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    ENU 2 – Eloquently Numerously Universal – was a random match up of letters to further try to fit words in. It is a Minecraft Administration Suite which is here to help you manage and supervise your Minecraft server. I’ve put lots of time and work into this project, for free, for you to have it. It is a second version of ENU project, which wasn't really exposed to public because of bad coding.

    Download newest ENU2
    Download .NET Framework from Microsoft
    Download JSONAPI from GitHub

    Comments really well seen! :
    Official project page
    Official author's page

    New config bug fix. FPR
    First public release!

    Protip: In internal windows, leftclick the title bar to move the window around, doubleclick to maximize it, and rightclick to hide it.

    What will you need:
    1. A bukkit(or any other standard plugin supporting software) server. It may be running either or your machine or somewhere else.
    2. A JSONAPI plugin installed. Made by alecgorge! The power of his plugin is truly amazing!
    3. .NETFramework 4.0 installed. Since the program is developed on .NET platform, this is required to run the program.
    4. Windows 7 or 8. Both numbers are supported, however I’m not going to add support for Vista and XP!
    5. You’re all set! Type in the credentials and you can start doing the better administrating!
    Basic Tutorial
    1. Unpack everything that is in the release zip.
    2. Start the program.
    3. Set the configuration password. You can change it later.
    4. Type in the credentials for JSONAPI(for how to set them check out alecgorge’s documentation pages)
    5. Test the connection.
    6. Stream the console.
    7. You’re all set! Report if anything is wrong!

    ENU v2 offers you the following features:

    1. Online players management
    2. Offline players management
    3. Banned players management
    4. Banned IP’s management
    5. Live console streaming with colors parsing!
    6. An internal browser(e.g. quickly copying permissions)
    7. PeX permissions editor
    8. File Manager(read, download, edit files)
    9. Global ban checker
    10. IP information checker
    11. Skin previewer and downloader
    12. Premium account checker
    13. Auto-pinging your server
    14. 100% secure AES-256 configuration file security.
    15. A beautiful Windows 8 design. (looks the same on win7!)
    16. Lots of settings for customization.
    17. Additional security measurements!(e.g. binding config file to a specific computer only)
    Looking for people to help! Why not try to message me?
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    All the magic of this program is based on C#.NET, 3rd party libraries and, what takes care of the server side, the JSONAPI plugin made by alecgorge! He’s an amazing guy and you should check him out!
    Copyright © 2014 niklon
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    I really like your work. Very useful to me in supervising my minecraft server. Good luck in developing your project!
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    Really? No one has to say anything on that?
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