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    Tuto - Make tutorials for your players
    Version : v1.6.5 (Birthday Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Old Post
    Old Post

    Want to make your tutorials to explain special features to your players ?
    Tuto is here right now for you!
    Just make a folder for your Tutorial and put .txt files for each pages

    Features :
    • Read yout tutorials in directories (Permissions)
    • Configurable Colors Properties
    • Create Tuto directory and properties if not found or invalid
    • Can force Player tu see Tutorian (Permissions)
    • Can create tuto and fill them in-game (Permissions)
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    Download Links :
    Tuto v1.5

    Other Versions (open)

    How To Use Video :
    A little outdated, but it's still a enjoyable video

    Commands & Permissions :
    Commands & Permissions (open)

    Commands :
    All /tuto**** commands also functions with /tutorial****
    All commands are abnle to be used from console

    • /tuto <Tuto> <Page>
    • /tutoforce [Player] <Tuto> <Page>
    • /tutocreate [Tuto] <Page>
    • /tutodel [Tuto] <Page>
    • /tutowrite [Tuto] [Page] <Line> <Text>
    • /tutolist
    Permissions (Permissions and in-build system):
    • /tutoforce : tuto.force
    • /tutocreate : tuto.create
    • /tutodel : tuto.delete
    • /tutowrite : tuto.write
    • /tutolist : tuto.list

    Todo :
    • Any ideas ?
    Changelog :
    Version v1.5 (Console Edition) (03-09-2011)
    • Now command interaction in tuto
    • Fix an error in the /tutolist non listing the first folder
    • Big code modification for the Commands in the console
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.4.1 (29-08-2011)
    • /tutolist is now displayed one tuto on line
    • add a new config for the number of lines per pages in /tutolist
    • Add Support of the in-build Permissions System
    Version 1.4(06-07-2011)
    • Optimization of the Code
    • Change Menu.txt --> menu.txt
    • Add of Permissions to access Tutos
    • Add a new Command /tutolist
    • No more listing on /tuto
    • Remove config hideTutoList
    • Add configs seeTutoriaTitle and seePageTitle
    Version 1.3(14-06-2011)
    • Create directories and files
    • Delete directories and files
    • Write in files
    Version 1.2(01-05-2011)
    • Block Interaction with a Special Character in the files
    • Possibility to force a Player to see a Tutorial (Permissions or OP)
    Version 1.1(19-04-2011)
    • Possibiliy of hiding Tutorials's and Pages's List
    • Code's Optimisation
    Version 1.0(17-04-2011)
    • Just the release of this awesome plugin !

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    But what does it do? You might want to make a video, Im not really getting this plugin :p
    Looks nice though.
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    Everything is done like in the plugin submissions rules

    For the use of the plugin, there is an example in the zip file
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    I think people would like to know how to use it before they download it, including me. It sounds like MCDocs could replace this easily...
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    Ya as far as i understand this simply displays text files, we have already good add-ons that do this. Ill admit i was hopeing for something that would teleport players and guide them somehow :p
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    I have tought of adding block interaction for the future
    This is only the first relaease

    Moreover, MCDocs doesn't acutally search in your folder for directories
    I will make a video as soon as possible
    Perhaps this afternoon...

    Here is the Video.
    It's my first video, so apologize :)
    It explains how to use my plugin
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    Nice! I'm totally going to use this!
    I only have a tutorial level atm,
    soo this Plugin will TOTALLY help!
    Thanks soo much!

    Little spelling mistake, but doesn't matter, we are all human...
    ...some of us are monkeys lol.

    But I'll add this to my server tomorrow.
    First some sleep! :D
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    Thanks I apreciate.
    For the error of spelling it's just english 's not my native language
    But i'm happy that you enjoy this plugin

    Perhaps I would continue and add blocks interactions
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    Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you for this sweet plug-in. This will help me a lot for my server! Kudos!
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    Great plugin!

    I'm sure this could be up with the best if it had teleing, block interaction, etc...
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    Hi, if possible, in the next update, could you make it so that you can turn off the "List of available pages" at the bottom of each page. I only have one page for all my tutorials!

    Works great and is perfect for my server. Hopefully you can look into that for me! Thanks
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    I 've modified the ToDo List
    I'll not suppress the List of available Pages but I'll only put it in the properties to be hidden
    Thanks a lot for your support.
    It's my first plugin and I really enjoy that it's usefull

    --- Now Release of Version 1.1 ---

    Almost what you asked is done.
    I'll now work on the Block Intercation

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  14. interesting for help the newbies, i'll try.

    PS: l'accent anglais c'est pas encore ├ža :)
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    Love this! Would like another command than "/tuto" tho, maybe configurable like this:

    "tuto.yml" (configuration file)
    # general command
    Maybe read a specific folder like "autocmds" and make those .txt files into commands?

    # general command
    # specific commands folder
    The plugin reads all files in the "autocmds" and automatically makes commands of those like:

    rules.txt becomes /rules
    howtobuild.txt becomes /howtobuild

    and when a player writes "/howtobuild" that file will be displayed.

    Maybe this will make the server lag? So another suggestion would be configurable commands:

    # general command
    # specific commands folder
    # specific commands
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    It's not the main goal of my plugin
    What you want can be done with MCDocs, isn't it ?

    What my plugin do is not exaclty the same
    It search into your folder to find A directory per tuto with as much files (pages) you want in
    It's almost the same

    But while you enter "/howtobuild" I can enter "/tuto build" if I create a folder "'build" in my directory
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    i love this.
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    Useful plugin ! :)
  19. Is it my idea or with 733 build its not auto-loading the menu.txt file ? There is no aqua text when you enter a tutorial
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    Just a little idea :)
    I think that can be better this:
    /tuto <filename> <user>
    For admins, to force an user to read the tuto :)
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    --> Sanbird
    Mine functions perfectly
    I use the 735
    Perhapse you should update, but there is no major changes so it should functione
    Please explain more
    Is there an error or just nothing ?

    --> kaskull
    Yeah it's a good idea
    I add this to the TODO list
    Block interaction is almost finished so I can perhapse add what you want to the version 1.2
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    Ok Thanks :)
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    I was using your plugin, and I REALLY love it. Another feature that would really be great, is area descriptions.

    Here are 2 different ways to do it.

    Example 1: Walkin Area Description (Preferred Idea)

    I could click a point A using a book for example, and then click point B. This would create an area. I would then name that area Test_1. In my tuto folder I would have a notepad file named Test_1, with a long description. Then anytime anyone would walk in that area, they would see my description.

    Example 2: Block Click Description (Fallback Idea)

    I would walk over in game and click a stone block, and name that block Test_2. Then I could make a notepad file with my description, and name it Test_2. Now, anytime someone clicked the Test_2 block, my description would come up.

    I think that the first example is the better idea, but example 2 is if the first example is not possible or too difficult to create.

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    --- Now Release of Version 1.2 ---
    • Block Interaction added
    • Possibiliy of forcing players to see tutorials with /tutoforce (Permissions added)

    -->Phea :
    Area Description :
    Isn't there another plugin doing this ?
    It's, I think, for another plugin called Area Description but not for Tutorial
    But perhapse I don't understand and you should explain me how can I integrate it :)

    Block Description :
    It's the same that the other,
    Perhaps I should create a Description plugin, why not ?
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    You're still missing an off-site download link, such as Dropbox.
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    nice i will add them right now ^^

    merci sa va vraiment aider plus d'un sur mon serveur
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    How do you use the tuto.force permission exactly?

    Just tuto.force.name?
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    You just have to put the permission tuo.force to the person who want to force
    and make command /tutoforce [Player] [Tuto]
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    dude talk clearer in the vid
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    Ok I'll ask someone to make a clearer vid because my english accent is not understandable
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