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    Now on BukkitDev too!
    SimpServ Alpha v1.0.0

    SimpServ (Simple Server Manager) can be used with Hamachi and has to be used with Bukkit

    Do you have a server that you want to manage without having to go to the device the console is on? Do you have JSONAPI and Dynmap and want a single organized page instead of changing tabs and having to navigate through long lists of actions?

    SimpServ will allow server developers to manage their server on any device from anywhere. It uses JSONAPI and Dynmap, combining them into an organized, usable tool. Chat and watch over your users with Dynmap while executing advanced functions with JSONAPI. Use it on any web browser from any device.

    What it is and how SimpServ made it better

    JSONAPI allows the server host to manage their server on the go with things like Adminium and, of course, this. It allows the host to edit files in the server, see who is online, broadcast messages, execute commands, use the console away from the server, and tons and tons more!
    Adminium is great but costs $10 and can only be used on an iOS device. The JSONAPI Testbed (found on the plugin page) is a good tool to use to be able to use all of the default features, but can be very hard to find what you're looking for in a long list of things. SimpServ organizes all of the features, has a true real time console, and groups similar methods to make less scrolling, less clicking, and less stress.


    Dynmap (Minecraft Dynamic Map) allows players to view a map of their server with real time player locations, 3D view, markers with custom icons, chat, and multiple world support.
    Dynmap is one of the best managing tools out there for your Bukkit server, so it was integrated right into it, putting the map right along side the JSONAPI managing tool, allowing you to manage your server while supervising those online.

    How can I get this tool for my server?

    SimpServ is available to order now! Get it for free while it is still in Alpha (maybe in Beta too)! Click here to get it now for free!

    Don't have JSONAPI, or Dynmap? Click on these links!


    • Dynamic map that shows a live map of your world in 3 different ways: cave, 3d, and flat
    • Advanced JSONAPI Manager for the default methods we have not put in
    • Many managing tools that if I were to list, your scroll bar could not handle it
    • Run commands and view console
    Recent Changes

    Alpha v1.0.0
    • Released!
    Next Update
    Release date: TBA
    Features: More methods, custom methods/features, dramaticly changed player managment gui ;)


    Windows 8 App
    We also now have an app for the upcoming Windows 8! Use all of the features in the Metro style of Windows 8! Available now! NOTE Windows 8 has not yet released but is in Beta. The Windows 8 SimpServ app requires that Windows 8 is installed. This app can not be obtained through the Windows Store.

    Also coming soon after the next version is a simpserv generator to eliminate the wait for your copy of SimpServ
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    Plans for the next version are already being made. We are going to make it so that if you made any custom methods in the config file for JSONAPI, you can put that in, or have us put it in for you. Also if you use other plugins that allow you to manage your server in some way on a web site, that can go in the same way as the custom methods.

    We will, as always, release more content related to the default methods in JSONAPI, in this case mostly the ones falling under the server information category. This is still in Alpha and all of the things you see in the JSONAPI Advanced Manager will be added in to be made more simple and more effective in a way that can fit with other methods, making them even more powerful.

    To recap, next version is to come when we feel like it is ready to meet the public, and will have custom methods and more JSONAPI features.

    If you find any glitches you would like fixed, post it here or to [email protected] and we will see what we can do.

    Pre-Releases will be given out each week to those who want them. To sign-up for pre-releases, just tell us at any time by e-mailing us at [email protected] and we will add you in.
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    We plan to switch to Beta after we acomplish the following:
    • Change the GUI to be as convenient as possible (Which will be the last step and released in Beta 1.0)
    • Add most JSONAPI methods in some form
    • Get to a somewhat stable spot

    Than release after:
    • Getting all glitches removed
    • Optimizing to a full extent
    • Add the remainder of the JSONAPI methods

    Pricing plans:

    Alpha- all free
    Beta- On your website free, on our site $0.59 (one time)
    Full- Demo for free, full on yours TBA, on ours $0.99 (one time)
    If you get it in Alpha or Beta all updates are free.
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    This is a tool, moved
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    You should make this as an app for I Phone as i would love to manage my server on-the-go! Anyways Job well done!
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    That is simply awesome!!!
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