcbackup\mcbackup.exe && blabla)
    and got it to run mcbackup, but i have to type quit in mcbackup commnad to get my craftbukkit.jar to execute :(
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    Netto Hikari

    Oh well. This is probably very easy. But I never had any interest in batch. ^^ I'm a unix guy. :p

    However, try this?
    start "" "java.exe -Xincgc -Xmx12288M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui"
    start "" "mcbackup.exe"
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    MWAHAHAHA.... Got it!

    start "" "E:\mcbackup\mcbackup.exe"
    java.exe -Xincgc -Xmx12288M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

    that worked for me :D
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    Netto Hikari

    <-- Never ever used batch in his life. ^^
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    Hey uh, what language is this in? If C#, do you have any intentions on releasing the source? Thanks :p
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