Inactive [ADMIN] MC Server GUI .9.7 (cross-platform) - A GUI wrapper for your server (now w/in-game cmds)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by dumptruckman, May 18, 2011.

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    if you put the web interface on your web server, you just have to put in the server ip as the ip where MC Server GUI is running. (and you'll have to forward ports, in this case)
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    is this thing capable of restarting the server? like an autorestart in intervals. i will fucking donate i swear to god
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    Also, is there a way to have someone start the server while it's offline? If so, I really, really want this.
    (Might get annoying while i'm gaming though. =P)
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    That is exactly why i created it.

    Yes, it's possible. You have to use the web interface and must leave the gui running.
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    Ok and is this pretty easy to install? Do I need a batch and wha not
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    Please read the OP.
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    doesnt render properly through "logmein" client so i cant see anything.

    this was my bad. i had to turn off the graphics acceration. so if your gui is not showing on logmein then turn that off in prefernces
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    Um.. why not just visit it in a normal browser, then?
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    this was my bad. i had to turn off the graphics acceration. so if your gui is not showing on logmein then turn that off in prefernces

    actually this program is the best! if i end up using this over night im donating tomarow :)

    are there any add-ons for this :)

    allright ill bite how do i get that webserver running? i have forwarded 42424 so what next?

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    If you have a webserver on the same computer as the minecraft server, you don't need to forward the port (and i would recommend NOT forwarding it in this case). If you don't have a webserver, you can't use it. If you do, you can use the webinterface page thing in the OP. Or you could make your own using the PHP API.
  11. *looks up bashfully*

    Any support for Spoutcraft? It can't connect to the external port. It tries to download terrain, then stops with End Of Stream. The server isn't even aware of the connection. But it can connect to the server's true port.
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    Yeah, sorry, the release version's PROXY does not support spout + spoutcraft. I plan to support it but there's a lot to do to get this bad boy up to date in general. If you turn off the proxy, it will work with spout... You just won't have a player list, is all.
  13. Yeah, I worked that out. The player list is a convenience, but it's not essential. It's probable that some people won't use Spoutcraft, so I can have the external port and the internal port going all at once.

    Although I haven't seen a GUI update in quite some time. I think Minecraft itself was updated more recently. ^^
    Got anything big planned?
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    THATS WHAT I CALL A VERY GOOD GUI... i had the version 6.1 and from that to this one its a big jump and what i can see is AWESOME... go ahead mate..brilliant work and best GUI ever what i have seen ....
    I LOVE IT[diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    So I got this when I started it up:
    Show Spoiler

    2011-08-30 02:56:34 [WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
    2011-08-30 02:56:34 [WARNING] The exception was: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
    2011-08-30 02:56:34 [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
    2011-08-30 02:56:34 [WARNING] MC Server GUI: Are the Proxy Port and Server Port the same? Check the Server Config tab!

    No other server running, proxy port and server port match.
    I do have a MySQL server for a plugin(LogBlock) don't know if that conflicts at all.
    When I start the server without the GUI it works perfectly.
    What gives?
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    Notice the message: "MC Server GUI: Are the Proxy Port and Server Port the same? Check the Server Config tab!"

    Well, I'm actually not very pleased with the GUI right now. I wanted to make it integrate better with Bukkit and I tried that and completely failed. Also, Pail was released and it does exactly what I intended (and even uses the name I was gonna use, go figure.) I think my plan is to write a wrapper for Pail. It will be basically be everything this GUI is EXCEPT for a chat window and stuff. It will just launch/stop the server, allow for scheduled events, do backups, etc. Pail accomplishes a lot of what I wanted to do and it does it without a confusing proxy that half of my support calls are for. The downside of Pail is that it cannot launch the server which means no scheduled restarts and stuff.

    edit: But it may take a while. I'm working on a plugin right now that is essential I develop before 1.8. (supposedly due in a few weeks)

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    Oh, when I read that I thought it was telling me that they had to be the same.
    My bad, thanks.
  18. I see. Well, good luck with that, bro.

    Also, I'm sure you're bored of hearing this, unless it's an isolated problem that only I am experiencing, but... The Backup tab freezes the GUI for minutes on end. I was going to work together a Sundaily backup script (new 1TB hard drives) when the whole damn thing seized up. The server was running, and I could install the Telnet Server/Client pair in Windows Features in the time it spent lollygagging and turn the server off gracefully (using MCTelnet) before killing the frozen java process. Even as I write, it's frozen. While resizing the window and dragging it around makes some pretty patterns, it's not conducive to what I need to do.
    If it helps, the server's root directory has 51 items in it (20 folders, 31 files), including the server applet. The Plugins directory has 117 items in it (66 .jar files, 51 folders). I should point out that the checkbox for Plugins folder wasn't even checked.
    It works after a (loooong) while, but checking another box (or, indeed, clicking anything in the window, including a tab) will seize the whole thing up again.

    Dunno what to make of that, but I thought you'd like to know, because you mentioned fixing it in .9.6.
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    I thought it was fixed in .9.6 but realized shortly after it was not. A completely overhaul of the backup tab is on my todo list. :)
  20. 'kay. In the meantime, I was able to set up what I wanted to backup from the .json file. You might want to edit your OP to take into account that the .json file may need to be edited for the sake of function. Or, something.
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    The problem is when I do that I get "There is no GUI at that IP/Port!," even though I have it running on the server software and fowarded ports.
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    Any chance this could get an update so that we could have multiple backups ? like I wanted to have a FULL backup every 24 hours but I still would not mind a world backup every 1hr.
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    Any chance that the proxy can be updated to support Spout??

    Config Details: I run the Server.jar on port 25566 and MCServerGUI sits on 25565.

    If I try and connect with the SpoutCraft client to the MCServerGUI proxy on port 25565, it forces a Disconnect.EndOfStream:
    2011-09-08 10:12:08 [INFO] glarter [/] logged in with entity id 80256 at ([world] -310.6875, 67.0, -38.03125)
    2011-09-08 10:12:08 [INFO] [staff] glarter has joined the channel
    2011-09-08 10:12:09 [INFO] glarter lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    2011-09-08 10:12:09 [INFO] [staff] glarter has left the channel
    However if I bypass the proxy and go straight to the MC server on port 25566, I can connect:

    2011-09-08 10:13:02 [INFO] glarter [/] logged in with entity id 80307 at ([world] -310.6875, 67.0, -38.03125)
    2011-09-08 10:13:02 [INFO] [staff] glarter has joined the channel
    2011-09-08 10:13:02 [INFO] Reading data
    2011-09-08 10:13:02 [INFO] [Spout] Successfully authenticated glarter's Spoutcraft client. Running client version:
    2011-09-08 10:14:00 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-09-08 10:14:00 [INFO] glarter lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    2011-09-08 10:14:00 [INFO] [staff] glarter has left the channel
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    Whenever I start the web server, I get a lot of these:
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:45 [Web Interface] sent invalid data!
    2011-09-10 23:58:46 [Web Interface] Shutting down web interface
    EDIT: It seems I get errors like that from whatever IP tries to get on online. For example, when I tried localhost:42424 (I switched to default port), I get
    {"Error":"Invalid Data"}
    Instead of using a web server, I'm trying to host locally. I am very bad with php as you can tell. So my question remains, how can I allow remote access locally if MyIP:42424/ throws an error in browser and in the GUI Web-server log?
    Yes, 42424 is forwarded (TCP and UDP).
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    You have to set up the web interface on a webserver for this to work. The web interface is in the OP. It's a few webpages.
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    @dumptruckman There is the possibility to add some kind of function that control the server crashes and restart it automatically? That would be an awesome feature
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    I've considered trying to do something like this. It won't be any time soon.
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    @dumptruckman maybe could be a scheduled task, like giving some console command and, if there isn't any response, consider to restart the server. It's just a supposition though, don't know if this could work.
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    I set up the log-in on my webserver, but I can't seem to establish a connection to my private box. I get the following error: There is no GUI at that IP/Port!
    From the web server, I am trying to connect to my IPv6 (I host the server privately at home). I am using port 42424 and the password I have set. I have //$GLOBALS['ip'] set to 'localhost'; although I am unable to retrieve a connection even if I change that field to my IPv6. I feel like I'm missing a step in acheiving remote access.
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    Leave the IP in the login box set to localhost.
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